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The Mind Of A Right Wingnut

April 22, 2020 @ 17:42

tass1.jpgI write this for my own eduction and to understand how something works, in this case, the mind of a right wingnut. I'd say American right wingnut, but that wouldn't be totally fair. I've seen lots of the same in Canada.

You may or may not know, I'm a Canadian conservative.  Not a right winger. Since my early 30s I've voted conservative with the exception of Doug Ford.  Ironically, his early blathering sounded too much like Donald Trump, so I backed off.  I voted Green for the fuck of it.

On the subject of Trump, during the campaign in 2016 I said countless times on the Humble and Fred show, he might sound like a whack job, but he might be a good President.  But let me be clear, when I said that I meant the whole package, including truth, honesty, integrity and compassion.

Even after he was surprisingly elected, I maintained, give the guy a shot, just like a said about Trudeau in the early going.  And now I've arrived at the point of all this, I don't like either guy now. 

I dislike Trudeau, and I really dislike Trump.  But I'm willing to say it.  Just because I hate the guy on the left, doesn't mean I ignore the shortcomings of the guy on the right.  I like to think as a Conservative, I can be rational.  I can see, identify and be vocal about an idiot when I see one, regardless of their political stripe.

I've criticized Trudeau on the show for reacting late to the virus, for never answering a question directly and for the bad optics of going to the cottage last week.  On numerous occasions I've said flat out, he's not too bright.  He's a Liberal prop. I've given him the name, Flake Boflex. 

I've also criticized Andrew Scheer. He was the wrong guy, the wrong image, the wrong time. But now he doesn't matter.

From time to time I get drawn into the cesspool of Fox News and the Fox News channel, the true Fake News Network of them all.  Appreciate I come to this conclusion following 40 professional years of news and information gathering.  I like to think I know what's believable and what isn't. I can recognize when facts are being left out to support a side, and I'm definitely not pounding the drum of CNN or MSNBC.

However, I will say this.  CNN and MSNC often, quite often, work both sides.  Fox does not. And since Trump has become President, and especially through the pandemic, they've become downright dangerous.  CNN and MSNBC have not.

It's to the point where I want to get into a car and drive to New York to confront Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham.  And believe me I'm 63 years old and have never wished bad will on anyone, but I will know the world is a better place the day that Rush Limbaugh dies.

These are vicious horrible disingenuous people who put themselves ahead of their country.  Even now, the way they're spinning "back to work" is extremely dangerous.  Of course we all want to get back to work and of course we know the economy is in big trouble, but to support these bullshit Liberty protests that are nothing more than simpleton Trump rallies is ridiculous and dangerous.

You must have very little faith in your country if you think a temporary stay at home order is the beginning of the end of the USA.  How simple your mind must be. How weak the country must be.

Meanwhile, the fastest way to get to where we want to go with the virus is unity.  

My problem with the Fox crew and other right wingers is there lack of integrity.  They'll yammer on about some tweet from AOC, but then totally ignore the ridiculous, unhinged, disturbing tweets from the most powerful man on earth.  The guy who really matters.

They'll make fun of Joe Biden's obvious issues, but then totally ignore the ridiculous things that fall out of Trump's mouth on a daily basis.  Ignorant, uninformed lies that can be easily verified with one click of a mouse.

He is the sitting President and he carries on like an idiot.  It's not CNN or MSNBC or the mainstream media standing on that stage every day saying those stupid, dangerous things. It's not CNN or MSNBC that's putting out those childish disgusting tweets. 
It's him.  The President of the United States.  All by himself.  No help.

Which brings me to you Mr. Rightwingnut. I see and hear lots of shots at Joe Biden, and surprisingly shots at Andrew Cuomo, but nothing about Donald Trump, nothing but promotion of his latest racist dog whistle about cutting off immigration.  Diversion. Just like this Muslin ban and the phoney crap about ending flights from China in late January like it was some kind of a brilliant pro-active move against the virus.

Before and after that ban he didn't take the virus seriously, the flight ban was meant to do two things and two things only.  Piss off the Chinese and appease his lowly base which represents the worst America has to offer.  Because as you know, that so-called ban was far from a ban.

You question Biden's brain, but not Trump's flying circus of mistakes, lies, backtracks, disregard for science and reckless statements as their Covid numbers out-pace the world.

How can there be no criticism of Trump?  How can you take shots at Andrew Cuomo who's caught in the middle of a freakin' disaster, and has handled it with grace, class and compassion but be silent on tweets like "Liberate Michigan, Minnesota and Virginia".  Or calling the Governor Whitmer, "Whitless,"  Or constantly denying he said something two days after he said.. and its on tape.
How can you post something about the Senator of Michigan, but ignore Trump's phoney commitment to Christianity, his refusal to call out racists or him boasting about facebook popularity and TV ratings numbers DURING a pandemic? How can you be so stuck to this guy when he's so blatantly flawed.

Speaking of Liberty, liberate yourself. You may have bought in real deep, but it's OK, it's never too late, you can still save face.

And please don't tell me "Oh that's just Trump." because I've heard that too many times and it doesn't fly any more.  And don't bother with the economic stuff either. Because I've also been around long enough to see cycles and see politicians luck out by catching cycles at the right time - like he did, following a steady ten year climb after Obama has handed a shit show in 2009. 

Not to say Trump hasn't done some things right, he has.  But he's supposed to, that's his freakin' job.  But his constant thirst for acknowledgment and pats on the back take away from it and make him look more like the alarming narcissist he is. 
He comes across as mentally ill. He's void of truth, honesty, integrity and compassion.

So help me, explain to me if you can, the mind of a right wingnut. Cause right now, with what we're going through, I'm somewhat frightened. I see a President who almost daily loses his mind when he's asked a simple, valid, yet challenging question. 

It scares me to think that guy up there, so easily rattled, has access to the nuclear button. That has huge implications for Canada. He should be called out by everyone.  Left, right and centre. North and South of the border.

Tell me. How do you ignore this? How does the mind of a right wingnut work?

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