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My Desperate MP

October 2, 2009 @ 20:57

It comes with no surprise that Brampton - Springdale MP Ruby Dhalla introduced a private members bill in the spring that wants to create a short cut for immigrant seniors.

Bill c-428 is a desperate attempt to hold on to her Brampton seat should there be an election called in the coming months.

The bill calls for immigrant seniors to become eligible for Old Age Security after only three years in the country instead of the present requirement of ten tears

After Dhalla's nanny problems a while back, she knows she's on shaky ground in her Brampton riding even though it's heavily populated with people of her South Asian heritage.

Problem is, whoever runs for the Conservatives in Brampton - Springdale in the next election will also be South Asian so the election could actually be fought on issues and not nationality.

Dhalla's introduction of Bill c-428 is a shameless attempt to survive in Parliament. Private members bills rarely pass and this probably won't but that's part of Dhalla's scheme.

Introduce the Bill, have it rejected and then accuse the Conservatives of being racists, and hope the "R" word remains ingrained in minds of South Asian voters in Brampton when the next election rolls around.

This wouldn't be unique. Liberals have been painting a picture of Conservatives being intolerant for years, even though it was under the Mulroney government that more immigrants came into the country than any other Liberal government before him. Even Trudeau's. Look it up.

Dhalla is hoping if the Conservatives ignore Bill c-428 it will stick to whoever Conservative runs against her, even if they're South Asian.

But there's one problem with this desperate plan and something that Dhalla chooses to ignore. The South Asian population is a rather proud group of people and they don't really care to have someone like Dhalla bring criticism upon them.

They know that the very suggestion of such a Bill won't sit well with other Canadians, or other immigrants who had to wait the ten years. In other words, they won't care for the attention it brings, especially when it has little or no chance of passing.

I live in the riding of Brampton - Springdale and I don't really care for Ruby Dhalla, but it has very little to do with her being a Liberal. She's just a bad politician and a bad representative.
On several occasions I've called her office and not once has she had the consideration to call me back. Not once.

Of course if I wanted to play handball against the curb I could claim that she probably sees my last name and figures guys named Patterson don't matter in her riding, but that would be leaning on the "R" word and you know I don't like that.

No, I think she hasn't called me back because up until nanny-gate she was a slam dunk in Brampton - Springdale. She's of South Asian heritage and she's a Liberal, and most immigrants are still buying into the bullshit stories of how Pierre Trudeau was their messiah.

Hopefully, in Brampton - Springdale that will change.

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79 Responses to "My Desperate MP"

October 2, 2009 / 23:45

You should run for office, Fred.

What's stopping you?

Rick C in Oakville
October 3, 2009 / 09:45

This is shameless politicking. So someone here for 3 years probably if they worked (doubtful given the age to qualify for OAS) probably would contribute about $500.00 to CPP, given they won't be in the higher income bracket to contribute maximum amonunts, will get $500.00 a month ($6000.00 a year) !!! They just hit the lottery, x2 (husband/Wife) and double the fun.
I have a co-worker who has brought both his and his wifes family under the family reunification BS from the Phillipines, parents are early 60's, if this passes, there is a possible mother lode of $24,000 a year to the house hold income.

I'm seething, can't get $400.00 a season from vetrans affairs for my widowed mother in law whose husband(deceased) was a WW2 vet to clear her snow. She lives on her own and at 83 can't clear her driveway. Veterans affairs denies this because my proud father in law didn't apply for it when he was alive, he didn't feel he needed to burden the tax payers because he was healthy and didn't need it€ at this time.

Liberals motto buying ethnic votes, with 1 Canadian Taxpayers dollar at a time.

October 3, 2009 / 12:53

Bravo Fred!

I know just how you feel. Although it's not just a Liberal tactic. I live in Trinity-Spadina and Olivia Chow panders to the residents of Chinatown. I wish she would order them to clean it up.

October 3, 2009 / 14:23

When I was with Immigration people would send their sponsored parents to Welfare and we'd have to ask why.
One fellow was really angry with me that he had to wait 10 years for Old Age Pension.
Like I could change it for him. Besides he was on the welfare roll, and probably had a pile of loot in some foreign bank.
It was stupid to ask questions as I knew each answer and the TRUTH was stranger than fiction as it was all fiction.

October 3, 2009 / 15:10

do you even understand the legistlation Fred? Right now, if you come from a European country you get OAS after 3 years. In fact, any immigrant from most of the world gets it in 3 years, Ruby is proposing legislation that makes it consistant so that if you come from all parts of the world it should be 3 years, not the legislation Fred and maybe you'll get your facts right. Or do you think Immigrants from Asia should be held to a different standard that European Immigrants? that would seem inherently racist if you ask standard for all.

