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Angry Middle Aged White Guy

September 30, 2010 @ 07:28

You want to know one of the things that's really pissin' me off these days? It's the way the phrase "angry middle aged white guy" is being thrown around.

I've been called an "angry middle aged white guy" many times on this blog, but that hasn't bothered me so much as the frequency that it's being used in general these days.

It's one of those great defense mechanisms. If you're not a white guy, or you're a white guy who doesn't like what another white guy says or stands for, you call him an "angry middle aged white guy."

How screwy is that?

There's nothing better to shut down dialogue than accusing someone of being a racist or an "angry middle aged white guy."

That's what it means. By calling someone an "angry middle aged white guy" you're basically calling him intolerant, and that's what really bothers me. The meaning behind it, the intent in using it, the double standard it represents and the basic acceptance of it.

Would it be acceptable to use the term "angry middle aged black guy, or "angry middle aged Asian guy?" You know the answer. It's a flat out no!

If you used the above terms you'd be accused of distinguishing between races. You'd be told there's no need to add the race part to the accusation, "angry middle aged guy" would be enough.

But when it comes to adding "white guy," for some reason it's OK, and this leads to another dose of irony.

I've often been told that when "white" is used in a phrase it's acceptable because of all the years of oppression that white people have inflicted upon every other race on earth.

Hey, I'm not going to argue with facts, but what I will question is what is to be gained by catching up or getting even, because that's what it is.

If we're told on one hand that distinguishing people by race is wrong, why is it OK to throw around the term "angry middle aged white guy" on the other?

If distinguishing people by race was wrong in the past, why is it OK now? Seems rather regressive to me.

Believe me, I know how this works. There are people who are going to read this and twist it into something that it isn't. They'll probably accuse me of being an "angry middle aged white guy because I don't like being called an "angry middle aged white guy."

But that's OK, because I can look in the mirror and be proud that it hasn't shut me up.

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Neighbour John - The Supreme Anti-Hab

September 29, 2010 @ 12:30

If you think I don't like the Montreal Canadiens, how about Neighbour John. Get a load of this.

John has three fine boys and they all play in the Brampton Youth Hockey Association. The BYHA does what a lot of house leagues do, they name their teams after NHL squads.

The Leafs, the Kings, the Sabres and so on. They also have the Canadiens.

John's boys are all well into their teens and up until this year, all three have avoided being assigned to a Canadiens team, and that's a good thing. John always got the creeps whenever he thought of one of his boys having to pull on a Canadiens jersey for an entire season.

Things changed last week, and they changed dramatically. John's middle son Jake found out that he's on the Canadiens this year, and he literally plunged the family into a hockey depression. John tried to take it all in stride and not over think it, but he failed on both counts.

Jake was also upset. Like any decent young man who grew up in a Toronto Maple Leaf house, he didn't want to play for the Canadiens. As a matter of fact, when he showed up for his first game, he tried to wear the sweater inside out.

That was unacceptable of course, so John decided to go into the ultimate anti-Hab mode. He went to the league and asked for Jake to be assigned to another team. No such luck, Jake has a big time rating as a player, so there was no way the Canadiens were going to let him go.

John was told there are only two ways a kid can switch teams. Either through balancing the teams after three games, or if a parent coaches another team and the convenience factor is considered. It makes sense to have your kid on your team, that way you don't have to come to the rink twice.

There was no way Jake was leaving the Canadiens through balancing, he would be one of their keepers, no doubt about it, so John moved on the second option.

He beat the bushes and found out that the Kings needed an assistant coach. He approached the head coach and the deal was quickly done. John, despite his busy schedule and having to truck two other boys to hockey rinks decided to sign on as assistant coach.

Jake is no longer a Canadien. He has escaped the Habs. He is now a King.

Don't you just love it!

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Today With Craig And Matt

September 29, 2010 @ 08:57

McGuinty and the Habs.

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Team Turd

September 28, 2010 @ 17:11

Admittedly, the Montreal Canadiens ridiculous run in last spring's playoffs was impressive. But there will be a down side to it if you're a Habs fan.

All it will do is frustrate this shit out of you this season. Granted, most Hab fans are not only aggravating, they're also delusional so that should help buffer their anguish, but come on people, this team is not that good.

If anything they're weaker than last year. No Halak... pip-squeeks Gomez and Gionta are a year older... and Plekanec has signed a long term contract - which means he'll go back to being a heartless floater.

And I don't even want to talk about Carmadooly. Ain't goona happen again.

Let's not forget, the Habs made the playoffs on the last night of the season by tying the Leafs, why should anything improve this season?

Already it's started with my good friend Freeway Frank out there in Calgary. He's yappin' on his facebook about how good this team is. Here are a couple of examples.

"Liking what I see so far. I still believe in Price. Mtl offense speedy plus Subban, Plekanec and White all impressive. Most heart I've seen since 1993."

"Price is the guy now and everyone needs to be on-board. Subban is a sweet player. He'll make mistakes but the benefits will out-weight the errors. STAR."

It's wasn't so pathetic it would be funny.

Listen to me, the Leafs will finish ahead of the Habs this season. I know I said it last year, and a lot of you have jumped on me for being incorrect, but let's review

The Leafs won just nine fewer games than the Habs last season, but after the trade with Calgary, they actually had a better record. In fact they had the sixth best record in the East.

The Habs were life and death to make the playoffs and in some ways it was the worst thing could have happened. Yes the playoff run was groovy and all that, but all it will prove to do is make this year's disaster look even worse

Coming soon. Why Neighbour John is the ultimate anti-Hab. Even more than me.

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Today With Neil Morrison

September 24, 2010 @ 17:57

Fred Fox. circumcision and hockey.

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Today With Craig And Matt

September 22, 2010 @ 20:12

Bloggin' again, my new suit, Dalton McLiar, The Leafs and Pat Burns.

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Coming Soon!

September 19, 2010 @ 07:45

The complete story behind Freddie P's lack of blogging during the summer. All the sordid details will be revealed on this page within the next 48 hours.

Find out way Freddie became so detached from this written aspect of his blog. Find out why Freddie didn't update the Trailer Page or why he didn't have anything to say on several other personal and public topics throughout July and August.

Including his disappointing third place finish at this year's Jeff Laird Memorial Bocce tournament.

Find out why he's disappointed in a few regular readers, who rather than show concern for Freddie's delicate well-being, chose to take shots at the chubby little fuck and threaten to never come back.

Within the next 48 hours, find out what Freddie thinks about the current state of the GTA, the province, the country and the whole goddamn world for that matter.

Find out why Freddie thinks the Leafs will finish ahead of the Habs this season.

Witness Freddie's declaration regarding the future of this blog and what he has in store for the coming months.

It's all coming soon. Within 48 hours.

Baby come on! Let's be doing it!

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Today With Craig And Matt

September 15, 2010 @ 08:57

Celebrity guests on radio shows and the famous Humble and Fred fuck-up.

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Today With Jeff McArthur

September 13, 2010 @ 22:42

Not burning the quran, no go Mexico and meeting famous people.

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Today With Craig And Matt

September 8, 2010 @ 09:00

Marriage, University and College costs, bedding the ladies on The View and masturbation

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