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Men Are Pigs

May 31, 2010 @ 14:53

Hooray for Lenore Lukasik-Foss of the Woman Abuse Working Group, she got her way.

Even though the "kisses urinal" at the Honest Lawyer restaurant in Steel Town was an amusing topic of conversation and didn't bother most people, Lukasik-Foss, decided to get dramatic and make outrageous claims towards having it removed. And she did.

The urinal shaped like an open women's mouth was taken down this weekend.

It absolutely blows me away that these people can wield as much power as they do. The frickin' urinal was in the men's washroom for crying out loud, it was a novelty, it was meant to be a joke.

But there's no joking around with Lukasik-Foss when it comes to the urinals that ultimately lead to violence against women.

Oh yea, that's what she said. "Treating women like objects you pee into, especially in a bar setting, is linked ultimately to violence against women."


A goofy urinal, tucked away in a men's bathroom is a stepping stone for abuse against women.

It sure doesn't give men much credit. I have to wonder how many thousand men used that urinal while having a chuckle only to forget all about it two minutes after leaving the washroom.

I wonder how many of those men went out into the restaurant and told their stable wives and girlfriends about it and they laughed too.

But that doesn't matter to the hysterical feminist fringe that sees a monster in anything with a dick. They won't hesitate to make outlandish leaps that paint all men with the same brush if it means getting their way.

Lukasik-Foss claims she got over eleven hundred people to write letters demanding the urinal be removed. Like that's supposed to impress us.

I bet most of those 11 hundred have their own agenda and have never entered the restaurant let alone the washroom. And what's eleven hundred when you consider how many thousands of people used the washroom over the past year while this controversy was being whipped up.

The restaurant owners have not commented and I can understand why. They probably got tired of having someone clamped to their pant-leg refusing to go away until she got her way.

They're probably so disgusted they have to bite their tongues.

After all, anything they say in their defense could lead to violence against women.

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Today With Jeff McArthur

May 31, 2010 @ 08:50

Dennis Hopper, child stars and Prime Minister Jack Layton.

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Comments We Don't Like - Damien Cox

May 30, 2010 @ 12:27

Political correctness really blows. Like a lot things, it starts with good intentions and then the do-gooders get a hold of it and take it over the moon.

Political correctness practiced by the wrong people has put us where we are today. In some cases you can't even compliment someone without being called a racist, and often the person being protected by the PC professional doesn't even want protection.

The most recent example is an article written by Damien Cox in the Toronto Star entitled Offensive Blackhawks logo has got to go.

Believe me, having written this blog for the past four years, I know all about pushing buttons and getting a reaction, so I would hope that was the intention of Cox's column, but if it wasn't, well then consider him just another wannabe hero.

Without going into a lot of detail, I'm sure you get the drift. Cox thinks the Blackhawks logo which features the head of an Indian warrior is insensitive, racist and extremely out of date.

I'll give Cox this much. To choose such a logo in this day and age would be wrong and generally unacceptable, even if it was meant as a complimentary gesture.

But that's political correctness for you.

The problem here is that Damien Cox thinks the Blackhawks should actually change their logo now. A lot of high schools and universities have backtracked he argues, so why not the NHL team?

Here's why, because the Blackhawks have been around for nearly one hundred years and they were given their name with the best of intentions, but most of all because there has never been a mass of "Indians" lined up demanding that it be changed.

And apparently, according to Cox, they're the ones who should be offended.

The original owner of the Blackhawks chose the name and the logo as a tribute to Chief Black Hawk of the Sioux Nation, who fought on the side of the British in the War of 1812.

It was chosen as recognition of strength and bravery.

With today's twisted thinking that still makes it wrong. In a bizarre way, we've painted ourselves into a PC corner that says you can only receive such a tribute if you're a white guy, which actually makes it even more racist.

Ever thought of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish?

My question is this? What exactly is wrong with the Blackhawks logo? Is it something that native people should be ashamed of? I don't think so. It was put there for positive reasons, and although the attitude towards such recognition has changed in recent years, does that mean the history of this logo should be wiped away like it never existed?

When it comes to articles like Cox wrote, I'd really like to see some feedback from the people mostly affected.

