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The Trailer - Week Fifteen - August 14-16

August 16, 2009 @ 22:19

Wouldn't you know it, the best weekend of the summer and I wasn't at the trailer. I've been bitchin' about the weather all year and when the heat finally hits, I have my ass parked in East York on Saturday.

But it was worth it. My good pal and former CFNY colleague Ivar Hamilton hosted his 50th birthday party in his backyard and we had a great time. Another friend of ours, Frank Tamprile also celebrated his 50th.

Like most houses in the city, Ivar doesn't have a big lot, but that didn't stop him from inviting about 100 people to his house for a bash that featured a couple of live bands.

To be honest, I don't know what the name of the first band was, but the second band was the Slime Dogs, or, as we used to refer to them back in the 80's, the Slime Dogs from Hell.

I have a bit of a history with this band because they were the guys I used to perform Snow Removal Machine with at CFNY Christmas parties...... and I did again on Saturday.

Admittedly, I forgot some the lines, and my timing was a bit off, but it's amazing what you can pull off when you just scream words into a microphone and most of the audience is hammered.

I saw some good old friends at Ivar's. Like David Marsden (picture to the left), Kevin O'Leary, Jim Reid and his wife Pauline. Freddie Ball and Pete Griffin's son Dylan. I saw the sweet Leanne Baumann and my American buddy John Elleffson.

Darren Wasylyk and Dan Duran were there as well, but I see those fuckers all the time.

Good food, good booze, good friends, good fun and good weather. It made for a great day.

CFNY boys - Kevin O'Leary, Ivar Hamilton, David Marsden, Jim Reid, Me and Darren Wasylyk.

Performing with the Slime Dogs.

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Fishing Can Be Dangerous

August 10, 2009 @ 13:44

This is my trailer buddy Jason Wooley. He went fishing last week but only lasted two casts.

The second one ended up in the back of his head. He had to go to the hospital to have it removed.

He sat in the emergency room of Peterborough Hospital for six hours and provided lots of entertainment.

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I'm Dan Duran

August 1, 2009 @ 10:54

CHFI just became better radio station. They've added my good friend Dan Duran to their roster as swing announcer starting mid-August.

Dan was almost the first producer of the Humble and Fred Show.

He came to Toronto a couple of months after Howard and he sat in front of the buttons for a good five years before his freelance career allowed him to stay in bed past four in the morning.

Dan Duran's voice has been used across Canada and around the world and now it will be added to one of the top three radio stations in the country.

Duran will be heard Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from seven till midnight, then again from noon till six on the weekend.

Congratulations ya pecker!

"Toronto's Lite favourites, 98.1 CHFI.... I'm Dan Duran."

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The Trailer - Week Ten - July 10-12

July 12, 2009 @ 22:46

Stayed home for Marty's funeral. Ivar Hamilton, Alan Cross and David Marsden were amazing.

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Marty's Wake

July 10, 2009 @ 13:51

It was a bitter sweet night at the Charlotte Pool Hall last night as a couple of hundred people gathered for the wake of Martin Streek.

It went without saying, but everyone said it anyway, it was great that everyone could get together, but the reason for the gathering was shitty.

Looking across the room you could appreciate two things. Marty's length of service to CFNY / Edge and number of people he touched along the way.

Marty worked at the station from 1984 until 2009 and there were people there from all eras, and far too many to mention them all. But it was neat to be in a room with Geets Romo and Dean Blundell which more or less covered off the entire morning show history of CFNY.

Peter and Geets in the 80's, Humble and Fred in the 90's and Blundell since 01.

Again, forgive me if I miss anyone but it was great to see Don Berns, Ivar Hamilton, Jim Reid, Kevin O'Leary and Skot Turner from the early years.

Maie Pauts was there with her lovely daughter Lauren. Jason Barr and Todd Shapiro were there. So were Alan Cross, Josie Dye and Dave Bookman.

Darren Wasylyk, Jim McCourtie, Chris Van Allen and Earl Veale to name a few more. Jeff Domet (Chicken Shwarma) was there. So were Jeff Marek and Jeff Woods.

Maureen Bulley, Jamie Watson, Norm Spencer, Steph Hunter and Mike Rice.