Right Uppercut
October 3, 2009 / 17:31

If governments are allowed to sue tobacco companies for damages... can we sue the liberals for all the damage they've done to Canada since Chairman Pierre's rampage started in 1968?

Freddie P.
October 3, 2009 / 17:47

Hey Anonymous, I knew this would come up. Countries that only have to wait three years are the commonwealth countries to which we had special ties through the 60's. Beyond that, the rules change for other countries.
Tough titty.
But forget all that shit, the point is, Dhalla is not doing this for equality, she's doing it to rev up a minority group prior to an election and the irony is, most of them haven't even asked for it.
I've read Dhalla's proposed legislation and she conveniently fails to mention the foreign countries that are currently under the 3 year rule.
(How dare Canada have special relations with certain countries - we're supposed to be the world's keeper right?)
But even beyond all that I should take your comment off the page because you don't have the balls to leave a name.

October 3, 2009 / 19:30

Fred: You really should get into politics.

October 3, 2009 / 20:09

All politics are local, especially in Canada where the only people who can vote for you live in your riding. You don't any choice but to pander to the community.

The reason you're so hot about this bill is because it has to do with your riding. If this was a Saskatchewan MP it would get no mention.

All politics are local.

October 3, 2009 / 20:29

I'm sure you'll delete this response because it doesn't back you up...your assertion that other countries with 3 year agreements is completely false Fred.

You wouldn't want the facts to get in the way of a good arguement. Check out this 6 and 7 note all the countries where people qualify @ 3 years -

Not sure what school you attended, but I'd be shocked if you thought that Denmark, France, Italy, Grenada, Jamaice, the list goes on, were in the Commonwealth.

Seriously Fred, you probably got your facts from some chain email. I expect more from someone in the media.

Anonyminder Singh Bramalea
October 3, 2009 / 21:58

There isn't a political party in Canada that would support this insane bit of Ruby's vote whoring.

And Ruby's nonsense about pulling seniors out of poverty is pretty funny considering the financial power the Punjabi community has established in Brampton.

When is Canada going to return its immigration focus to manpower? Like when the two departments were the honest and fair effort to attract the skilled people on this planet who will work to grow Canada's economy and give us the local "immigration colour" on the weekend news?

Allowing senior family members to come to this country in the twilight of their years, when their health costs will peak and, let's be honest, their community involvement won't be seen outside of a martyr's parade or two, is foolish.

The current rapid transit line from Air India arrivals at Pearson to Brampton's new hospital for beneficiaries of this insane family reunification is bad enough. We don't need Dhalla and her Punjabi lobby now pressing for more of the country's cash to protect immigrant seniors who come here under a legal contract stating their needs must be covered by their sponsors.

Freddie P.
October 3, 2009 / 23:29

Nice try Anonymous but your latest posting changes nothing.
Granted, the list has obviously grown over the past decade or so but the agreements started with Comnonwealth countries and grew.
If anything, this only supports my point. Canada can enter into agreements with whomever they choose and shouldn't feel obligated to expand it under political pressure and accusations of racism.
And it doesn't change the fact that Dhalla is playing politics and nothing more.
So lets review. The list is longer, you're right, but Canada has every right to pick and choose who they offer the 3 year rule to.
And just so you know, Jamaica and Grenada are / were part of the Commonwealth.
Look it up.
And don't give me this "what school I went to" bullshit, or "being in the media" crap.
Canada should be under no obligation to blanket the world with our money - that's the point and you know it.

October 3, 2009 / 23:52

Are you out of your mind Mikey?
This is not a local issue. If it were to pass, it would affect the whole country.
Wake up!

October 4, 2009 / 19:11

Terrible what she did to her domestic help. The caste system is still alive and well some communities.

Dhalla, had she been a white Canadian, would have lost her office.

Rick C in Oakville
October 5, 2009 / 22:43

After checking out the link from Anonymous, this looks like it will turn into a court challenge under discrimination, and we know how this will turn out, might as well start signing the cheques to them now. Facking politicians love making good with our cash, of all the countries listed, I don't see a benefit for Canadians going to these countries to collect under a recipricol agreement, because we would get SFA!!
Wait until the next increase in your CPP payments, you will know who to thank.

October 5, 2009 / 23:26

The Bill will be turned down.

October 6, 2009 / 09:55

Looks like the desperate MP is thinking about a move.

Stephen will welcome her with open arms.

Rick C in Oakville
October 6, 2009 / 22:53

Horonymus, I hope Harper is not this desperate to catch a falling star, and the baggage she will bring with her.

October 7, 2009 / 21:45

Hey Everybody,contact your local
MP. I did. Told him what I thought about this bill. My MP is Bruce Stanton. He thanked me and assured me that the government of the day would not support this.I am also understanding that Bob Rae supported this. Now if that isn`t political grandstanding.


October 13, 2009 / 15:02


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