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Count Me Out Again

March 25, 2011 @ 18:08

(Re-posted from last year, with a couple of changes.) Earth Hour arrives at 8:30 Saturday night, and chances are, when it arrives I'll probably be doing what I always do on a Saturday night around that time, watching the hockey game in my rec-room.

There won't be a lot of lights on in the rec-room, but it won't have anything to do with Earth Hour, it's got everything to do with the fact I don't like a bright room when I'm watching television.

Meanwhile, the lights will be on upstairs in the kitchen and the foyer and probably the living room because we like them on in those rooms at night. The lights at the front of the house will be on also because I like the way my place looks when it's lit up.

If a load of washing needs to be done, it will be. If my wife wants to bake something in the oven, she will, and if my son wants to crank his electric guitar, he will.

Earth Hour is just another one of those goofy symbolic things along the way that makes me shake my head and laugh, and here's why.

Because day to day my family doesn't use a lot of electricity or waste a lot of energy but I'm willing to bet a lot of the people that will take part in Earth Hour tonight, "do" waste a lot of energy.

But Earth Hour will make them feel better about themselves. You know, like carbon credits make Al Gore feel better about the gross amount of power he uses in his seven houses.

The CN Tower will go dark. Big deal. What about the other 364 days of the year - same with lights at Niagara Falls, government buildings and all the huge skyscrapers in town.

Call me a cynic, but Earth Hour is a pointless event that only serves to feed a new industry, the industry that the likes of Gore and David Suzuki are getting rich off, the business of Green Hysteria.

Don't kid yourself people, it is big business and it is filled with con artists and hypocrites who don't see a safer or cleaner planet, all they see is opportunity, the opportunity to spread fear through nonsense while selling their act to every gullible goof on the block.

Here's what really makes me laugh. We have the likes of Gore and Suzuki selling us snake oil while tons of people are still throwing their Tim Horton's cups out their car windows. Just check out any off-ramp.

We're supposed to live in the dark for an hour, but there won't be any fewer cigarette butts laying on the ground.

Millions of suckers will take part, pat themselves on the back, and then go about their business as they always have.

I wonder how many Earth Hour T-shirts have been sold?

Last year I put new windows in my house that cost roughly half of what I bought my first house for. I'm also looking at a new high efficiency furnace and one of those tank-less water heaters. To some I may look like a hero because of all this, but really, it's got nothing to do with Green hysteria or wanting to help the environment, it's got everything to do with wanting to help Fred Patterson.

I'm doing this because I don't like a drafty house, I'd like an unlimited supply of hot water and I'd like my gas bill to be lower.

I also bought a couple of flat screen TV's in the past year. Very energy efficient, but that's not the reason I bought them.

It just so happens that all these products are now made with conservation in mind and by wanting them or needing them I will be doing my part for the environment by purchasing them - not necessarily by choice I might add, because just about everything we buy is more efficient today.

Cars run cleaner, appliances don't use nearly as much electricity and industry is being forced conform. Generally speaking we're doing a pretty good job of helping the planet through advanced technology and buying the products attached to it.

It's the realistic non-hysterical approach because when you get right down to it, considering our busy lives, there's not much more we can do other than bending over to pick up some litter or turning off our lights for an hour every goddamn night for the rest of time - and you know that ain't gonna happen - anywhere.

Yea, spare me the symbolism and the guilt trip and the hypocricy of everything connected to Earth Hour and the fear of an impending environmental disaster.

Take just half the bullshit attached to Earth Hour, dump it into the Atlantic Ocean, and that my friends would be an environmental disaster.

earth hour may be losing steam

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3 Responses to "Count Me Out Again"

El Torpedo
March 27, 2011 / 09:58

The Star went on a little photojournalism witch hunt last night, snapping pics of high-profile GTA residents houses to see if they were observing Earth Hour. Interestingly, Rob Ford and Hazel McCallion's places were dark, while David Miler's and the President of Earth Day Canada were lit up like Christmas trees.

The Drunken Gambler
March 29, 2011 / 18:43

My you have got cranky in your old age. I remember a much gentler Freddie on CFNY in the 1990s.

The problem you face with your criticism of Earth Day is the same issue I could point out about politicians - you provide no facts; just opinions. I could therefore write a scathing post about the ignorant jerks who don’t embrace the 1 hour request heard around the world.

The opportunity to start a conversation about conservation can come from anywhere - the want for a smaller gas bill, fewer drafts in the house or even what Earth Day is about- but the opportunity deserves a chance. I for one will continue to take the opportunity to discuss Earth Hour with my kids and continue to use it to create a better environment.

My humble (get it) guess is that 100 years from now, you'll be forgotten, but Al & David will be remembered as the early beacons to a generation.

Then again, just my opinion – no facts.

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