One more time.. sorry if I haven't named everyone.. but the point is, the people I mention cover Marty's entire run at CFNY.

Some of the people I've mentioned met Marty was he was just a teenager, and some of them have only known him for the past few years. Several people I've mentioned don't even know each other, but they all gathered for the same reason, they wanted to acknowledge Marty.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times and Martin would have loved it.

30 years of CFNY mid-days. Josie Dye, Jim Reid and Maie Pauts.

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Marty Archives

July 9, 2009 @ 15:53

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Marty Archives

July 9, 2009 @ 09:10

Look what I found.
Nice outfit, Martin.
This is from a weekend at Sherkston Beach 1984, hanging around with his older brother Rob's friends at CFNY, and hoping to intern with Ivar Hamilton at the station one day.
He's maybe 19. Just out of high school.
Must have been a Jethro Bodine stage that he was going thru at the time.


(left to right - Ivar Hamilton, Darren Wasylyk, some old guy, Roger Haskins, Martin Streek)

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Martin Streek - RIP

July 7, 2009 @ 18:34

Marty! Why the fuck didn't you say something?

It was just over a month ago that a few of us spent a Saturday with Martin Streek. We gathered at a cottage on Stoney Lake to celebrate the upcoming marriage of another old Edge guy, Neil Morrison.

It was great to see Marty because I go way back with this guy. I remember when he first started to roam the halls of CFNY back in the mid 80's. Actually, I had first become good friends with Marty's brother Rob who never worked in radio, but it was Rob's association with a bunch of CFNY guys that opened the door for Marty.

Marty did all kinds of things for the Spirit of Radio and at the time I remember thinking what a great addition he was to the radio station; young, enthusiastic and always a fun, good natured presence.

Give Marty credit, he stuck with it and his ambition to rise from a radio grunt guy to an on-air personality came true through a lot of hard work and commitment.

Through my association with CFNY / The Edge, Marty was one of the constants. When I left in 2003, there were only a handful left from the previous era and Martin was one of my favourites. I loved being around the guy because he always had a story, and if he didn't, somebody else had a story that involved Marty.

When I saw him a few weeks ago, Martin seemed to be in good spirits. He was disappointed with leaving the Edge but he told me about several sticks he had in the fire and he was looking forward to heading out to the west coast for a vacation.

Obviously I didn't detect anything out of sorts beyond talking to a guy who had just left his job, I really felt he had turned a page and was looking at the next few years as a welcome change and challenge.

Needless to say there was some pain, doubt and darkness there that he didn't speak about, and I'm sure that's the frustrating part for people who knew and loved Marty.

I've said it on this blog many times before, I considered many of the people who worked at CFNY in the 80's to be family and Martin was one of them. There was an atmosphere at the station back then that I'm sure could never be duplicated in today's environment.

We were a good radio station parked out in Brampton delivering a unique product with a lot of stumbling blocks that other stations didn't have to deal with - a revolving door of ownership and bizarre CRTC commitments are just a couple of them.

But it brought us all together in a unique way and it's something I haven't been able to shake. Those people I worked with at CFNY in the 80's are literally part of me, they're part of who I am and what I became and Martin Streek is on that list.

When I first started at CFNY I was the young guy but then as I became older it was people like Marty who helped me stay young and on the air at a New Rock station well into my 40's.

And that's why, like so many other people today, I feel like shit. I don't want Martin Streek to be dead, especially when he doesn't have to be dead.

Over the past several hours things have been running through my mind. Like what if he had fed off my age like I fed off his youth? What if he had told me about what was going on in his head and asked for advice based on the fact that I too had been removed from the business I loved?

We could have had that talk just a few short weeks ago on Stoney Lake.

No doubt there was a lot more to Martin's horrific decision than just job loss, but if that was the clincher, then maybe someone could have talked him through it.

Marty! Why the fuck didn't you say something?

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Comments We Like - Mike Stafford

July 7, 2009 @ 18:30

Radio's Realities

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Still Stainless

June 22, 2009 @ 08:32

"I still have never florched. I have great sphincter control. I have come close a couple of times, but never has there been a stain on my shorts. I don't care if you don't beleive me."

Jason Barr

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