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Are The Liberals Lyin'?

March 26, 2011 @ 09:00

Canadians have two important decisions to make over the next six weeks. Who are you going to vote for, and do you believe Michael Ignatieff.

Ignatieff came out this morning in denying he would form a coalition government if the Conservatives win another minority government, but don't forget, the Liberals said the same thing prior to forming the 2008 coaltion.

Do you believe Iggy? You better decide because a lot hangs in the balance.

It will be interesting to watch over the next six weeks how the lovable left in this country will attempt to legitimize a coalition government. It's the only hope for the mindless to see the definite end of Stephen Harper.

The Toronto Star is already at it. Anti-con Susan Delacourt is at it already writing a piece in today's Star about how coalitions can work, and technically she's correct.

But there's a big difference in Canada, and it's called the Bloc Quebecois. Any coalition that would include a separatist, treasonous outfit like the Bloc is totally unacceptable.

If there's a Conservative minority, and the Liberals and NDP don't get enough seats to topple them, the Bloc comes into play.

Once again I'll go back to 2004 before I started writing this blog. Apparently Stephen Harper made a move towards a coalition with the NDP and Bloc and I'm the first to say that would have been every bit as shameful as the attempt in 2008 by the other whack jobs.

But here's the key. It didn't happen, and given the shrewd politician that Stephen Harper is, who knows how serious he was. It very well could have been a test balloon that would never have come to fruition. But if it had, Harper would have lost me instantly.

To enter into a coalition with the Bloc is totally invalid, inexcusable and definitively insidious.

Anyone in this country who would support a coalition with the Bloc should lose their status as a Canadian. It should be documented and you should be exposed for spineless turn coat you are.

And that includes everyone. Even Stephen Harper.

And that's what amuses me about the likes of Susan Delacourt. So committed to her unfounded hatred of the Conservatives, she's be willing to support a coalition that would include a party whose sole purpose is to milk the rest of the country while they push towards breaking it up.

What blows me away is that my opinion isn't shared by every last Canadian from coast to coast. I struggle with the reality that there are those who actually give a coalition some consideration because of their own selfish political leanings. And I'm not talking about Bloc supporters because they aren't Canadians.

So it all comes down to this. If the Conservatives get anything short of majority Canada could have a coalition government that includes the Bloc.

Unless of course, you believe Iggy.

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10 Responses to "Are The Liberals Lyin'?"

scmee again
March 26, 2011 / 09:57

liberals are spineless scumbags, always hiding behind problems they start.

March 26, 2011 / 10:09

i totally agree with you fred, a coalition that includes the bloc would be disasterous for the country, im sticking with harper and the conservatives, iggy can not be trusted, hes a snake...

Speyside Phil
March 26, 2011 / 11:32

I really believe that this election could very well give Harper the majority he needs to run the Country and maintain Canada's economic growth.Most Canadaians coast to coast to coast are sickened at the thought of a coalition that includes the Bloc. Polls are not always accurate but the last few that I have seen have been consistently against the thought of an election and all polls strongly favour the Conservatives Bring it on Iggy and Jack, this will be your swan song.

March 26, 2011 / 12:43

As a lifetime Liberal, and after having lived in Alberta for the last 4 years, although I wasn't a fan of Harper's to begin with, I'm pretty impressed with the state of the country considering how the rest of the world is doing. On a social level, I disagree with the Tories on almost everything. But the older you get, and the more money you make I like them fiscally and in Alberta it seemed to work. Now, I'm in Quebec and Freddie, I have to agree with your article..ANY coalition with the BLOC makes No Sense. I just can't see myself voting for a guy like Ignatieff either. I don't know who the bigger joke is, Dion or Him. And Layton? I'm not 18 anymore. All that said, I can't see myself voting Conservative. I'm going to pull for a minority with Harper. Too much power for any party is no good. Things seem to be working fine this way. Worst case scenario, there's an Italian guy in my riding and he might get my vote. Unlike U.S elections we can't vote for the actual candidate anyway. So, my vote goes to where it works the most for me and as I said, I like the status quo. Great article Freddie.

March 26, 2011 / 21:09


Congrats. In your time in Calgary you've learned there is a difference between social and fiscal Conservative. Fiscal Conservative = proper spending of money. Social Conservative = backwater hick.

The government needs to represent all regions of Canada and spend money wisely. As a citizen you should be prepared to live healthly and understand that if you want something go out and work hard.

The government should not tell people who they can marry

Nigel Trousershrapnel
March 27, 2011 / 07:53

Can't believe that this is going to be the "issue" that drives this campaign.
What Freddie forgets is that a la Steven Harper, the Liberals never went through with the dreaded Coalition either. This is the albatross that Harper has chosen to tie around the neck of Ignatieff and knowing the gullibility of the average voter, it may stick. The Liberal "Hidden Agenda".
And for the record, whether you agree with it or not, a coalition government is a legitimate alternative in a minority parliament under the rules of the parliament. But no need to cloud the issues with facts. Wasn't it Prime Minister Kim Campbell who said that an election campaign is not the time to discuss issues?

Anyway, if you believe this coalition nonsense that the Conservatives are espousing or that ethics is a sticking point for the Liberal party, by all means do. It is your right to waste your time on this minutia. I have to agree I do take some guilty pleasure in watching these buffoons try to convince themselves that what they are selling actually matters to the common Canadian.

Give me a legitimate issue, PLEASE! Something that has some substance!
Something a bit less juvenile!
A pox on all their houses!

Freddie P.
March 27, 2011 / 09:48


How about this issue, the one I've been pounding away for a long time.
Harper has done a great job of running the country.
Isn't that the most pressing issue?
If we don't have tangible results, what do we have?

Freddie P.
March 27, 2011 / 11:30


One other thing, I think we're all well aware that "a coalition government is a legitimate alternative in a minority parliament"
When the Bloc's involved it actually becomes a moral issue.

Nigel Trousershrapnel
March 27, 2011 / 12:23

Do I really care who is willing to sell their soul for a taste of power.
Each is as guilty as the other.
I just get tired of the Boogeyman Politics that seems to permeate the discussion when it comes to who should run the country.
Give me a reason why I should vote for you, not a reason why I should not vote for the other guy.
Plain and simple.
Accountability, reducing the gas taxes, fix the roads, put MPs who break the rules in jail regardless of their politic stripe. Now those are issues you can sink your teeth into! If you think Harper is the man for the job, so be it. I personally will reserve judgement until election day.

Rumer Williams
May 10, 2011 / 23:36

When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe. -Thomas Jefferson

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