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The Trailer - Week Two

June 13, 2011 @ 15:46

What can I say, the weather blew hogs again. Fortunately, I was only at the tin palace for slightly over 24 hours this weekend.

My beloved son Daniel turned 26 on Friday so my wife and I, along with Danny and his lovely girlfriend Shawna went out for sushi in Brampton. It's great place on Kennedy Rd. just north of Brampton called Japan Buffet or Sushi 168. They seem to go by both names.

$19.99 all you can eat, which includes soft drinks and dessert.

On Saturday we awoke to the usual grey skies and threatening rain and thought we'd stay in "B" town. But as the day wore on, Delyse felt increasingly guilty about not being "up north" to help with preparations for a Jack and Jill shower that's taking place next Saturday.

So about two o'clock we hopped in the car and headed for Burleigh, with weather reports from on-site friends that it was warm and sunny.

Fat chance - by the time we arrived at Lovesick it was miserable, raining, breezy and cool, the typical shit for this spring.

We sat around and watched the Jays hammered and then I barbequed some chicken for dinner.

By this time the rain had stopped so we salvaged some of the day by sitting by a fire and shootin' the shit till about midnight.

Sunday morning? Surprise, more shitty weather. It was spitting rain till about then, and then that gave way to variable cloudiness, mostly clouds, high winds and disturbingly cold air.

Regardless, I got some things done. Cut and trimmed the lawn. Helped my buddy Jerry put his Sea-doo in the water, and then we launched my boat for the first time in two years. I never got around to it last year 'cause I got sick of the filthy mink that's been shitting in it for the past few years.

Despite her advanced age, my skiff started right up and performed well during the 500 yards between where she was launched and my trailer. It was too windy and cold to enjoy a ride, so I headed right for the dock and took about three runs at it while swearing at the wind and November like conditions.

It was shortly after this episode that I said to Delyse "let's get the fuck out of here." So we packed up and headed for home.

I wish there was more to tell you, but there ain't. It was quiet weekend. A lot of the regulars did the smart thing and stayed home.

This coming weekend should be good. As I mentioned earlier, we're celebrating the upcoming marriage of another one of the trailer kids with a Jack and Jill that will no doubt end at the Tiki Bar with everyone whacked out of shape by midnight.

I'll take some pictures. But not of my "Weiner" if you know what I mean.

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