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Toronto Does It Again

October 15, 2008 @ 08:30

When you're out and about today, look around. Appreciate that almost half the people you see didn't bother to vote yesterday.

Admittedly, that's a tad dramatic because if you want to slice it precisely, 41 percent of the people you see today didn't bother to vote yesterday.

Can you imagine that?

A wonderful democracy like Canada and only fifty-nine percent of those eligible actually took the time to exercise their franchise. Only fifty-nine percent bothered to use what so many others around the world would give their lives for. It's disgusting.

That, or the evil man with the secret plans has done a pretty good job of running the country. So good, that almost half of Canada is so comfortable, they didn't feel the need to leave their houses.

Having said that, of the fifty-nine percent who did vote, you have to wonder what a lot of them were thinking.

Take Toronto for example. I find it odd that pretty much the rest of the country could embrace Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, but the city of Toronto remains a sea of red.

Isn't it amusing that the rest of the country, outside of a few small pockets and predictable Quebec, decided that the Prime Minister deserved a stronger mandate and the chance to move Canada forward in an unencumbered way.

But not Toronto. Nope, not Toronto. Toronto is special. Toronto knows more than the rest of the country when it comes to politics. Toronto knows about the Harper hidden agenda and the all the nasty things that he'd do if ever got a majority. Toronto has saved the country from its very demise. Thanks Toronto.

Thank you for electing Bob Rae, who singlehandedly destroyed your province when he was premier back in the early 90's. Thank you for electing Ken Dryden who has proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that he may know how to stop a puck and write a good book, but as a politician he leaves a lot to be desired.

Thank you Toronto for giving the country a sea of red in the country's largest city, and a shout out to those two other ridings that actually chose the NDP. How impressive.

Toronto likes to think of itself as a progressive world class city. How comical.

This election proves that Toronto is actually miles behind the rest of the country when it comes to dealing with the issues. Hell, it's behind the rest of the GTA.

Just look at an election map and appreciate how the rest of Ontario caught on while Toronto was left behind.

Torontonians don't think before they vote. They're like blind robots who mark an "x" beside Liberal regardless of the political climate, the country's health or their party leader's incompetence.

In some ways, they're just as bad as those selfish Quebecois who vote Bloc.

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45 Responses to "Toronto Does It Again"

October 15, 2008 / 12:43

Hey Fred,

hope all is well with the new job..but when Toronto elects David Miller as their mayor, not once but twice is it surprising how they voted on the 14th...they get what hey deserve, a city in decay with lots of guns, gangs and drugs.

October 15, 2008 / 13:10

Amen Fred!

I wrote this on T.O. Mike's blog today:

The fact that an entire city with so many ridings cannot elect a single Conservative is so disturbing. It just shows how left and delusional the majority of the citizens of this city are. The Conservatives are not even that conservative – they’re more like the Moderate Party.

I’m so glad I picked up and moved out of this vast liberal wasteland last year.

As for Quebec, who the hell cares??? Should Harper have pandered even more to Quebec? Please. That province showed how much they care about staying in Canada by electing so many Bloc candidates. Next election I’ll be more than happy to campaign for the bloc here in Ontario.

October 15, 2008 / 13:19

Wow Fred, talk about arrogance. This is a democracy & people are free to vote for who they see fit, whether you like it or not. Calling them "blind robots" because they voted against what YOU see fit demonstrates how shallow & narrow your vision of the world is.

As for the country "embracing" Stephen Harper, apparently you missed Math in school. Mr Harper's percentage of the popular vote increased by .... ONE percent. Is that "embracing" Mr Harper? Less than 4 in 10 Canadians "embraced" Harper

"Toronto likes to think of itself as a progressive world class city. How comical."

BTW Fred, such contempt for the people that listened to you years FROM Toronto.

See ya.

October 15, 2008 / 13:37

I think you've finally lost your mind. The only things I agree with in this entire post are that people are pathetic for not voting and that the Bloc should not exist, or if they are allowed to exist they shouldn't have a place at leader's debates. As for the rest of it, people made their choice. I happen to think that the Conservatives are the wrong choice, and I don't really care for the Liberals much these days either. And I'm not even from Toronto.

