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Neighbour John Is Orb'ed

March 14, 2011 @ 17:44

Hey Fred,
What would Psychic Nikki say about this, the picture was taken last night (March 13, 2011) at about 10.00 pm, we lost the game and were the only ones on the ice.
My son Jake took two pictures (second picture just in case!) and there was nobody else taking a picture at the same time, crowd had left.
Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth
Do you Believe?
Neighbour John


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12 Responses to "Neighbour John Is Orb'ed"

March 14, 2011 / 18:20

lol---water on the lens

March 14, 2011 / 19:07

I say it's the Wayne Gretzky angel hallow and now Neighbour John can count on great results, courtesy of his all time favourite player.

How lucky is that?

Pauly Walnuts
March 14, 2011 / 21:20

It's a buggar on the lens.

March 14, 2011 / 21:34

Clean your camera lens.

Neighbour John
March 15, 2011 / 09:16

Pictures were taken seconds apart, first one clear, second with the Orb, Lens was clean and there is no DUST in a hockey Rink – One of the kids looks a little possessed as well – just notice that!

March 15, 2011 / 09:43

lots of water tho Naybor Jake

Speyside Phil
March 15, 2011 / 10:29

One New Years Eve a few years ago we had unexplained Orbs in some of the pictures. To this day no one can explain what was in the pictures. It gives me the shivers everytime I look at them.

March 15, 2011 / 10:57

More padding on that reflective stantion should do the trick.

Liz Janik
March 15, 2011 / 15:41

Hey Neighbour John and Freddie P. - About a year ago they started showing up in my photos too. The energy orbs look quite different from dust, etc.

After much research this is what I have learned about them: They are friendly, happy light-beings of love. They are not ghosts! Some can see them directly with their eyes.

You might be interested in checking out my photo blog with orbs and the winged light-beings, which are also showing up in photos and direct sight


Peace~ Liz

Mike Lush
March 15, 2011 / 17:23

It's the flash bouncing off of a speck of dust in the air. You'll notice that 'orbs' NEVER appear when a flash isn't used.


March 17, 2011 / 07:43

not necessarily true Mike - I know several people who see them with their eyes - and have proven it. You are right about the infra-red in the flash making them more readily visible. It does extends our visible perception range.

The 'balls of light' in rain and snow conditions look distinctly different.

May 1, 2011 / 05:14

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