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Enjoy Your Trip

January 26, 2012 @ 07:06

Mexican Police lie about how Canadian woman was beaten.

And how about this story: Nabb's story reminded Scott Giddy of his last trip to Mexico. That's because the Fergus, Ont., resident was clobbered from behind on his fourth day of vacation and woke up eight days later in a Mazatlan hospital.

Giddy and his wife, Sarah, who stayed at the same hotel as Nabb last March, went to a nearby restaurant for dinner. At one point Giddy stepped outside, alone. A few minutes later, staff found Giddy crumpled on the ground, bleeding profusely.

A taxi driver drove them to a private clinic where they presented their credit card. A surgeon said Giddy should seek better treatment at a hospital.

"Doctors said I was likely hit with either a baseball bat or a hammer in the back of the head," Giddy said. "As soon as I was struck, my eardrums instantly shattered and had a major bleed on my brain."

They later discovered that the clinic charged $4,500 to the credit card for no treatment. Giddy has since recovered from the attack, although he now has no sense of smell and a hatred for Mexico.

"I will never go back to Mexico, absolutely not," Giddy said. "We're not trying to ruin Mexico's reputation, but I wouldn't go back and I don't think other Canadians should either."

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