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Toronto Mike For Hire

December 6, 2008 @ 10:06

Hey everybody, do you like this website? Have you ever thought of having your own website or blog?

If you have, then let me recommend the Booner. Toronto Mike. Mike Boon.

Even though rankles a few of you, if it wasn't for Mike Boon, this website wouldn't exist.

The guy is unbelievable. He know it all, he does it all. If I have a problem, no matter how big or small, Mike is right on it - bingo, bango, bongo it's solved!

He's a darlin'.

And don't worry about the dough, Mike is extremely reasonable and you can dictate the level to which you want to become involved.

Blogging is fun, blogging is rewarding and sometimes blogging can cause people to call you names, but I highly recommend it.

Beyond that Mike has put together some pretty neat websites for businesses. I know, I've seen them.

If you're interested, here's what Mike can do for.

-securing the domain name
-securing the appropriate web hosting
-installing Movable Type
-writing the XHTML / CSS and working to get the right site design
-mapping out navigational structure
-optimizing output for search (SEO)
-education transfer to teach how to manage own site / blog
-doing it all on budget and on time with a guy who's super easy to work with

You can contact Mike right here.

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