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I Am The King Of Tyrania

July 24, 2008 @ 10:27

I was anointed late afternoon on Wednesday, July 23 by Jordan and Josh Bonchek, the two children of our good friends Dan and Tracy.

It was another grey and unsettled day in the Kawarthas and these two young fellas, who are blessed vivid imaginations, created the kingdom of "Tyrania", which, as it turns out, is anywhere you want it to be.

Yesterday afternoon it just happened to be to the right of my tin palace through a portal.

When I returned home from golfing nine holes at Marvel Rapids, I was immediately met by Jordan and Josh who quickly informed me of the existence of Tyrania and that my wife Delyse had been named Queen.

“How did that happen?” I asked.

“She signed all the papers.” said Jordan.

Turns out that in the creation of Tyrania, Jordan and Josh decided to there should be a King and a Queen but they weren’t interested in having their own parents take on the roles.

So they chose Delyse, and according to the creators of Tyrania, a royal council had decided she should be Queen, but before she could receive the title officially, she would have to read the “Field Guide” and then initial a series of documents.

Initial, not sign. For some reason the creators of Tyrania decided that was part of the official coronation process, and because of it, I was nearly dethroned mere moments after becoming King.

Needless to say I quickly agreed to become King when asked, but instead of initialing the official documents, I signed them.

This did not sit well with Josh, who quickly declared to the Queen that the King had been dethroned. It took some convincing but Josh relented allowed me to “initial” another document before it went to full royal council.

Who knows what the consequences could have been? I might have been beheaded.

Man did it ever feel good to hold on to the title of “King”. Right then and there I decided not to screw it up, so I asked the creators what my responsibilities were as King.

It was at that point I was given a copy of the “Field Guide” to read.

It states that Tyrania is "a wonderful world filled with imagination and creatures.”

Creatures like “Blueberry, Lolipop, Nitelite, Dandylion, Wing and Electric Daisy.”

Nitelite can light up the dark. Electric Daisy tells how much electricity there is, Blueberry can sail a ship and Dandylion can be used as a pillow.

Amazing when you consider for an adult to come up with this stuff you’d have to eat half a bushel of mushrooms.

But not the creators of Tyrania.

They provided all this yesterday, and apparently there’s more, but I couldn’t find out last night because the royal council had to be in bed by eight.

Check back tomorrow.

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