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November 30, 2008 @ 11:29

The socialist readership of will love this.

Right here and right now, I'm accusing the Harper government of a flip-flop. I'm accusing Stephen Harper of saying one thing and then doing another. It was a dramatic flip-flop, from one freakin' day to the next.

There, I said it.

And now I'll go on to explain why he flip-flopped on the "subsidies" issue. He did it to save his own ass, no doubt about it, but more importantly he did it to save us from a coalition government.

Say what you want about Stephen Harper, but give the guy enough brains to realize what would become of this country if Stephane Dion, Jack Layton and a goddamn separatist were given control.

I realize there's a whole whack of you out there who would love to see the end of Stephen Harper regardless of the means, but just step back for a second and think about what you want. Your pathetic anti-Conservative stance could see three of the biggest dipshits in Canadian political history take control of your lives.

For one second, stop dreaming up things to pin on Stephen Harper and think of how incompetent Stephane Dion was during the election. Think of how mindless and unreasonable Jack Layton is, and then take it one step farther, close your eyes and think about a Canada that has Gilles Duceppe calling some of the shots.

Once you consider all this, its no wonder that Stephen Harper flip-flopped. But instead of being criticized for it, he should receive a medal of goddamn honour.

And let's back up a bit. Harper found himself in this situation because he had the audacity to put forward a bill that would stop taxpayers from funding the aspirations of political parties to the tune of thirty million dollars a year. Going forward, he wants you and I to stop subsidizing the likes of the Bloc Quebecois.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

And before the likes of Mike from Lowville start hammering back, I'm well aware that back in 2004 Harper moved forward on a proposed coalition to unseat the Paul Martin's Liberal minority.

But the time, Harper would have led the coalition and the sitting Liberals were in total disarray. Compare that to now, is there any of the opposition leaders that you'd feel comfortable with in control of your country?

If the answer is yes, then you better get your head out of your ass.... and now that you've done that, appreciate that Stephen Harper has been low key on the economy.

That's exactly what we need right now. Even my CBC lovin', socialist swingin', tree huggin' friend Dan Duran agrees, what's fuelled a lot of this so-called economic crisis is negativity in the media that has filtered down to the masses.

The American election ended and the media needed a new story, so they took a bad situation and made it decidedly worse by dragging everyone into a deep depressing hole

Check out the Toronto Star which is literally rejoicing in the fact that a troubled world economy is coinciding with a Harper government.

There are people out there who are freaked out and they don't even know why. They've got money in their jeans but they don't want to spend it because they keep hearing of impending doom, doom that probably doesn't exist and will probably never happen.

Give Stephen Harper credit for taking a calm, level headed approach to what's before us. Give him credit for not jumping onto the freak-out train like the opposition parties and scaring the living shit out of everyone.

It's the last thing we need right now. That, and the return of Mats Sundin.

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When The System Fails

November 28, 2008 @ 18:55

We can only hope this becomes an OJ Simpson situation, whereby this scumbag gets nailed for something else. David Frost has destroyed so many lives, yet he walks away.

For the record, lawyer Marie Henein defended Frost and Ontario Court Justice Geoffrey Griffin acquitted him. Assistant Crown Attorney Sandy Tse blew the prosecution.

"Griffin also smacked around the prosecution - led by assistant Crown attorney Sandy Tse -for failing to convince him on the crux of the case. The judge expressed amazement the Crown hadn't called players' parents, sports psychologists and police investigators, or subpoena cellphone records."

David Frost acquitted of sexual exploitation charges.

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Today With Neil Morrison

November 28, 2008 @ 18:21

AC/DC and Brian Burke..

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Comments We Like - Toronto Mike

November 27, 2008 @ 16:20

I rest my case. Do you think for one second that Darryl, Dougie or Wendel would do this?

Sundin Trashes Toronto: Toronto Mike Exclusive!.

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Here Comes Team Canada

November 27, 2008 @ 09:04

With the arrival of Brian Burke on Saturday you can pretty well set the countdown clock for a Maple Leaf ethnic cleansing.

It's not that Brian Burke doesn't like European hockey players, he just likes North Americans a lot more, especially Canadians, so don't be surprised if he moves that way almost immediately.

Burke isn't stupid, he likes skilled hockey players regardless of where they're from, but if the skill level similar, he'll opt for the Canadian guy every time, like he did in Anaheim.

When the Ducks won the Cup, they had more Canadians on their squad than any other team in the league. Nineteen.

Burke doesn't mind a front line European or two, but when it comes to second, third and fourth round players, he wants a certain type, and judging from his past inclinations that means gritty Canucks.

It also probably means the end of Nik Antropov, Alexei Poikarovsky and several other current Leafs because none of them qualify as front line players. OK, maybe on the Leafs they do, but that serves only to identify the team's main problem, lack of talent.

Needless to say, this could open up a long and bitter debate over right and wrong and whether it's smart hockey management or bigotry.

Problem is, I don't think Brian Burke will give a shit, and I believe it's outside the jurisdiction of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Which is OK, because I think even they'd like to see a Stanley Cup In Toronto.

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Goofy Buggers

November 26, 2008 @ 16:39

Is this political correctness gone too far? I think so, as a matter of fact I know so.

But given the new Canada, despite it being racist and over the top, it's not too hard to believe.

It's what we've become, a nation of over-reactive politically correct nitwits desperately trying to come up with the next thing that will save the world, or at least put the white Canadian male in his place.