And if you want to talk about blind support for a party, first of all look in the mirror, and second of all, talk to other Conservative voters. Almost without fail, the ones I've talked to about it have no good reason for voting the way they do, much the same way you think of Liberal voters. But on the other hand, when I talk to people who don't generally lean towards supporting Harper and Co., they're more likely to change their political stripes and vote either for a hardcore fringe party, the Greens, the NDP or even give the Conservatives a look and some consideration. The bottom line is that in spite of what you may think, people don't not weigh the issues just because they don't vote for who you think they should. A vote for anybody but Harper is no less an educated vote than a vote for the Conservatives when it comes right down to it.

Dean Lois
October 15, 2008 / 13:58

Fred - I supported the conservatives this time around, but you have your head up your ass if you think that the whole country support Stephen Harper except Toronto. How about the fact that he got one seat in Eastern Canada?

How about a fellow conservite leader Danny Williams had the Anyone but conservative agenda? how about the fact that Harper only got one seat in easter canada? How about the fact that he screwed up his chances of making inroads in QC?

Sorry Fred, but this is coming from a fellow conservative supporter... but you sound like an elitist prick when you talk polictics sometime. I think you'd give your right testicle to have a romantic dinner with Mr. Harper.

October 15, 2008 / 14:02

Yep Fred, you got it right again.Those damn pesky people who did not vote Tory. You are hilarious!!

Mike from Lowville
October 15, 2008 / 14:05

Thank God for Toronto. Maybe if the people who worked in that city, LIVED in that city the results may be different. Most of the people who work in T.O. live in the burbs that, of course have been painted Tory Blue. The Con voters get off their a$$ and go to the Polls. Be careful what you wish for Fred. The 41% may just get out and vote next time and the Cons might not hold on to one lousy seat. That's how it is Fred, now get off your high horse.

October 15, 2008 / 14:33

I agree Fred, Toronto is so far from being world class and they just don't get it. Now maybe we can work on some way to get rid of that other goofball Danny Williams from Nfld.

October 15, 2008 / 14:36

He won and you're still bitter at the Liberals. People voted and they didn't choose the Conservatives in Toronto. Big deal. Maybe they felt their candidate represented them well. Get over your Liberal hate and be happy they lost some seats. Focusing on the negative isn't healthy.

October 15, 2008 / 14:38

Ah thank you, Freddie, for putting up that priceless picture of Dion again. :D

Fred - you missed an even bigger story. Say it ain't so, that the country's most (allegedly) influential newspaper wasn't able to unseat the conservatives or Mr. Harper, despite all its efforts! The usual suspects should pay a visit to the Star cafeteria for a piece of humble pie...

nick d.
October 15, 2008 / 15:20

well said fred.

October 15, 2008 / 15:25

I would like to see all votes across the country haver an equal impact in a Federal election.

Why do a some rural ridings have a population of 30,00 and most urban ridings are over 100,000?

Once this injustice is balanced then you will see a true represent ion of what of what Canadians really want.
PM Harper benefited from this unjust system.

As for the Bloc .. perhaps it is time for Ontario to start its own party so we can look out for ourselves

Fred your guy won why all the hate?

October 15, 2008 / 16:16

Watch out for Gerry Kennedy. In politics they don't look at days weeks yrs they look at decades. By supporting SDion he 'tainted' Iggy and Rae. Now when they decide on a new leader come May 2009 or so he could look like the men Turner and Martin are or were. Good men slightly tainted. Kind of a reverse Trudeau Chretien move. Have to like it in Ontario. S'il vous plais!!!!!!!

Aiden J
October 15, 2008 / 16:31

Actually, instead of Toronto, you need to be kicking Harper's Quebec campaign team in the balls for really screwing up with the promise to cut funding for the arts. It went over like a lead turd in that neck of the woods (as you may recall) and totally revitalized the core Bloc vote who were flirting with the Conservatives at the beginning of the campaign.

That's what cost Harper his majority - not Toronto.

How about that $209 million taxpayer funded election that changed nothing, eh Freddie?

October 15, 2008 / 16:40

I'm tired of the slagging towards the residents of Toronto from people who don't or haven't LIVED in Toronto.

Yes, it's not fun and the place is falling apart but to live in the 905 simply won't work for my family to have a decent quality of life.
My wife and I live and work in Toronto and my son uses daycare in Toronto. For us the 905 simply does not work but we make the best of it. At least all of us can be home by 5:30 while those I know who commute are still sitting on the Go Train or in traffic.

So I cast a vote for what matters to my family now and in the future. Maybe it's inline with some peoples views or maybe it's not but that's the beauty of a democracy. The freedom to choose to whom to vote for. One shouldn't be questioned or slagged for their choice.

