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Bettman The Blackmailer

May 31, 2011 @ 12:40

Big business sure is funny. Read between the lines and the people of Winnipeg were somewhat blackmailed today.

Interesting that the sale price has been agreed upon, they hold a news conference and talk about the future, but they claim the sale won't be complete until certain conditions are met by June 21st and the biggest condition is season ticket sales.

Gary Bettman and the crew from True North Sports attempted to leave the impression that 13 thousand season tickets had to be sold in order for this thing to get the final stamp of approval.

That's bullshit of course. There's no way they're turning this thing around and there's no way it won't be approved. Today's season ticket declaration was a feeble attempt to scare people into opening their wallets.

Having said that, the pricing seems fair. Amazing that the highest ticket price in Winnipeg will be 129 dollars while in Toronto its something with a three in front of it - and chances are, this Winnipeg team will probably be better than the Leafs.

Today's other key observation from his reporter deals with the little general Gary Bettman. He seemed uncomfortable almost bordering on disappointment. He doesn't want the NHL in Winnipeg and no matter what he says; his body language will always give it away.

This is a great day for Canada, but a stinker for Bettman.

Interesting that the little general kept repeating that today's move won't work unless the fans support the team, but never says that about Tampa, Florida, Columbus, Nashville, Dallas, the Islanders, Carolina and that debacle in Phoenix.

One more thing - if they don't name this team the Winnipeg Jets they're crazy.

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The Reluctant Canadian

May 31, 2011 @ 08:09

I feel like a big shit, but I have to say it. Deep down I want the Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup.

I know I should be pulling for the Canadian team, but there's very little about this Canadian team that I like. I'm not big on the Sedin Sisters, I can't stand Maxim Lapierre and I've never been able to warm up to Roberto Luongo.

And let's be honest, Vancouver doesn't think very highly of Toronto and I'm talkin' beyond the Maple Leafs.

All the feedback I get says they hate anything Toronto in Vancouver, so if that's the case, I don't feel so bad about not totally supporting the Canucks.

Let's break down the rosters. How about this, did you know of all the Bruins who've appeared in this year's playoffs as forwards, only one isn't from Canada? David Krejci.

Three of their six defensemen are Canadians, but they don't have a Canadian goaltender.

Compare that to the Canucks. They have no less than six non-Canadians up front and no Canadians play when they have a man advantage.

The only have two regular Canadians on defense and Luongo in goal.

All tolled - the Bruins have 16 Canadians as regulars and the Canucks have 11 - allow this to fluctuate depending on injury and last minute scratches, but I'm talkin' regulars.

So that's deal from this corner. I look at the Canucks as I do the recent colonoscopy that I had. You don't really want to buy in, but you have to.

Vancouver fans can be assholes and the Sedin's and Lapierre are like polyps, but hey, its Canada so you pull your knees to your chest and you smile ..... I guess.

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Canada's Comedy Show

May 29, 2011 @ 09:53

I'm sorry but I can't do anything else but laugh at Jack Layton and the NDP. Jack is like a rat backed into a corner and his followers have their heads stuck up their asses.

Yesterday morning Jack held his first farcical council meeting in Quebec and vowed to aggressively defend that province in the House of Commons.

What Jack and the rest of his cult don't seem to realize is that all those consolation votes he got in Canada's malcontent province may be the worst thing that ever happened to him.

Because he got 59 bogus seats in a bizarre protest vote, Jack is now obligated to try and please people who can't be pleased, and he's got to do it with a whack of inexperienced children who will probably spend most of their time texting friends or listening to tunes when the House is sitting.

For every move Jack makes in defense of Quebec he's going to piss off the rest of the country royally, and when the next election happens, he's going to be fried because all those Quebecers who parked their vote with his funny little pretend party will be long gone too.

If there's an upside to this, it could be the end of this party once and for all.

Part of me gets pissed off when I hear NDP supporters pretend what happened on May 2nd is actually legit, but a bigger part of me just chuckles.

Take away those 59 silly seats in Quebec, and the NDP is no further ahead as a National Party than they were before the election. But now they've actually got to work against National interests in order to support all those Quebecers who deep down could give two shits about Jack Layton or the NDP.

Get it through your heads people. When children are elected, and bar bartenders and strippers and other people who didn't campaign or even visit their ridings, its nothing more than a farce that holds absolutely no water in the real world.

NDP cultists argue that having these young MP's is a breath of fresh air and it will bring a new attitude to government. No it won't, because that's not why these peope ran in the election. They did it for a lark. For something to do. None of these people were aspiring politicians who wanted to make their mark. They filled out nomination cards and won by default because nobody else was interested in running.

It's far from refreshing, it stinks!

Layton says he will propose practical measures defending the language and culture of Quebecers. He will strengthen language laws.

That's all fine and dandy Jack, but when the next federal election rolls around, and the fine people of Quebec have jumped on another band wagon, what are you going to do about those other paltry 44 seats you have across the rest of the country?

What happens when you piss them off by pandering to Quebec?

