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Ignorant Senators Fans

January 28, 2012 @ 09:46

Judging by Thursday night not much has changed in Ottawa over the past decade or so.

Back when the Leafs were systematically kicking their ass in the playoffs, Senator fans rivaled Hab fans when it came to lack of decorum.

But they're both that way for different reasons. Hab fans are ignorant while Senator fans are jealous.

Over the years it drove them nuts that the team from the big smoke, the best city in Canada, whipped the ass of their gutless team year after year after year, especially when the gutless Senator teams were always favoured to win.

It's interesting because from what I gather, before Ottawa got the team that should have been awarded to Hamilton in 1990, Ottawans were mostly Leaf fans.

Now they've turned into ugly and vicious and last Thursday night proved it when a shit load of nitwits occupied the casino on Gatineau where the NHL Fantasy Draft was being held for the 2012 All-Star Game.

It's one thing to boo anything "Leaf" once or twice, but their relentless shouting, which included obscenities from what I understand, was a bit much.

Somebody should have told these yahoos that they were in a theatre not a hockey rink and situation called for a little more control.

But that's Senators fans for you. I realize not all of them are like that, far from it, but over the years it has been fans like these who've given Ottawa the general image of being a minor league outpost that got Hamilton's team.

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1 Responses to "Ignorant Senators Fans"

February 11, 2012 / 09:44

Freddie - I'm a Sens fan living in Ottawa and even I was disgusted with hearing what went on during the event. That being said, I've spoken to someone who has worked at Scotia Bank Place and the Montreal fans were the worst in his opinion. Generally Toronto fans are pretty good when TO plays us. I've been to several games and my only commnent is that we need more Sens fans and fewer Leafs fans at the games. There are morons in every city, some of whom still Boo Alfie when he plays in TO. It's only a game folks, not life or death. Keep it in perspective!

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