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Neighbour John Halloween

October 31, 2009 @ 23:28

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October 31, 2009 @ 23:27

I got a little bummed out yesterday. I returned from Peterborough for the weekend and after exchanging hugs and kisses and pleasantries with my sweet little darlin' I got back in the car and headed for my local beer store.

My local beer store resides in the Heart Lake Town Centre in the north end of Brampton (insert Brampton joke here) and it's been part of my life since we moved here in 1984. That's 25 years of going to the same beer store, the same Shoppers Drug Mart and the same A+P.

The Heart Lake Town Centre provides a comfort zone for me that I've taken for granted over the years. You use the amenities and presume they'll always be there for you.

But yesterday, things changed. As I got out of the car at the beer store I glanced way across the parking lot and was startled by what I saw.

Where the big letters A+P once were, they were now replaced by a strikingly cold display of "metro'". I was aware that a Quebec company had taken control of A+P and that all stores were slowly being switched over, but that doesn't make the transition any easier for me and it all deals with sentimentality.

The A+P in the Heart Lake Town Centre has been a reference point for our family for a quarter century. In our first house we were half a kilometer away, our second house we could almost see it, and the house I'm in now is about three kilometers away.

A+P was part of our vernacular.

"Hey hon, we need some ketchup, can you whip down to the A+P?"
"We need a pumpkin for Halloween; I'll just grab one at A+P."
"Why would I buy flowers at a florist when A+P is half the price?"

Ring ring. "Hello."
"Fred where are you?"
"I'm on the 410."
"Can you stop at A+P and grab some toilet paper?"

You get the idea. A+P was a big part of our lives. When my kids were young the name A+P was music to their ears. it's where they picked out their favourite cereal, their lunch time treats and hollow fake fruit drinks with absolutely no nutritional value.

A+P. Buns and meat. Cake and tea.

I got to know the aisles, and the butcher and I looked forward to seeing one cashier who was stunningly attractive. All these things were talked about with A+P the constant. But now that has changed.

I could handle the odd aisle change, the retiring butcher and the attractive cashier having a few body parts drop over the years, I could even handle having to use a quarter to release a shopping cart, but I really can't handle the name change.

I will not buy my frozen Lick's burgers at "metro". I will not whip down to "metro" to grab some garbage bags. I will not buy my lottery tickets at "metro."

They can call it anything they want, but it will always be A+P to me.

And I'll still buy my economical game snacks there before going to the "Skydome."

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October 31, 2009 @ 23:15

Holy cow, if in the minds of Montreal fans the Leafs suck, what does that say about the Habs?

There's a big difference between the Habs and Leafs right now, and that's direction.

The Leafs are headed in the right direction, while the Habs are blowin' their load early in the season with a one dimensional team that will definitely run out of gas, guts and goals by mid-season.

Mark my words people, the Toronto Maple Leafs will end up with more points than the Canadiens by the end of the year and the tide will start to turn within the next couple of weeks.

I know what a lot of you are thinking, I must out of my mind, but remember I'm the guy who predicted to the demise of the Habs last season, and this year's team isn't as good as last year's.

Look at Habs results so far this season. They've really only got two victories. One over Buffalo thanks to a fluky overtime goal by Brian Gionta and they beat the Rangers in overtime, other than that, its two desperate victories over the Leafs, one against Atlanta and two against the Islanders.

Of course a Hab fan will counter with this. "What have the Leafs done?" Well actually they've had a much tougher schedule than the Habs, and they've gotten progressively better over the past couple of weeks.

All I can say is, "we'll see." Habs fans are rejoicing tonight, even though they had that nauseating "na na na" song shoved down their throats, but it won't last long. Gomez, Gionta and Cammellari will be reduced to nothing when the dog days arrive, while the Leafs will have found their stride by then.

And let me repeat. I'm not predicting the Leafs will make the playoffs, or even play .500 this season. I predicted before the season started that the Leafs would finish with more points than the Habs and tonight's game, even though it was another "Toskaloss", only reinforces that belief.

And remember something else. This isn't about inflating the Leafs, it's all about giving Hab fans a reality check. It is they who claim the Leafs are awful, and that their pip squeak team is a contender, but that just isn't true.

Then again Hab fans are the most disgusting in all of pro sports.

Over the long stretch it will be proven. The Leafs will be the better team.

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Today With Neil Morrison

October 30, 2009 @ 17:09

Olympic flame and other stuff.

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Today With Craig And Matt

October 28, 2009 @ 15:08

Remembering names, the swine flu and Ben Mulroney.

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I Wouldn't Do It

October 26, 2009 @ 19:44

I've had several e-mails from people asking me what I think of news that 27 members of CTV Bell Globe Media will carry the Olympic Torch when it arrives in Canada later this year.

I think it blows, but I just can't figure it out. Of course CTV as the host broadcaster will try to suck as much publicity as they can out of this colossal waste of time because they have to justify the expenditure, but what about the people who've agreed to do it.

To me there are three categories to this thing.
1. athletes, both former and current 2. the public 3. assholes.

Don't get me wrong, if any of the 27 from CTV had registered to carry the torch like any other Canadian it would be a different story. If they had registered like the woman my wife works with or the kid next door and they were chosen, that would be cool.

But this is a dirty rotten, slimy inside job that stinks as bad as one of Neighbour John's farts. It stinks so bad that anybody with any character would refuse to do it.

And that's where I have the problem.

I look down the list and I see Ben Mulroney and I can understand why he'd do it. He loves himself and in many quarters he's considered an asshole, but then I see the likes of Ken Shaw and James Duthie and I know they're solid decent and extremely humble guys and I can't believe they'd buy into this shit.

I realize it's easy for me to say at this point but if I worked for CTV and they arranged this inside job which might actually mean that Joe Smith from Wawa won't get his chance, I'd refuse to do it. I honestly would.

So it ends up begging the question. What gives? Why would people like Brian Williams and Stephen Brunt agree to do this when you know it probably goes counter to everything they believe in?

Were they told they had to? If they were, it makes them look like assholes.

The only people who should carry the torch are athletes both former and current and the public.

Not assholes, neither bona fide or created by CTV.

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Today With Jeff McArthur

October 26, 2009 @ 10:24

The hands free controversy.

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Today With Neil Morrison

October 23, 2009 @ 18:56

Leafs vs. Canucks tomorrow night and hands free driving.

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Funny Boy

October 23, 2009 @ 08:05

Here's another reason I like Stephen Harper. He's a down to earth guy who likes to fuck with people the odd time, especially the media; a media that rarely gives the man a break.

If anybody out there actually thinks the Prime Minister "doesn't" watch Canadian news they're just as stupid as the millions who live around Toronto and refuse to vote for the guy even though he's by far the best choice for the country.

It's the big story in the news this morning and of course the Toronto Star and the CBC are all over it.

They like to portray the man as some kind of a dim-wit who's got his head stuffed up his ass who has no idea what's going in the very country he rules. But really, let's get serious. Do you really think the Prime Minister of this country doesn't watch Canadian news?

Stevie boy is probably behind closed doors this morning laughin' his bag off watching the reaction of his detractors. They went for the bait hook, line and sinker. Not only that, but Harper didn't say he doesn't "read" Canadian news, he simply said he doesn't normally watch it.

I don't believe him but I sure do admire him for having the balls to have some fun with the legion of dink-brains whose sole purpose is to slam him every chance they get.

The guy is alright.

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Today With Craig And Matt

October 21, 2009 @ 09:56

Chris Chelios and the Olympics..

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