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Today With Craig and Matt

July 30, 2008 @ 10:38

Matt was on holidays, so it was actually Craig and Adelle. We talk Houseboats in Buckhorn, Beijing and a quick Sundin hit.

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The Poop On Several Things

July 29, 2008 @ 11:46

I’ve got to admit, I’m amazed at the lack of juicy issues that have been in the news lately.

It’s been a quiet summer when you think about it. There’s been some gun play in the GTA, but nothing like past years, and the gang activity seems to have thinned out.

Mayor Miller has been rather quiet. He must be taking some time off this summer because; there have been very few puzzling or mind boggling decisions or statements by the man who’s slowly destroying Toronto.

Federally, it’s the same old story. A Liberal leader is attempting to destroy himself, but Ontario won’t stand for it. Canada’s most twisted province prefers to over-look the obvious shortcomings of the Liberals, and instead, dig deep for anything that might make the Conservatives look bad, even if it’s fantasy.

It’s left me scratching my head many days this summer wondering what to write about.

You need issues to sink your teeth into, but there’s been no meat outside of my little world in the Kawartha’s.

Inside my world however, there are have been two issues lately.

A bear and poop.

There’s been a black bear spotted at the garbage dumpster just down the road from us, and we’ve had some trouble in the trailer park this year with having our black water tanks emptied.

The bear, which very few people have actually seen, has most of the women, including my wife freaked out. They feel we’re under the constant threat of being torn apart by a bear, who in reality, would rather eat our garbage than eat our limbs.

Even during the day when we walk near the vicinity of the dumpster, Delyse walks a little closer to me and her head spins like “what’s her name” in the Exorcist.

I keep telling her there’s nothing to worry about. I’ve been coming up to these parts since I was “crappin’ yellow” and never once has anyone been threatened, let alone attacked by a bear.

We used to make special trips up to a dump just to watch them play and eat. Black bears don’t care about us unless we threaten their young, and I don’t think anyone is going to go out of their way to threaten a cub.

“But what about at night” said my sweet.

“Same thing” I said. First of all, chances are the bear will be way more interested in the garbage than he is in us, and if you leave him alone, he isn’t going to do anything.

It’s really a needless worry, especially when you consider that only a select few people have actually seen the thing.

To be honest, I’d love to see the bear. I’d take a few pictures and put them on my website. In fact I’d like to lure him to the Tiki Bar with a shot glass of honey.

Baby come on! That would be a picture!

What I find a lot more threatening in the park right now is full black water tanks.

Black water thanks hold your poop and pee and through a management change this summer, there’s been a problem with emptying these things on a consistent basis.

They’ve been done every week, but it’s been a bit of a “crap” shoot when it comes to the actual timing. This week it was done on Friday night, right at the dinner hour. Several people were just sitting down to a nice meal when the “Poop Wagon” guy was sucking stuff out of their trailer. And believe me, no matter what you do, while the process is taking place, there’s an odour.

My buddy Darren was a nervous wreck on Friday. He was expecting company, yet his holding tank was brim full of chocolately goodness. He was at his wits end wondering what he was going to tell his guests. Luckily, all embarrassment was avoided at the eleventh hour.

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for my other friend Chris. Her black water tank wasn’t emptied properly and what she thought was an empty tank turned out to be a “still full” tank. How unfortunate that my other friend Danny Bonchek was the first upon the scene and responded to Chris’s distress.

He put a bucket under the valve and cranked it. He created enough room until the next pump out - and let it be known Chris disposed of it in a very environmentally conscious way.

My buddy Bruce had an entirely different problem. His valve was broken, so there was no way of getting the nectar from inside his tank into that of the “excremental engineer.”

He’s in the process of replacing the valve while not having any of his own body waste splash him in the face. He’s a handy guy, but this situation poses a major problem that I hope I never experience.

Amazing eh. I start out saying I have nothing to write about but I end up with his long drawn out story about something you’d probably rather not think about.

Hey, but that’s exactly why I’m so concerned about black water pump outs.

I’m full of shit.

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Let Me Explain

July 28, 2008 @ 10:17

I haven’t been writing a lot of things of any depth on my website lately, and the explanation is simple.

I’ve been up north enjoying some time with my wife, and for the most part I’ve considered it a bit of a holiday.

