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Chirpin' About Dickie

March 29, 2011 @ 08:08

I woke up to birds chirping outside my window in Peterborough this morning and I thought of a conversation I had with my wife and son on the weekend. They love to wake up to this sound, especially in the spring and so do I.

And there's another reason I love the sound of birds in the morning. It reminds me of my dad who passed away three years ago today.

My dad was the bird king. When I was a kid he raised canaries in the basement, and then about 20 years later, he raised them again in his garage in Milton.

Dickie had all kinds of bird stuff. Bird books, bird pictures, a bird clock that chirped a different bird every hour, he made bird houses and bird feeders, and back in the 70's during the CB radio craze his handle was Scarborough Blue Jay.

The bird feeders were fascinating when Dick and June lived in Stayner. Dickie knew what to put in what feeder to attract certain kinds of birds and it was fun to sit there and enjoy the wild variety of birds that inhabit Ontario, sometimes it felt like a freakin' sanctuary.

They say that time heals, and for me it has. When my dad first died it was hard to imagine living the rest of your life without someone who meant so much to you, but as time goes on and we go about our busy lives the hurt turns into a different feeling, feelings of warmth and contentment that come through great memories, like the bird memories.

Dickie lived a great life and was a great father and we had him for close to 83 years.

Everyone should be so lucky.

By the way, for those of you who ask about Junie, and there are many of you, she's doing fine. Still lovin' and laughin and cursin' in Mississauga. She still lives on her own, she still drives and she still walks the dog a couple of times a day.

She's a multi-tasker. She does all of this while desperately missing Dickie.

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14 Responses to "Chirpin' About Dickie"

March 29, 2011 / 09:26

Thank you Freddie. How true
and how well written. I miss
him so much. Love you

March 29, 2011 / 09:38

nice tribute!!!!

March 29, 2011 / 10:10

It's hard to believe it's been three years, Freddie! Such a great photo of you and your parents...

March 29, 2011 / 11:41

Spring has a way of settling the soul, and hearing birds chirp in the morning is a sure sign of spring...

March 29, 2011 / 12:03

...have a pop, or two, in his
memory!...hell! I might!

March 29, 2011 / 12:45

Nice pic Freddie. You look like your Mom!

March 29, 2011 / 13:10

Heartfelt and beautifully written, Freddie. Brought a tear to my eye.

Love how you said your Mom was lovin', laughin' and cursin'- all while missing the love of her life.

Wow. And, wow again. What a wonderful post.

March 29, 2011 / 13:40

Well done Fred.

RIP Dickie.

Tim from Guelph
March 29, 2011 / 20:45

Well said Freddie P..well said

March 29, 2011 / 21:16

We got one of his birds from Milton. His name was Morris. I never heard a bird sing like that. Amber had to clean the cage and the bird got loose. Our cat had him in his mouth doing what cats do. I yelled and he dropped Morris who was covered in blood. I called Uncle Rich and he told me to put Morris in his cage and cover it., oh yea we were going on a cruise the next day,. Next morning, sure enough the blood was gone and Morris was singing and off we went on the cruise. We all miss Uncle Rich so much. So many memories.

March 29, 2011 / 22:24

Over the years I have read a lot of stories that Fred has written about our father. If all families could have the same life that was given to Nancy, Fred and I. The world would be a better place. Thats no slight to my mother but shes still alive. love you mom

Carl from Aurora
March 30, 2011 / 00:35

My Dad is my best friend and I try not to think about the day that will come eventually. Reading your words Fred makes me think that it will come and go and the memories will live and light us up for ever. Nice one!

March 31, 2011 / 10:44

Lovely, Fred. I remember being overwhelmed by the bird sounds in the Milton basement when Dick took me on a tour before we scarfed down his delicious chili. Bless him and your wonderful, foulmouthed mum!! :)

March 31, 2011 / 20:58

R.I.P Dickie

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