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You're An Asshole

September 18, 2014 @ 19:45

june.jpgThis is my mom at 19. I use this picture because when she passed away yesterday she still had the same wit, vitality and sense of humour of someone that age.

She was quite the woman that Junie. Typical of a lot of Scarborough moms in the 60s and 70s. She worked eight hours a day at an office, and probably eight hours a day at home.

She loved hard. He kids, her grandkids and her great grandkids. She loved a good joke, a good card game and real good rye and tonic.

Unfortunately, she ran out of desire. She was facing some challenges and at 87 she just couldn't be bothered. We're sad, but happy that she won't have to endure what she so desperately wanted to avoid.

She wanted to get on with it - and I imagine that means loading up the cooler and jumping into the Malibu with Dickie for another one of their classic road trips.

Have fun guys, we love you.

No service, no flowers. Strict instructions.

If you'd like to honour Junie today, just call someone you love an asshole.


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