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The Trailer - Week Three - The Flag Pole

June 21, 2011 @ 08:45

What a great Father's Day I had. Both my kids made their way up to the tin palace on Saturday and didn't leave till late Sunday.

Danny's girlfriend Shawna was there also and she choked me up by giving me a Father's Day card with a very nice note inside. It meant a lot.

My kids also gave me nice cards... and booze.

But I gotta tell ya, outside of the cards and gifts the weekend was emotional from another standpoint.

It's hard to believe, but Sunday was the fourth Father's Day since we lost my dad back in '08..... and it just so happened that the flag pole at the end of my dock needed some fixin'.

Over the past couple of years the winter hasn't been kind to my dock and the flag pole is actually the extension of one of the legs. It got pushed onto an angle and it looked pretty sad, so on Saturday when Danny arrived, he and Melanie and I went to work.

I should explain that the flag pole was given to me by my dad back in 1993, the year after I bought my first tin palace. That first trailer was more like a tin hut.

My dad thought that my original dock would be perfect for a flag pole, so on one of his many visits to the trailer he brought one. It's steel conduit with collars in two places making it about 20 feet high.

Before Dickie brought it up, he drilled holes at the top for a pulley and he put one of those things near the bottom that you wrap the rope around. He painted it silver and gave me the first Canadian flag.

Every year I think of my dad when I raise the flag in May, and lower it in October. My dad was thrilled to give me that flag pole and I've made sure to maintain its respect and integrity every year.

This year was a bit different however. We got a late start to the season, the dock had got pushed around by ice and snow and not only was the flag pole on an angle; it had also lost the rope.

Over the past couple of weeks I hated looking at it. It wasn't worthy of the spirit attached to it, but there wasn't much I could do about it without help. Somebody had to lift the dock while the other person pushed the leg straight.

While I stood at the back of the dock, Danny lifted while Melanie pushed. Bingo! It did the trick; she was straight as an arrow and instantly noble again. We installed new rope, clipped on a new flag and Dickie's significant contribution to the tin palace was back in business.

It really is a wonderful thing. I don't think I'd ever be able to put into words what that flag pole means to me. Every time I look at the lake it's there, a reminder of a great father who took so much interest and pride in the little things... like bird houses and flag poles.

I'll be honest; when he first brought the flag pole to the trailer I didn't think that much of it. It was appreciated, but I never dreamed what it would mean in the years to come.

It's become a symbol that I can't imagine ever parting with. In fact I've often thought about that, if I ever leave the park, that flag pole is coming with me.

Yup it was a great weekend and fixin' that flag pole with my two kids, on Father's Day was the capper. Dickie adored Mel and Dan.

Dickie also loved the Kawartha's and he loved the trailer and as long as that flag pole stands, he will remain a big part of it.

Love ya Dickie.

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