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Bobcat Digs What We're Doin'

October 20, 2011 @ 08:03

Thanks to Bob McCown for inviting Humble and I into his studio yesterday to talk about the launch and future of Humble and Fred Radio.

Have a listen.

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Comments We Like - Vinay Menon

October 14, 2011 @ 11:18

Humble and Fred, the pod couple.

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Good Coffee

October 13, 2011 @ 08:33

I'm a bit of a suck when it comes to beverages. I like Diet Coke and Bud Lite, I even cut my orange juice with a shot of water.

I don't like strong stuff. I love beer, but it's got to be thin. I don't want to be challenged by what I'm drinking and sometimes can't understand why someone would want to drink a beer that you can almost chew.

Same with coffee. I don't like strong coffee and I'm often ridiculed by friends when I tell them I'm not big on Starbuck's coffee.

To me, Starbucks's is too thin and bitter, even their breakfast blend is harsh to my sensitive taste buds.

When I'm out and about, I do what most Canadians do, I go to Tim Horton's. But that's about to change.

I like Timmy's and although I prefer it to Starbucks I admit it's not the best cup of coffee on earth. I've always fantasized about something in between, and finally, I think I've found it.

For months and months people have been telling me to try McDonald's coffee, but I never took them seriously. I thought it was part of the mocking process for not liking manly Starbuck's.

I remember McDonalds coffee as something you put up with to go with your Egg McMuffin. It was like dishwater. No body.

Well let me tell ya, I had the opportunity to try a McDonalds coffee last week and I couldn't believe it. It was exactly what I've been looking for. Tasty but mellow, a more than adequate coffee flavour but not over powering.

Yes, it settles right in between Starbuck's and Timmy's.

And what's cool about it is the accessibility. I often hear coffee snobs complain about there not being enough Starbuck's around, but that's no problem with Mickey D's. They're everywhere and they're totally revamping the d├ęcor.

I was at a leadership conference last winter and McDonald's was one of the topics when we talked about strategy.

Believe it or not, McDonald's doesn't care about Tim Horton's, that's a lost cause. Instead they're more interested in taking Starbuck's out. Nice surroundings, including fireplaces, wifi and great coffee.

I've been to a couple in the past week, and I'm sold. Not only that, but McDonald's breakfast sandwiches are every bit as good as Tim Horton's.

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