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What An Asshole

January 23, 2012 @ 19:08

At first I really didn't believe it. When I heard that Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas skipped a visit to the White House for political reasons, I really thought it was a joke.

Then I found out it wasn't.

Thomas it turns out is a staunch Conservative and raging Republican, and has a keen interest in politics, but he claims today's move had nothing to do with picking sides.

It's become a tradition. Some months after the Stanley Cup is awarded, if it's an American team, they're received by the President at the White House. It's got nothing to do with politics, it's just a harmless tradition that most players look forward to.

After all, how often do you get a chance to meet the most powerful man in the world and walk around his house for a few minutes? It all happens pretty fast, so there's no time for politics, it's more a respect thing. The President respects your accomplishment and the players acknowledge that respect by showing up.

But not Tim Thomas. Nope. He issued a statement later in the day witch basically said that he's pissed off at all government, both parties, and he exercised his right as an "individual" to stay away.

What an asshole and what a shame.

Today, instead of the story being the Boston Bruins visit to the White House, the story became Tim Thomas "not" visiting the White House.

He's joined the club of all those half brain Hollywood actors who pull politics into places it doesn't belong - and to make matters worse, Thomas is a self confessed mega-fan of American idiot Glenn Beck.

And what good can come of today? I don't think there are too many people praising Tim Thomas for his balls today, but I bet there's a whole whack questioning his commitment to his teammates.

The guys he won the Stanley Cup with. The reason and only reason they were at the White House today.

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