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Two And A Half Men

January 21, 2009 @ 20:40

Speaking of shows, sometime ago my mother recommended I watch the sitcom "Two and a Half Men." with Charlie Sheen.

I didn't think much at the time because my television viewing consists mostly of sports, numerous news shows and some of those real estate shows on HGTV.

I don't watch dramas or comedies.

Anyway, a few weeks ago while sitting all alone in my Peterborough apartment I was flipping around and happened upon an episode of "Two and a Half Men" which was just beginning.

Since then, I've become hooked. This is quality shit, I'm telling you.

I know, I know... the show's been around since 2003 so you're probably wondering what took me so long to discover the bloody thing, but what can I say.

I ignored it until my mother kept badgering me to watch it. I did and now I like it.

And this way I don't have to wait and watch it once a week. There are six years of re-runs that I've barely begun to experience.

It stars Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper. Jon Cryer as his brother Alan and Angus T. Jones as Alan's son Jake.

They all live together and say lots of ignorant things.

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25 Responses to "Two And A Half Men"

January 21, 2009 / 21:26

Fred---too much radio and not enough TV----lol

January 21, 2009 / 22:21

Fred, my wife and I recently "discovered" 2 and a half men, as well. Surprisingly funny, well written, and crude. Good call.

January 21, 2009 / 22:33

Fred...I'm the same as you. I just discovered it too. I never watched it before. I thought it would have been stupid. But it is surprisingly funny and well written as Ian wrote. I love watching it now.

January 22, 2009 / 09:07

Most guys want the Charlie lifestyle, without the bro moving in...
Pause & read the writing on the white screen after the credits, each episode.

January 22, 2009 / 11:52

i tried watching the show for 10minutes once.

hated it.

came across as forced, unfunny with canned audience laughter.

Mike from Lowville
January 22, 2009 / 12:53

Any man who does not like this show, is a girly man. Do yourself a favor Ryan, rent season 1, you will be hooked.

January 22, 2009 / 21:32

I gotta agree with Ryan. My wife loves the show, so I've seen it quite a bit, and I don't see how it's any different from every other crappy American sitcom. If you've seen 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm or Extras, you'll know why Two and a Half Men isn't that great.

January 23, 2009 / 09:51

Hey Freddie, like you I have recently discovered this "gem". My son was home from school over the holidays and was watching the show, so I spent some "quality" time with him and watched it too. Now whenever I am flicking the channels and happen upon it I spend my tv viewing time enjoying this inane comedy.

January 23, 2009 / 13:17

The housekeeper is great.

January 25, 2009 / 15:59

Really good stuff. "Mother" likes it too. You might also like "According to Jim", it has a little less testoterone....still funny

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