For years the PC brigade has been trying to eliminate the nicknames of the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves, but its never gotten off the starting blocks because the people who should care the most, don't.

Of course Redskins is an archaic name that would never even be considered today, but it was installed as a tribute just like the name Braves was.

Again, by today's over-reactionary standards it would never happen, even I'm sure, if native people wanted it to. But with the Blackhawks, Redskins, Indians and Braves we're talking about history and definitely not negative history.

If the imaging is questionable, then let's leave it up to those affected to decide whether it should change.

Not someone from the ever-increasing over the top politically correct tribe.

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The Irrational Man

May 29, 2010 @ 09:17

Our Prime Minister has lost me on this one. One billion dollars for security? That's what it's going to cost to secure Huntsville and Toronto for three stinkin' days in June? That's the price of host the G8 and G20 summits?

I feel like an idiot. For years I've been spouting off on this page supporting Stephen Harper by calling him the rational man and then along comes this debacle.

Hosting these useless summits may not be the sole decision of the Prime Minister, but ultimately the buck stops at his door and somewhere along the line he should have looked at the costs and said thanks but no thanks.

And I'm not going to position this like the Toronto Star or the Liberals and NDP are, by listing all the others things that money could buy, because to me its just straight-up economics. There are good purchases and bad ones, and this one is really bad.

What possibly will be accomplished by gathering world leaders in this province for three measly days in late June? What reasonable return can we expect on an investment that starts at one billion dollars and increases from there?

The answer is none.

Of course the spin doctors and the political weasels will tell you otherwise, but this will boil down to nothing more than three days of lavish posturing by a bunch of guys who are already pre-positioned on most issues.

And man oh man does in send a bad message. In these so called tough economic times, with several economies teetering on the brink of disaster, how does this do anything but tell the world the men in charge don't really give a damn.

It actually makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it. Toronto will be turned upside down for a couple of days while it resembles a prison camp, the economy will take a big hit, and we're supposed to think there's an upside to this?

Tell me how in the space of 72 hours, 20 men gathering over fine food and wine, will accomplish anything that will come even close to justifying the expense?

Any thing of any substance needs more time than that.

This was the perfect opportunity for our Prime Minister step out and underline that he's "the rational man", but he blew it. He got us sucked into a billion dollar party.

With today's technology, and given the fragile world economy, why couldn't this G8 and this G20 have been done by video conferencing?

We're continuously told by government to pull back, spend wisely, don't waste and think of the future, so why doesn't it apply to them?

Harper could have taken the lead and recommended these summits take place through the new media and then released numbers on the savings, not the other way around.

And if the other guys had balked, he could have told them to hold their futile meeting somewhere else.

Make no mistake about it, nothing; absolutely nothing will come of either summit. We'll get the usual bullshit while they try to justify it, but don't be fooled; this is a pathetic billion dollar road to nowhere.

A bad idea, a bad investment and horrifically bad timing.

Sorry Steve, but you lost me on this one.

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Telling It Like It Is

May 29, 2010 @ 08:59

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Today With Neil Morrison

May 28, 2010 @ 17:35

Oil spill and Canada's smartest cities.

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Comments We Like - Jamie Bell

May 27, 2010 @ 18:51

Who do you think is Canada's team now?

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The Trailer - Week One 2010

May 27, 2010 @ 08:23

A few of you have asked about my trailer updates and why I haven't written anything yet?

Well here's the deal. I didn't go up until Sunday of the long weekend, and I went all by myself. The trailer will be playing second fiddle to my sweet daughter Melanie who's getting married in September.

It's only May, but already there's a ton of crap to do and my wife Delyse has thrown herself into the project with exceptional glee. There will be a lot of weekends this summer where we'll have to stay at the base camp in Brampton and do neat stuff like look at flowers and decide what centre pieces to use.

If you've ever been through this, you get the drift.

On the flip side, I'm a pretty lucky guy. Helping the run what is the Corus Peterborough Radio Empire has me located just 25 minutes from the tin palace on a Monday - Friday basis - so its there whenever I want it.

However, in case I forgot to tell ya, and assuming you give a shit, I decided to keep my apartment in Peterborough over the summer, so I actually have three residences at this writing.

