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Today With Jeff McArthur

November 30, 2010 @ 09:52

New test for new Canadians.

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Today With Craig And Matt

November 24, 2010 @ 09:00

CFL, Grey Cup party snacks and some hockey talk.

Part Two

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Thanks Pat

November 19, 2010 @ 18:46

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Today With Neil Morrison

November 19, 2010 @ 16:58

Snow in Vancouver and Nazem Kadri.

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Enjoy Your Trip

November 19, 2010 @ 13:05

Mexico opens homicide investigation into explosion that killed Canadians.

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Comments We Like - John Ivison

November 19, 2010 @ 12:47

Ontario employs wishful thinking to reduce deficit.

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Today With Jeff McArthur

November 15, 2010 @ 09:48

Mexico blast and Fantino.

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Use Your Vote

November 13, 2010 @ 11:18

This is the perfect example of people being able to use their vote.

There's a federal by-election in the city of Vaughn on November 29th and the opposition is screaming bloody murder about the strategy of the Conservatives.

Former Mega-cop Julian Fantino is the Conservative candidate and right now he's the front runner despite being AWOL.

There's been little or no contact with the media; he's already skipped and all candidates meeting and he won't confirm whether he'll attend the next one.

According to Liberal candidate Tony Genco, Fantino owes it to the people of Vaughn to take a stand on the issues and explain himself.

Genco's correct. That is what should happen.

The feeling is that the Conservatives are keeping Fantino under wraps to avoid a miss-step or saying something stupid that could hurt the campaign or turn it around.

No question, that's wrong. Fantino should speak the people and he should have to answer for the current government and he shouldn't be kept under wraps.

But we can analyze this from now until for forever, and the Toronto Star can scream and squawk all it wants but in the end it all comes down to this, if you live in Vaughn and this pisses you off, don't vote for the guy.

Very simple.

I'll be honest, if I lived in Vaughn I'd think twice about voting for him.

I wouldn't vote the Liberals of course, because I don't think they're in any position under Michael Ignatieff to lead the country, and I'd rather die than vote NDP, so I might write something in or vote for an independent if there is one.

But this really is simple. If you don't like it, don't vote for Fantino.

I realize this province is full of Liberals who vote Liberal regardless of how much that party is screwing up the country or the province, but I'm hoping Conservative rationale takes over here and the people do the right thing.

Even if it means the Conservative doesn't win.

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Beginning Of The End

November 13, 2010 @ 10:35

What you are about to witness hockey fans is the beginning of the end of Nazim Kadri in Toronto, if not in the NHL.

He will be the latest name added to the list of fine young hockey players who the Leafs have drafted and then promptly ruined. It's an historical thing so you can't really blame it on any one person.

Many Leaf general managers have done the same thing over the past for decades. We keep hoping that the next guy will change history, but it never seems to happen.

This time it's Brian Burke, and although I like the guy, this latest move smacks of shortsightedness and desperation.

Nazim Kadi should not be brought into this miserable situation.

If Kadri had begun the season with the big club and played a part in the current mess it would have been one thing, but to bring him in at this point in this market in this situation is all wrong.

Already weirded out I'm sure by comments made by Ron Wilson just last week when he told reporters Kardri wasn't playing well enough to be called up, now the kid is going to be thrown into a deep fryer by the very guy who doesn't think he's very good.

Forget about battling the other team, Kardri's going to battling himself, the puck and the fans when it's all so very needless. The Leafs are going nowhere, so why put the kid through the inevitable?

And that leads to another question. Should someone of Kadri's early development and fragility be put into the hands of someone like Wilson?

I think not because I'm convinced Ron Wilson is a major part of the problem.

For the sake of Nazem Kadri I hope he survives this and one day gets the break of so many others before him, he gets to move on and thrive somewhere else.

Here is a list of players in recent history who have been draft by the Leafs and were either ruined or sent off to another team where they reached their potential.

All first round picks.

Jiri Tlusty
Tuukka Rask
Justin Pogge
Carlo Colaiacovo
Alex Steen
Brad Boyes
Kenny Jonsson
Brandon Convery
Drake Berehowsky

There are lots more, but you get the point.

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Guest Columnist - Mark Irvine

November 13, 2010 @ 09:52

Always love the Fred P rants on Dalton because Fred you can't see the forest for the trees.

What you should really be concerned about is the long slow economic decline of the Province of Ontario. Ontario is now a "Have Not" province & Newfoundland is a Have province. Governments AND CITIZENS of Ontario have spent too much time basking in their own arrogance while Rome was smoldering. Toronto's jobless rate is now higher than Montreal & St Johns. Ontario's largest industry (cars) is on life support & needed a huge public cash infusion just to stay afloat. The Great Lakes region has the capacity to produce enough wind generated electricity (offshore) to power all of the United States. But that can't happen because people are too worried about "the view" or dead birds (ignoring house cats kill 10 million birds a year). Don't like that wind turbine view? Have no fear, that rail car of Fort Mac tailing sludge is on the way.

How many years have we heard that Ontario needed to expand it's markets beyond the USA? That refrain was loud when I graduated business school. Now, the USA is mired in a decade long recession and Ontario has no one to sell their goods too. NOT to mention Ontario based it's competitiveness on having a Canadian dollar that was undervalued. That low dollar is not coming back. The Canadian dollar is now a petro currency.

And now we have a mayor of Toronto threatening to rip up street rail. Brilliant. I guess he didn't look at the oil price yesterday or the RBOB gas prices. We're heading for triple digit oil prices again. How is Toronto and Southern Ontario, the bastion of driving, supposed to cope with that? How is the auto industry who makes most of it's profit's on big trucks supposed to deal with 1.25 litre gasoline? Even if they produce the same number of cars they'll be making much smaller ones which = lower profit. That's money out of the system.

Another nickel on a can of beer is the compelling issue? Or paying a tax to dump a paint can? Your ENTIRE province is falling on it's economic knees & no one seems to get that.

What everyone seems to miss is that Toronto & Ontario are on the same path that Montreal & Quebec were on in the 70s. Long, slow economic decay that isn't going to stop. This isn't a recession it's a fundamental shift in the economy of a once powerful province. I can't help but note how many Ontario plates I see in Calgary. It's not even a boom and people are still moving to the West.

And so what if Hudac wins? What plans does he have? Does ANYONE in Ontario politics have any vision? Hudac's answer seems to be "cut taxes and cut services". Minor tax cuts are NOT going to lure business to Ontario given it's structural & deficit issues. What's going to lure business to Ontario is a long term progressive business plan & an actual energy policy that ignores morons that worry about the view or dead birds

But no one in Ontario has vision. It's going to be interesting watching the low, slow painful decay of the East. I expect to see lots of Ontario plates out here in Calgary.

Note from Freddie P. - All very compelling Mark, but I think the point of my posting was McGuinty's lies and deception.

I think your point is that McGuinty has played a significant part in destorying the province and David Miller has done likewise to the city of Toronto.

If you read this blog, I think you'll realize I'm in that echo chamber.

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