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Comments We Like - Ted Woloshyn

March 31, 2009 @ 08:59

CP24 Radio is a disaster.

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142 Responses to "Comments We Like - Ted Woloshyn"

March 31, 2009 / 10:04

I grew up with 1050 CHUM and great DJ's and still tuned in from time to time.
If I could have received it in this crappy building I work in I'd listen to it instead of Q107's June Wild all day.
I scanned the am dial on my car radio yesterday and didn't hear too many languages I understood and little music.
I watch CP 24 briefly in the morning. For awhile they must have had 15 people on there. TV stations are worried about ad money and surviving and CP was coming at us with not one but 2 subway announcers---"Yonge Street subway this morning is----FULL".
Now with the City TV / CP24 split it makes a bit of sense.
Does Ann Rohmer ever go home?
If there's an oldie FM station out there it would be an improvement over Q107 all day.
I guess CTV will hold on to the bandsite or whatever you people call it and maybe sell it to some cat wailers.

March 31, 2009 / 10:08

I haven't listened to 1050 CHUM for over 20 years (not after discovering Q 107 and Scruff Connors) and I hardly stop on CP24 when flipping though the dial on TV. But this move is hardly inspired or inspiring. Pass.

March 31, 2009 / 10:27

I checked out the CP24 breakfast show this morning.


Granted, they'll need time to tweak since they just started, but the hosts are trying way too hard to be energetic and funny, and it's too much. They're talking over each other and often weren't on the same page. Their segues sucked and in the span of 4minutes there were a few miscues.

male host: "ok here's an email from a viewer who..."

female host: "actually to clarify this isn't a viewer email it's a newspaper story about..."


Train wreck. Then again, train wrecks are fun to watch.

James Edgar
March 31, 2009 / 13:36

"Train wreck. Then again, train wrecks are fun to watch. " aggree that it's a train wreck but it's not a fun train wreck.
I can't watch. And CP24 is off of my list of stations I watch. Ann Rohmer 24 hours a day is about 23 more hours than I can take.

Pauly Walnuts
March 31, 2009 / 14:19

When is the Naked News coming to mainstream tv? Granted it wouldn't have the same effect on radio, but whatever.

March 31, 2009 / 15:48

I havent talked to the WOOSH since we were neighbors on Baby Point Terrace way back. That's when the Big Z was kicking field goals for the argos and radio land was a much more predictable place.

March 31, 2009 / 16:57

Too bad they separated CP24 from CityTV. It was working well.

March 31, 2009 / 17:14

The fail is strong in this show. Look for a retooling very soon.

How many people do you need to tell you about traffic?

March 31, 2009 / 18:39

Doesn't anyone remember the epic failure that was TEAM 1050?

I used to love 1050 CHUM; in fact, when most of my friends were listing to AM640 and the Top40 stations, I was listening to the golden oldies...but I recently tuned BACK into it on Sunday to find out that they had mostly talk radio. I kinda figured this was gonna happen.

I always thought that CP24 was owned by Rogerz.

Right Uppercut
March 31, 2009 / 21:21

Such a sad end to a legendary signal.

You're right Sid; the transition isn't over... 1050 will either be airing 'cat wailers' or they'll end up going all-traffic.

"10-50 Traffic! 24-hour bumper-to-bumper commuter coverage! Be the 10th caller in to identify the location of our mystery pot-hole and win a free alignment from Joe's Garage! Only from 10-50 Traffic... where 'trafficking' isn't a crime!" (Jingle out)

It'd be more useful than another station that wails like cats in heat.

Jon Lachonis
March 31, 2009 / 23:21

It was clear from the One Tree Hill finale that the creators were excepting a cancellation over their eleventh hour renewal (thought by many to be a result of the Girlmore Girls contract snafu.) The One Tree Hill finale was full of self-fulfilling beginnings and ends to situations which leave plenty of room for plenty of new story material when the show returns mid-season.

If you haven’t heard already, One Tree Hill will take a huge leap forward when it returns, taking its characters four years into the future. That is enough time for the writers to really reinvent the dramatic palette of the show, morph personalities, and cook up new grudges.


The Gibber
April 1, 2009 / 08:06

It is a sad end to a legend, but hardly surprising. Music doesn't work on AM anymore, and while CHUM tried to keep it going with oldies (and it had its' legendary status as a calling card) - 1050 CHUM has long since ceased to be an 'event'. CFTR took that away from them years ago.

Wolo is right - you can't do TV on radio. The other way around can put a camera in a radio studio because at least there's stuff to watch, and for most it's still fascinating to see the faces behind the voices as they perform. But the other way makes no sense.

1050 Traffic I think WOULD work. They do it in Vancouver (I think it's a Corus station). In a city like Toronto it's one niche that no one has tried. Probably too expensive...

Toronto Mike
April 1, 2009 / 14:11

I took a stab and sorting out the "who owns what" CP24 - CityTV thing a few days ago.

Take notes. There will be a quiz.

May 5, 2009 / 16:10

I haven't been able to bring myself back to it in quite some time so maybe things have improved, but the new station is awful. Just wretched. And that morning show they have, forget about radio, it doesn't work on TV either. One of the worst things I've ever seen. I made it through 5 minutes the first time and could take no more. I tried giving it another chance a day or 2 later and only made it 3. Whoever decided this shiat was worthy of fouling up perfectly good airwaves has no place in broadcasting,and is in fact good for nothing other than wasting valuable oxygen.

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