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The Producers

August 30, 2011 @ 08:09

One of my favourite movies of all time is "The Producers", the 1968 version not the 2005 version. The stage play I saw in New York wasn't too bad either.

The reason I bring this up is because I've got a version of "The Producers" going on in my family right now.

Both my kids decided to follow their old mans lead and pursue the media as a career, but they went to the other side.

Both work in television and both are Producers. If this sounds like a whole lot of braggin' and shit, so be it. I'm proud of the little buggers and it gives a parent a great sense of relief when their kids get on the right path.

My daughter Melanie started a new job yesterday. She's a Producer for the Steven and Chris Show on CBC. It's a great gig that's perfect for her because she's into all the stuff they talk about on the show.

Mel has done well, after a few years as a production assistant at MUCHmore Music and then a stint at Odeon Cineplex she has settled into a great situation.

As for my boy, Danny is Associate Producer / Original Content with The Score sports network.

Danny always had a keen interest in "how stuff works" so needless to say working with today's technology is the perfect place for him.

He gets to do pretty much everything at The Score and he gets to do some travellin' as well.

I'm thrilled that my kids are doing what they want to do. I spent 33 years feeling like I never really had a job and I can only hope they end up the same way.

Bragging? So what!

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Garden Angel

April 21, 2011 @ 23:04

Here's a great story about my dad that his former neighbour Kelly wrote. It says it all about Dickie!

When we moved to the fertile farm region of Georgian Bay, Ontario, I decided to see if I had a green thumb.

I solicited the help of my retired neighbour, Dick, who seemed to be able to grow anything well. We built 3 raised beds and added the right mixture of soil and manure. He gave me solid start up and maintenance advice and lent me his books on gardening. The best thing he did was tell me 'Don't worry, Kel, it's easy.' (more)

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Chirpin' About Dickie

March 29, 2011 @ 08:08

I woke up to birds chirping outside my window in Peterborough this morning and I thought of a conversation I had with my wife and son on the weekend. They love to wake up to this sound, especially in the spring and so do I.

And there's another reason I love the sound of birds in the morning. It reminds me of my dad who passed away three years ago today.

My dad was the bird king. When I was a kid he raised canaries in the basement, and then about 20 years later, he raised them again in his garage in Milton.

Dickie had all kinds of bird stuff. Bird books, bird pictures, a bird clock that chirped a different bird every hour, he made bird houses and bird feeders, and back in the 70's during the CB radio craze his handle was Scarborough Blue Jay.

The bird feeders were fascinating when Dick and June lived in Stayner. Dickie knew what to put in what feeder to attract certain kinds of birds and it was fun to sit there and enjoy the wild variety of birds that inhabit Ontario, sometimes it felt like a freakin' sanctuary.

They say that time heals, and for me it has. When my dad first died it was hard to imagine living the rest of your life without someone who meant so much to you, but as time goes on and we go about our busy lives the hurt turns into a different feeling, feelings of warmth and contentment that come through great memories, like the bird memories.

Dickie lived a great life and was a great father and we had him for close to 83 years.

Everyone should be so lucky.

By the way, for those of you who ask about Junie, and there are many of you, she's doing fine. Still lovin' and laughin and cursin' in Mississauga. She still lives on her own, she still drives and she still walks the dog a couple of times a day.

She's a multi-tasker. She does all of this while desperately missing Dickie.

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Fred W. Perrin

November 11, 2010 @ 10:46

Fred W. Perrin was born in 1899 and died in 1967, but thanks to the internet some 43 years after his death, I can ask the "world" not to forget.

Whenever Remembrance Day rolls around I think of my grandfather - my mother's father and the man I was named after. He died at 68 year of age, suffering with emphysema caused by an injury in World War 1.

He was only 18 years old when mustard gas was thrown into a trench along the Western Front in Europe. Only 18 years old when the poison gas caused significant damage to his lungs. He survived, but the effects of the gas would take its toll over the next few decades.

All of my memories of Papa include him gasping for air. He couldn't walk far and he had difficulty with stairs. He would be left huffing and puffing and often frustrated. In 1967 he couldn't take it anymore and passed away two days after my 11th birthday.

At the time living that long with his condition was considered surprising, but it wasn't much of an existence. My mom says his last ten years were a battle.

Ironically Papa didn't care much for Remembrance Day. As far as he was concerned what he'd been through is something he'd rather forget than remember, but that was Fred W. Perrin - one of the thousands of teenagers who went to war to preserve what we have today.

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Where Does The Time Go - My Kids

October 23, 2010 @ 08:32


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Silence Is Golden

May 4, 2010 @ 09:12

I took a couple of days off from the massive responsibility of programming what is the Corus Radio Empire in Peterborough, but let me tell you, a programmer never really rests, we are constantly spinning the radio dial analyzing the competition and comparing product.

Such was the case this morning while sitting in my Brampton office. I happened upon the HTZ-FM morning show out of St. Catherines. It's hosted by a likable fellow named Iron Mike Bennson and he was conducting an interesting poll.

"How long before it's acceptable to fart in front of your mate?" (A great topic by the way)

The calls started to pour in and as you might expect the response was lopsided. Men fart in front of women long before women do in front of men. Ultimately I don't think there was a clear consensus on a time line, but that really didn't matter because it got me to thinking about my little darlin' Delyse.