This really is a comedy of the highest form. Jack pretends he actually accomplished something, his socialist followers pretend it actually means something, and the people of Quebec probably forget by now who they voted for.

The best line I heard all week was this. Jack shouldn't hold his meetings in offices, to make his Quebec caucus feel more comfortable, meetings should be held at a McDonald's... with a Playland.

Does everybody out there realize how fortunate it was for Stephen Harper to get a majority?

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Put Them To Work

May 27, 2011 @ 08:49

I guess it's safe to say the provincial election campaign officially got underway yesterday with Tim Hudak's announcement that if the Conservatives are elected, inmates will be put to work.

It was the first hot button issue that's been raised and it was fun to see how quickly the loonie left began to scream bloody murder. The Toronto Star led the way as usual, immediately comparing the sensible work program to Alabama chain gangs.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. It wouldn't bother me one bit to see a whack of inmates chained at the ankles cleaning up the filthy highways and off-ramps in this province.

Of course in 2011 you can't do that. You have to be humane and make sure you don't upset anybody, so a work program would have to be conducted in such a manner that the unfortunate poor souls who ended up in prison keep their dignity.

Even if they took the dignity of others during their crimes.

It's amazing how some whack jobs out there think. If it comes from the mouth of a Conservative, it's immediately wrong and cruel. Thank god the left seems to be depleting in this province, something that was proved by the recent federal election.

But really, what a great idea, get inmates off their asses and out into the community. They don't need to be chained together with today's technology. They could have GPS devices strapped to their ankles so they'd be easily apprehended if they run.

Imagine thousands of inmates out along the road sides making our environment cleaner, it would be extremely productive on both sides. The inmates would have a purpose and the province would benefit as a whole.

Of course the loonies are yapping about all kinds of things. Calling the idea regressive, and declaring that jobs should be to the unemployed and not to the incarcerated.

But there's a problem with that. First of all the province can't afford it, and the status quo ain't cleaning up the streets. Next time you take an off ramp in the GTA, have a look at the water bottles and Timmy cups that are lying in the grass. It's deplorable.

As it stands, the current paid work force can't keep up with it and the province isn't about to start hiring a bunch of people at 30 bucks and hour to change it, so the idea of using inmates is brilliant.

We can only hope that Tim Hudak sticks to his guns and goes through with this should he be elected.

We can only hope we don't have a repeat of "workfare", another great idea that was sunk by the bleeding heart left.

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Stafford's Getting Hitched

May 26, 2011 @ 12:45

It's been a week to reminisce on CanadianThinker this week, but it's not all sad. Losing Pete Griffin is a big fat bummer, but on the flip side there's a happy story.

Hell has frozen over. Mike Stafford is getting married.

I'll be honest, I never thought it would happen, but you know what they say, better late than never.

Within the last three months, Mike has met and proposed to a wonderful woman and they plan to get married next spring. I haven't met Mike's fiancé but I look forward to it. She lives just north of me in the Caledon Hills and I'm hoping that one day while bouncing back and forth between there and Mike's downtown condo, they stop in.

I've know Stafford for over 30 years now, and although we only worked together in the same building for a grand total of 10 years, we've never lost touch and we continue to have a unique relationship.

I don't think I'm stepping over the line or talking out of bounds by saying that in some respects I've been a big brother to Mike. I gave him advice and guidance, while he reciprocated with profound humour and irreverence.

In the early years I witnessed him plow through girlfriends like he really believed there was no tomorrow.

The girls liked Mike. He was young, talented, somewhat famous and good looking.

I would council Mike through some of these relationships, often recommending that the newsroom of CFNY was not the best place for late night intimacy... especially on my desk.

Mike seemed to like women, lots of them, but he never seemed to love one. He was quite particular and I imagine that's why he's remained a bachelor all these years.

Mike came to my wedding, he was my first guy friend to learn that my wife Delyse was pregnant. He was at the hospital the day Melanie was born and he became a very close friend of my family, including my parents who welcomed him into their Milton home on many occasions.

He has played a significant part in my life and that's why I feel so good for him today.

When I think of all the joy my family has brought to me, I feel for those middle-aged people who never did the family thing. I often thought about Mike in this light. How can you be 50 years old and not have someone to come home to or kids to worry about?

Well that's all about to change for Mike next spring. He's going to be a husband and a step-dad to two young boys.

I t took awhile, but after all these years he's finally going to feel it and I'm sure he'll be great at it.

Holy fuckin' cow. Mike Stafford is getting hitched!

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Mike Stafford On Peter Griffin

May 25, 2011 @ 12:50

Mike paid a wonderful tribute to Pete on his am640 talk show this morning.

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A Long Time Ago In Brampton

May 25, 2011 @ 11:52

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Today With Craig And Matt

May 25, 2011 @ 08:59

Winnipeg Jets and Peter Griffin.

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Comments We Like - Mike Stafford

May 25, 2011 @ 08:52

I love you Pete Griffin

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Comments We Like - Rick Hodge

May 25, 2011 @ 08:48


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