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February 28, 2009 @ 13:31

Canadian Somali Congress
1541 Riverside Dr. Suite 1412
Ottawa, ON
K1G 4E2
(613) 523-2656
February 28, 2009

Hello Mr. Patterson,

I read your blog entry this morning titled "Blame The White Guy." After reviewing the facts contained in that blog, I have to agree with you on all the points that you raised. We in the Canadian Somali Congress, the national advocacy organization representing Canadians of Somali heritage, do not see this as a racial issue. We believe that the police and the crown have behaved in a professional manner and that the problem lies in the lack of witnesses who are willing to come forward.
The Canadian Somali community in Toronto is currently working to encourage these witnesses to come forward and assist in the case. I am kindly requesting that you post this email on your blog so that your readers can understand the real views of the Canadian Somali community on this matter.

Ahmed Hussen
National President
Canadian Somali Congress



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34 Responses to ""

February 28, 2009 / 15:16

I hope that young fellow's murderer gets caught and goes to prison so that more young men will not be shot by that criminal.

Brenda's Boyfriend from Cambridge.
February 28, 2009 / 16:41

Thank you Mr. Hussen.

Now send this same email to Osman.

March 1, 2009 / 01:07

Stand up group the Canadian Somali Congress for sending such an honest letter.

I hope the murders of this young man see justice.

Good one Fred.

March 1, 2009 / 11:26

Playing the race card was an assinine response to a tragic situation. This letter from the Congress is level, welcome, and timely.

Rick C in Oakville
March 1, 2009 / 11:54

We all want justice, regardless of colour. I want to see the perps sent to jail so this family does have justice.
Hopefully the community can convince the young men to come forward and do it legally. Last thing we want is retaliation killings.

You stirred some good discussion on this Freddie P.

Steve Brown
March 1, 2009 / 16:40

Mr Hussen has taken an honest and courageous position, I hope it bears fruit. The murderous coward who gunned down Ahmed Abdikarim will kill again if he is not apprehended and severely punished.

March 1, 2009 / 17:19

A great letter. I hope they do get the witnesses to talk and throw the scum bags who did the shooting in jail where they belong.

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