Though I doubt he will ever admit it, Harper has missed his best ever chance for a majority.

I just hope they find a way to get sh&t done.

October 15, 2008 / 17:00

The other day one of Fred's regulars smugly declared: "Harper will be gone soon. Very soon"

I was just wondering if "soon" referred to dog's years or the number of rings inside an oak tree...

October 15, 2008 / 17:32

This is the perfect outcome.
Did you really want Quebec nationalists/soft seperatists in a Conservative majority government?
How did that work out for Mulroney?
What price would they have asked from the rest of Canada to keep them happy?
Right now the Bloc is just a rump in Parliament that does a lot of howling but not much else.
Who is the bright light on the horizon to lead the Liberals?
Rae, Ignatieff, or perhaps young master Trudeau?
Will the NDP vote with the Liberals or the Bloc to bring down the government and risk the wrath of the election weary public?
PM Harper has about three years to implement his agenda so he'd better get going.

October 15, 2008 / 17:38

He will be gone soon Pam. Harper's had 3 kicks at the can and he's unable to land a majority.

1. Dion resigns & the Lib's have a leadership convention. VERY aware of their last mistake, they find a leader with charisma & one with appeal in Quebec.

2. The Con's, watching what the Liberals do, recognize that Harper can't land a majority against Dumb Dion, so they "review" Harper's leadership & he gracefully exits. (just what Ralphie did out west).

3. The Con's have a leadership convention and choose a leader that's more centrist & perhaps from Quebec or the East. Think Charest or Bernard Lord (assuming he'd be willing to leave his private sector gig). Bernier could have had it & who knows, he may well get a chance again.

Harper may have gained more seats, but this isn't due to his popular vote increasing Pam. It's because of a split "left" wing. The same thing happened back in the days of the PC's & Reform. The Liberals, during the Chretien era, did not rocket to power because of popular vote, but because of vote splitting on the right. That's why the Con's came about.

Anyone who "smugly" declares this is a victory for Harper is misguided. This is ROUND THREE for Harper & he's failed to land the big fish. A majority. And he's failed to do it at a time when the Liberals are in disarray, their leader is a misfit & they essentially have NO competition.

Harper may be the figure head for the party, but he's still got to keep his crew happy. And no doubt they're not so happy today, regardless of what they say publicly.

Much the same for Dion, tho he'll go first. I'm willing to be within a month.

October 15, 2008 / 18:21

Freddie, I really enjoy your blog, but damn, you are getting so angry about this, and pretty much painting all Torontonians with the same brush, it'd be like me saying all the blue ridings must be filled with red necks.
That wouldn't be right, and neither is your Toronto bashing.

Vote NDP or suffer results
October 15, 2008 / 19:23

The only reason why Toronto is so RED in their voting is very simple:

The Liberals are very pro-immigration. There are hundreds of thousands of East-Indians who live in Toronto. Has anyone figured it out yet??

For those who haven't, Torontonians who are East-Indian or anyone from the Middle-East has relatives in that part of the world, who are dying to get away from that hole in the ground they live in down there and want to come to Canada. And when they do come to Canada, where do they settle? EXACTLY!! where the rest of their relatives are....IN TORONTO!!

Now you know why there are so many that continue to vote for those idiot, corrupt and lying Liberals.

October 15, 2008 / 21:13

Vote NDP:

AH, so it's cause the Liberals are pro immigration?

Then how come NE Calgary (Indian & ethnic) is all Conservative? What about Vancouver in Richmond. It's Conservative. Or what about Millwoods in Edmonton ? It's very ethnic & it's Conservative. Mike Lake won up there by a landslide.

Opps, did I just debunk your myth ? Awww. Back to the drawing board buddy.

October 15, 2008 / 21:32

Freddie, my disgusts lies with the fact that only 59% voted. I've never missed a vote (municipal, provincial or federal since turning 18 26 years ago. Perhaps it is time where we encourage voting. I'm sure there are some ways we can encorage some form of madatory voting. Apathy is never an excuse not to vote in my books

October 16, 2008 / 14:41

Dean Lois - I don't know where or what you think Eastern Canada is, but I count 10 Conservative seats. Am I missing something?

October 16, 2008 / 17:21

Another way to look at this is that Harper could not beat Dion, Layton and Duceppe. Who's the real loser here???

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