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Not In Canada

January 30, 2012 @ 06:22

I was the thrilled with the outcome of the Shafia murder trial in Kingston, because it gave a Canadian statement to the disgusting practice of honour killing.

It told the world that in Canada, women matter and they matter every bit as much as men.

I know in a lot of twisted and backward countries around the world that's a little hard to comprehend, but in Canada, you can't treat a female like a dog. You can't "put them down" because they misbehave.

It's another reason why I have no time for religion, because make no mistake about it, honour killings are always tied to religion and the putrid things that come with it.

Honour killings!

Where's the honour in caring more about some fairy tale freak in the sky than you do about your own offspring?

Whose honour?

The honour of some brain washed no mind father who cares more about his reputation than the actual lives of his daughters?

Where's the honour in choosing death over understanding?

There's no honour - and that's why I'm so glad Mohammad Shafia, his wife and his son will have their asses rammed in prison for the rest of their lives. That's where they belong because in Canada we don't subscribe to killing kids because they have minds of their own.

This isn't some shithole wasteland that refuses to enter the 21st century. This is a country that by law recognizes women as equal citizens.

And you know something? Even that isn't completely fair because if anything, women are superior to men. Women are not only the backbone of this country; they're the backbone of the goddamn planet and it starts with family.

On a world wide scale, what's the percentage of women raising families on their own compared to men? I bet the discrepancy is staggering.

Women do the work and men take the credit. Men take the lead, but really they follow.

Men are credited with strength but its women who are strong. They bare children and deal with monthly plumbing and then go through menopause - all while carrying on.

Men can't even imagine.

And that's why I can't imagine that in 2012 there are still people and places that practice honour killings. There are thousands of young women who will die this year simply because they wanted to be their own person.

And that is so sad.

Mohammad Shafia is going to have a tough time in prison. In Canada fellow prisoners don't take kindly to child killers but I sincerely hope he isn't killed.

Instead, I hope he has to play the woman and he suffers a lot.

Afghan man kills wife for giving birth to daughter.

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