On June 28, Delyse and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary but we've actually been an item for close to 36 years.

I've never heard her fart. Not once. Not a ripper not a breezer, not even an SBD.

From time to time this comes up in conversation with friends and family and they can't believe it. They can't believe that there hasn't been an incident stretched over a relationship that is now pushing four decades. But there hasn't been.

Not in her sleep, not through accident and not through sickness. I've never heard so much as a "freep" out of this woman. No pop, no poof and definitely no splat.

It's interesting to hear the reaction of people when I tell them about my non-toxic love mate. I can tell some don't believe it, especially those guys who have women who drop bombs all over the place. In some way I think they're jealous because they equate lady farts with respect.

They feel Delyse must respect me a lot more than their wives respect them because she doesn't expose me to her inner workings. Although that's a nice thought, and it plays a major part in this story, it's not the entire reason. Lifestyle is another reason.

Delyse eats well, watches her weight and has the utmost class, and if there's any part of your that thinks she's blowing off steam when I'm not around, I remind you of the sleep factor.

If it was simply a case of having a strong fart trigger, how do you explain that in 36 years not once have I heard her crease one in her sleep?

There is no explanation other than I'm married to a special person with a gastro system that is the envy of all other women. Which brings me to another point; some women get downright nasty when I tell them about Delyse and her shortage of methane.

They don't want to believe it; in fact they refuse to believe it. They intimate that there must be something wrong with her. Oh my, they can be catty.

But what can I say people? It is what it is and my sweet darlin' has never ever let go with a trouser cough in front of the Fred man. It just hasn't happened and as long as it continues I'm fine with it, although I admit it's horribly unfair because I can't make the same claim.

How long was it before I let one go in front of her?

Way back in 1974, so surprised that such a sweet and gorgeous thing would have any interest in me, the first time she kissed me I shit my pants.

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My Latin Lovely

January 24, 2010 @ 10:29

Miami, FLA - On a lighter note, everybody in the Miami area thinks by wife is either a Cuban or a Mexican.

Everywhere we go, people look at her a quickly begin speaking Spanish. They assume because of her sharper feaures and darker complexion that she's like them, part of the huge Latin American population in South Florida.

She's not; she was born in South Africa.

A few times yesterday we were walking around, only to have someone start talking to her in Spanish assuming she could retort.

Of course she couldn't, so I had to step in and translate. I got tired of saying it.

She a no speak a the espanyole!

I'm worldly.

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November 25, 2009 @ 15:42

This picture of my sweet and I showed up on Facebook, but somebody wrecked it by leaving a Blue Light case in the background. Everybody knows I drink Bud Lite!

I read your blog and wanted to help!

And how about this one from Kent.

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The Trailer - Week Fourteen - August 7-9

August 10, 2009 @ 13:45

Huge weekend. The weather wasn't actually too bad, but it wouldn't have mattered anyway.

Both of my kids made the trek north with their mates this weekend and we were enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon when my daughter's boyfriend Josh nestled in beside me and asked me a question.

Could he marry my daughter?

Wow. Talk about an avalanche of emotions. Josh told he loves Mel, she means everything in the world to him and he'd find it an honour to be part of our family.

It didn't take me long to respond. Delyse and I love the guy and have always felt comfortable while Melanie was with him. I told him parents always have concerns about who their kids end up with, especially fathers with daughters, and in his case, we feel like we've hit the jackpot.

After this noble jesture, Josh and Mel jumped into a paddle boat and set off for a little island on our lake which we've nicknamed Diamond Island. It's nothing more than a big rock but has a steep facing on one side that's great jumping and diving off of.

I spent a good portion of my child-hood on this rock and so did both of my kids. Josh thought it would be the best place possible to get down on one knee and ask my little girl to marry him.

And that's what he did.

Needless to say when the paddle boat touched the dock on the return journey, Melanie was a different person. She got out of the boat, came up onto our deck and called for her mother to come outside.

At that point she announced something that I already knew, her and Josh were engaged.

We had a big group hug and tears were shed as Mel showed everyone her ring and it was at that point that it really hit me. We had reached a huge milestone in our lives. One of our kids was getting married.

Where did the time go? How could this be? It seemed like she was born yesterday, it couldn't be possible that we've reached this point so fast. But we have. And we're extremely happy.

And now we get on with the process of wedding plans. Apparently its going to happen next summer at a place not very far from Diamond Island.

I'll keep you posted.

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Shitty Week

August 7, 2009 @ 20:55

It was a rough week for a couple of my buddies. They got fired.

First it was my long time pal Captain Phil Evans who was let go by the Astral cluster in Vancouver. He was promotions manager.

Then yesterday, Freeway frank was given the boot by Energy Radio in Calgary.

Both are fine radio guys but even better human beings. I love em' both.

Phil and I go back to the 1980's when he joined CFNY as assistant Promotions Director under Darren Wasylyk. When Darren left in 1991, Phil got the big job and stayed there until 2002 before moving within the company to Vancouver.

I met Freeway in 2003 when I made the brilliant move of joining that micro-managed mixed up mess known as the MIX. Frank did evenings for several years before taking the morning show job in Calgary.

Franks only flaw is that he's a Hab fan. Phil doesn't care for hockey.

I'm sure both he and Captian Phil will land on their feet.

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