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E-Mail - The Auditor General's Report

June 11, 2011 @ 10:12

"Freddie, I can't wait to hear your take on the Auditor General's report. Please don't pass up the opportunity to tell us how Harper and Clement are so squeaky clean and that somehow the looney liberals have influenced the AG's findings.. Please hurry!"

It was inevitable. Since the Auditor General's report was released on Thursday I've received a flood of e-mails asking for my reaction.

This is tied to my obvious support of Stephen Harper and his Conservative government.

It's one of those partisan things, if you don't like the Conservatives and there's a bad report, you jump all over it, just like it worked the other way when the Liberals were continuously thrashed by the AG.

And that's something we should all think about. Really, when has there been an Auditor General's report that doesn't criticize a government? That's why, if you go back through this blog, I haven't written much about AG reports over the years because they're always the same.

They pick at the sitting government because it's easy. Governing isn't easy and when you're trying to run the business of Canada and you attempt to look after as many as you can, you're left wide open for criticism.

This is not to say the Conservatives are innocent or blameless, on the contrary. There are several things in the latest report that all Canadians should be concerned with. Harper's boys did cut some corners and probably didn't necessarily report things the way they should have. Like that's anything new.

The pressing question is - did they break the law - and how does it affect the big picture?

I realize that pointing to previous governments becomes a tiring habit, so I won't do any more of that. I won't even mention Ad Scam other than to mention I won't mention it.

I'll only look forward and offer this. Read the report, take from it what you will and then store it for future reference.

And when the next election rolls around, assess all your information and make an intelligent decision.

What else can you do?

It was that process that made it so easy for me to become a Conservative.

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