I’ve scoured the newspapers and posted stuff on, but I haven’t really sunk my teeth into anything because to be honest, nothing has really inspired me.

I got mildly pissed off at the Commissioner of the MLS (Major Soccer League) who said he wanted the Argonauts to stay OUT of BMO field.
Of all the nerve, some upstart Mickey Mouse soccer league that probably won’t be around in five years, and this guy is dictating to one of the oldest franchises in North American sport.
That stadium was built with taxpayer money, and if the Argonauts want to eventually play there, they should be able to “bump” TFR or TYF or TDG or whatever they call the soccer team on a days notice.

I was mildly amused by the Loreen Small story. The mother of murdered teenager Jordan Manners, who along with her daughters were shot at last week.
Why is it that more and more I feel a connection somewhere along the line? That there’s way more to Jordans’s murder than meets the eye and the incident last week was just an extension of that.
Again, it’s just a feeling.

I’m fascinated by Stephane Dion.
Incompetent, confused and downright silly, but he still rivals Stephen Harper in national polls thanks to the people of Ontario.
Until Ontario grows up, wakes up and smartens up, this country is in trouble. Ontario has to get over its anti-Conservatism before it’s too late.
We could easily end up with another Liberal government within the year, and that’s scary.

And I’m totally blown away with extended weather forecasts.
I laugh when I go on-line on a Monday and one of the weather sites has posted the forecast for Friday and Saturday.
Ha Ha Ha.
Give it up.

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The Trailer - Week Twelve - July 25-27

July 28, 2008 @ 10:16

The unsettled weather continued to blow through the Kawarthas, but it was still a good weekend.

A lot of my weekend buddies started holidays this week, so there was a certain air of levity to the world, and that was enhanced by the buzz created by the creation of Tyrania.

It was great the way all the (adults?) at the park bought into what the kids had come up with and carried it right through the weekend. Some of the guys have vowed to take control of Tyrania through any means necessary.

It could get interesting as the week unfolds.

Something else I should mention. I did another boneless leg of lamb the old fashioned way. Not on my gas barbeque, but on my traditional barbeque that doubles as a fire pit and I cooked it over charcoal.

This time I made no mistakes, I nursed I through the 70 minutes it stayed on the grill and took it off at precisely the right time before letting it rest for about twenty minutes.

It was rare. Very rare, just the way we like it.

This week I’m going to post a few pictures for you. Good friends had family members visit this weekend and we all gathered by the Tiki Bar on Saturday night to watch the sunset. (The above picture is my buddy Dan Bonchek and his son Josh)

This is my friend Jackie and her parents Dave and Ann.

This is my friend Darren with his mom Helen and his sister Kendra.

This is Darren with his nephew Tyler.

This is Tyler's dad Tony.

And this is my sweet.

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I Am No Longer The King Of Tyrania

July 25, 2008 @ 09:46

That didn't last long.

On the very first morning that I got to enjoy being the King of Tyrania, I found out the Royal Council had endorsed a sword fight between me and my supposed friend Darren.

Apparently Darren, upon getting word that I had been named King, decided to work behind the scene in an effort to dethrone me.

He said all the right things to the Council, and in the end, in the wacky land of Tyrania, the Royal Council holds more power than the King himself.

So there I was, forced into a sword fight I really didn't want, up against an evil doer who would stop at nothing to grab the power that I had so graciously accepted.

It was a simple match. The first warrior to touch the other warrior with his sword would be declared the winner.

If it was me, I would remain King. If it was Darren, Tyrania would be thrown into instant turmoil by a ruthless man whose thirsts for power, and once achieving it, puts it to no good.

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I Am The King Of Tyrania

July 24, 2008 @ 10:27

I was anointed late afternoon on Wednesday, July 23 by Jordan and Josh Bonchek, the two children of our good friends Dan and Tracy.

It was another grey and unsettled day in the Kawarthas and these two young fellas, who are blessed vivid imaginations, created the kingdom of "Tyrania", which, as it turns out, is anywhere you want it to be.

Yesterday afternoon it just happened to be to the right of my tin palace through a portal.

When I returned home from golfing nine holes at Marvel Rapids, I was immediately met by Jordan and Josh who quickly informed me of the existence of Tyrania and that my wife Delyse had been named Queen.