It means on those occasions when I have something to do in town, like a dinner or a golf tournament or just socializing, I can "walk" back to the apartment and not worry about driving up highway 28.

But let's get back to "The Trailer - Week One."

I packed up the car in Brampton on Sunday and set off. On the way I stopped off at the Farm Boy in Peterborough and bought myself a big honkin' T-bone. Over the past couple of years we've been eating a lot less red meat so every so often its nice to pig out on a big piece of cow.

When I arrived at the tin palace I realized the benefits of showing up late into the weekend. My neighbour Gerry had already cut my lawn and cleaned up all the goose shit that's become an aggravating part of spring.

They need to be snuffed.

Having this looked after I immediately sprung into action. I got a couple of the fellas help me put the room on my add-a-room, and then removed some outdoor furniture that spends the winter indoors.

I raked some leaves, cleaned up some stuff behind the trailer, cleaned out my shed and then gave the inside of the trailer a through going over. You know, wiping, dusting and cleaning.
These events took me right into the early evening and it was time to spark up the Webber. She wintered quite well and fired up on the first click.

With the initial lighting I like to crank it up to high and let it burn for a good half hour.

This gets rid of all the cob webs and old grease and guck that's hardened during several months of inactivity. Once she's real hot I take the wire brush to her until I'm sure she's not gonna give me some bacterial disease.

Who decided that barbeques are female?

I'd like to report that post steak and potato dinner that the night got wild and we were all hootin' and hollerin' around the tiki bar to the now Canadian cultural up-north soundtrack that is the Tragically Hip, but that didn't happen.

The Tiki Bar wasn't together yet.

Instead, somewhat exhausted I stretched out on the futon in the add-a-room about 8:45, and the next goddman thing you know it's 11:45. So I wander inside, flopped onto the bed and stayed there till 7:45.

Breakfast consisted of a peanut butter and banana sandwich and I washed it down with some shitty coffee. It's the only kind my shitty coffee maker makes. I don't know what it is about the bastard, no matter what kind of coffee I run through the prick, it comes out bitter and flat.

Time to splurge and buy myself a trailer Tassimo.

After breakfast I did some more rakin' and sweepin' and wipin'. In fact after the steak the night before, I did a lot of wipin'.

By late morning it was time to tackle the Tiki Bar. I got my buddies Gerry and Dan to help me install the roof, while my other buddy Jason re-worked the wiring so it wouldn't be life threatening anymore.

After the roof was in place I started stringin' the lights and this became very frustrating because more than half the strings didn't work. The parrots didn't work, the walleye's didn't work and neither did the sandals.

Lucky for me, I had a new string of pelicans, beer steins and Toronto Maple Leafs.

I enjoyed stringin' the Leaf lights because it was just hours before the Montreal Canadiens would be eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs. It made me think of next spring when the Leafs most assuredly will win the Cup and I'll probably watch all the games at the Tiki Bar.

Decorating a Tiki Bar is time consuming. By the time I was finished it was late afternoon and my good buddy Dan Bonchek offered to grill up some burgers. It was perfect timing.

Nice juicy burgers and a wonderful salad whipped up by his wife Tracey put Freddie P. in a good mood.

I washed it down with some ice cold water and thought about the rest of the evening.

I was dirty and grimy and tired so instead of having a shower in my trailer, which features a puny eight gallon hot water tank, I decided to head back to the apartment in Peterborough for a long hot one.

And that's what I did, and whilst in the shower I concentrated on feet. They get real dirty in crocs.

Afterwards I was zesty clean and ready for some NHL action. When I flipped on the Habs / Flyers game it was 1-1 early in the first period.

I laid back on the couch and enjoyed every minute.... of the highlights.... I fell asleep well before Coaches Corner and had to get the glorious result and highlights on SportsCentre shortly after midnight.

I got up of the couch and went to bed. I had to work in the morning.

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Today With Craig And Matt

May 26, 2010 @ 13:11

Swimming pools, Stevie Y and and cold weather Superbowl.

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Today With Bruce Barker

May 25, 2010 @ 08:56

Hockey and real charcoal.

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