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Happy Canada Day Everyone

June 30, 2010 @ 08:59

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Today With Craig And Matt

June 30, 2010 @ 08:56

Bubble wrapped kids and famous Canadians.

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Make Me Gag

June 30, 2010 @ 08:34

Detainees gather to heal.

"Let the healing begin. That was the theme of a healing circle at Christie Pits Park Tuesday night when a group of about 150 people -- many arrested during weekend protests -- compared notes over vegan chili. They formed circles, held hands and drew pictures of their experiences."

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This Says It All

June 29, 2010 @ 18:32

Borrowed From .. although it should be noted, Black Bloc is not a noun. It's a tactic.

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Comments We Like - Mike Stafford

June 29, 2010 @ 16:12


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More Of What Cops Have To Put Up With - Assholes

June 29, 2010 @ 12:32

The guy in the video is the same guy in this picture. Funny thing is, some published reports have actually given this asshole credit for trying to put out the cop car fire.
Of course this was before the real story was revealed in the video.

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Today With Bruce Barker

June 29, 2010 @ 08:51

The G-20 and ther perfect Canada Day barbeque.

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A New Low

June 29, 2010 @ 07:58

From time to time I've written about the biggest problem facing today's youth in Canada. It's called bubble-wrapping.

The current generation of young parents in this country is so protective of their little darlings that they're on the verge of destroying the next generation.

It's unbelievable. In the eyes of some parents (too many), their off-spring can't do anything wrong and they must be defended at all costs.

If they're struggling at school, it's the teachers fault. If they're having trouble socializing, they're being bullied. If they misbehave, they must need Ritalin. It's too freakin' much.

It seems more and more the definition of parenting means blaming someone else for the actions and shortcomings of their precious little babies.

I know several teachers and its downright shocking to hear what they have to put up with today. If kid is disciplined there has to be a national inquiry. If a kid is dealt with firmly, the teacher ends up apologizing. If a parent complains, the teacher is hung out to dry.
But worst of all, kids can't fail today. We're so protective of their fragile little psyches that they must be pushed through regardless of performance.

It's creating a generation of jelly fish.

The latest example blows my mind. Two sets of parents are suing the Greater Toronto Hockey League because their little angels were cut from a midget team.

Wow. When I was growing up I got cut from a few hockey teams, but all it did was give me a good life lesson while making me try harder the next time. Hockey teams can only sign 20 or so kids, so if 30 or 35 try out, somebody has to be cut.

I would think if you didn't want your sweet little bundle from heaven to be humiliated by getting the chop, you shouldn't have tried out in the first place.

Here's a segment from the lawsuit filed by hockey dads Vito Valela and David Longo.

"The direct actions of the GTHL and Avalanche Minor Sports have caused irreparable psychological damage to Daniel Longo's self esteem as an impressionable teenager and demoralized Daniel as an athlete and team hockey player with his peers," the Longo statement of claim reads. "The conduct by all defendants destroyed the dignity of my son, whom in good conscience gave his team nothing but his best efforts."

Valela's statement of claim states: "When Christopher was advised of his termination by my wife and I, he vowed never to play the game he loved since childhood. And, morevoer, his misguided group of defendants demoralized my wife and I, whom had gone well beyond the call of duty as parents in support of the Toronto Avalanche hockey team for two seasons."

This takes the cake. Now you can't even cut a kid from a hockey team. It's totally discretionary for the coach, but it turns into a court battle?

Pretty soon, nobody will want to coach.

The kids are 15; I can only hope the actions of their parents have left them humiliated and embarrassed. If not, I guess they're a lost cause.

Just another couple of kids whose parents have turned them into wimps

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Let It Go Assholes

June 28, 2010 @ 18:55

Hundreds rally outside Police Headquarters.

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More Of What Cops Have To Put Up With - Assholes

June 28, 2010 @ 17:21

I especially enjoy the line "we're not doin' nuthin." The dancing in the background is pretty cool too!

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