Can you imagine if anybody in this country ever came out with the declaration that they were going to dis-continue something based on the fact that someone was black, brown, yellow or olive?

The student union at Carlton University has decided to discontinue their support of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation because somewhere in their whacked out world they latched onto the unfounded belief that CF affects mostly white adult males.

This is not true, in fact there is more than enough proof that this disease does not choose its victims on any level, but that didn't stop the Carlton gang from plunging forward with their a righteous gesture that does nothing but do what they're apparently trying to prevent.


These feeble minded little twits are beyond comprehension, they go to bloody university but they weren't smart enough to think this thing through. Apparently the motion was kick-started by a few radicals who became delirious with the thought of killing something that supposedly benefitted only the white guy.

They actually issued a statement that boasted they supported a motion to withdraw support because they want fundraising to be as "inclusive as possible," and "CF has recently been revealed to affect white people and primarily men."

Aren't white males included in inclusive?

Not in the new Canada.

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Today With Craig And Matt

November 26, 2008 @ 08:48

Christmas lights, wind turbines, Wendel and Burke.

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An Inconvenient Wind

November 25, 2008 @ 08:24

I can only laugh at what's happening in Scarborough. A proposed plan for wind turbines off the shore of the Scarborough Bluffs is a perfect example of the hypocrisy of most green plans and why they'll never work.

Everybody puts on a good face. Everybody wants to save the planet, and everybody claims they want to buy into anything that will save the environment.... until of course, it affects them directly.

Those who live along the Bluffs over-looking Lake Ontario are digging in their heels. Yes, they realize Canada should get away from fossil fuels, and yes they'd like wind power to become the wave of the future, but no, they don't want to look at windmills placed a couple of miles out in the lake.

At first they just told the truth. The windmills will be an eye sore and could affect property values. But once they realized that story was a little on the selfish side and made them look like enemies of the planet, they turned to a bullshit story about bird migration being disrupted.

Whatever it takes to preserve their view of the lake.

Hey, I don't blame these people. If I lived on the Bluffs over-looking the lake I'd probably be pissed off too, but I'm not one of those wieners who buys into advanced global warming hysteria and I don't claim to be ready to do what David Suzuki tells me do while making hundreds of thousands of dollars telling me to do it.

I bet you could go all over North America and find the same thing that's happening in Scarborough.

The people who are directly affected by the windmills are probably the same people who when asked previously would say they would support anything that would help the environment, and the people who gathered at a meeting in Scarborough last night and fall in favour of the windmills, probably live nowhere near the area.

And if the roles were reversed, the opinions would be reversed. Those who don't want them now, would, and those who do, wouldn't'.

That's the reality of the situation and the reason I laugh at all those people who use "An Inconvenient Truth" as reference to the world's so-called environmental crisis.

Everybody wants to save the polar bears. Until they have to go out into the cold.

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November 24, 2008 @ 20:47

Carlo Colaiacovo and Alex Steen will be added to an excruciatingly long list of Toronto Maple Leaf draft choices that never panned out, and the crazy thing is, like another excruciatingly long list of Maple Leaf draft picks, they could very well have great careers playing somewhere else.

But having said that, ironically, I would have much preferred the Leafs trade Coaiacovo and Steen for draft choices rather than Lee Stempniak.

Every so often, even the Leafs get lucky in the draft.

Don't ask me to analyze this trade because I have no goddamn idea what to think.

Colaiacova is always injured and Alex Steen plays like the might as well be injured. In order for the Blues to take these two guys off the Leafs hands, there must be major issues with Lee Stempniak.

Why do Owen Nolan and Mark Bell come to mind?

**I remember back to the spring of 2001. The Humble and Fred Show had just made the move to MOJO Radio and Carlo Colaicovo had just been drafted by the Leafs.

Carlo and his dad made the trek to the MOJO studios one morning for a feel good interview about being drafted by the Leafs.

Could that have been the highlight of Carlo's Maple Leaf career?**

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The Wild Roys

November 24, 2008 @ 20:17

I've seen a lot of dirty plays in my day, but I think this one has to rank as the worst.

The slimy creep delivering the cross check to an opponent's mouth is Frederick Roy, son of former Montreal Canadiens goaltender Patrick Roy.

There's not a lot to say about this incident. Just watch it and shake your head.

Patrick Roy must be a piece of work. He's raised a couple of fine fellas. It was Roy's other son Jonathan who was charged with assault after attacking an opposing goaltender last March.

Jonathan, apparently at the urging of his old man, skated the length of the ice and beat the living piss out of another kid who wanted no part of a fight. After pulverizing his victim, Jonathan skated away while giving the crowd the finger.

Friday night it was Frederick Roy who turned into a cowardly maniac, delivering a sucker cross check to the mouth of an opposing player.

What a crew. Jonathan and Frederick play on the Quebec Remparts of the QMHL and daddio is their coach. The family definitely has some issues. Remember back to 2000 when Patrick was arrested for investigation of domestic assault while in Colorado. He and his wife split in 2006.

I hope Jonathan is found guilty of assault and sent to jail. (won't happen), I hope Frederick is thrown out of the "Q" for the remainder of this season and maybe next. (won't happen), and I hope their old man is forced to quit and sell his interest in the Remparts. (won't happen)

And to think the Habs honoured this weirdo on Saturday night.

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