“How did that happen?” I asked.

“She signed all the papers.” said Jordan.

Turns out that in the creation of Tyrania, Jordan and Josh decided to there should be a King and a Queen but they weren’t interested in having their own parents take on the roles.

So they chose Delyse, and according to the creators of Tyrania, a royal council had decided she should be Queen, but before she could receive the title officially, she would have to read the “Field Guide” and then initial a series of documents.

Initial, not sign. For some reason the creators of Tyrania decided that was part of the official coronation process, and because of it, I was nearly dethroned mere moments after becoming King.

Needless to say I quickly agreed to become King when asked, but instead of initialing the official documents, I signed them.

This did not sit well with Josh, who quickly declared to the Queen that the King had been dethroned. It took some convincing but Josh relented allowed me to “initial” another document before it went to full royal council.

Who knows what the consequences could have been? I might have been beheaded.

Man did it ever feel good to hold on to the title of “King”. Right then and there I decided not to screw it up, so I asked the creators what my responsibilities were as King.

It was at that point I was given a copy of the “Field Guide” to read.

It states that Tyrania is "a wonderful world filled with imagination and creatures.”

Creatures like “Blueberry, Lolipop, Nitelite, Dandylion, Wing and Electric Daisy.”

Nitelite can light up the dark. Electric Daisy tells how much electricity there is, Blueberry can sail a ship and Dandylion can be used as a pillow.

Amazing when you consider for an adult to come up with this stuff you’d have to eat half a bushel of mushrooms.

But not the creators of Tyrania.

They provided all this yesterday, and apparently there’s more, but I couldn’t find out last night because the royal council had to be in bed by eight.

Check back tomorrow.

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Today With Craig And Matt

July 23, 2008 @ 10:38, Al Gore is a hypocrite, The Dark Knight, Christian Bale, the HNIC Theme.

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Darren B. Lamb

July 22, 2008 @ 09:01

I guess this can be considered another breakthrough for

I've received my first press release directly from a radio station. Usually the radio stuff I write is opinion, or something I've heard through my connections in the business, but yesterday I received an official press release from CTV announcing that Darren B. Lamb had joined the CHUM-FM morning show.

The contact is Greg McIsaac and he thinks enough of FreddieP. ca to consider this website a legitimate source of media news.

Touch me where it counts.

Thanks Greg

CHUM Radio Alert - July 21, 2008

Darren B. Lamb Joins 104.5 CHUM FM's Roger and Marilyn

Toronto's 104.5 CHUM FM announced today that popular radio personality Darren B. Lamb will join Roger and Marilyn every weekday morning. Lamb comes to Toronto's most listened to morning show after a five-year run as 104.5 CHUM FM's afternoon drive home host. Lamb will fill a variety of duties on Roger and Marilyn. He officially joins the team when Roger Ashby returns from vacation next week.

"Darren is a fantastic addition to Roger and Marilyn," said David Corey, Program director, 104.5 CHUM FM. "His sense of humour, love of music, and unique perspective on pop culture makes him a perfect fit with Roger and Marilyn."

Over the past five years, Darren's afternoon drive home show has consistently been the top-rated drive home program in the GTA. Prior to joining 104.5 CHUM FM, Darren was in Vancouver where he worked at several radio stations including Z95.3 (now know as Crave 95.3) where he hosted its popular morning show.

Roger and Marilyn airs on 104.5 CHUM FM weekday mornings at 5:30 to 9 am.

CHUM Radio is a division of CTVglobemedia, Canada's premier multimedia company with ownership of CTV, Canada's #1 television network, and The Globe and Mail, Canada's #1 national newspaper. CHUM Radio is one of Canada's most successful radio operations with 35 radio stations in 16 markets throughout Canada including CHUM FM, Canada's # 1 FM station.

- 30 -

For more information, contact:
Greg McIsaac, CTV Inc., 416.332.5180 or

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The Dark Knight

July 22, 2008 @ 09:00

Last week when I was listening to the John Oakley Show, as I often do, I didn't jump for the dial as I often do when movie reviewer Chris Alexander came one.

Alexander may be a great movie reviewer, but as a radio guy I'm not a fan. His attempts to sound super-cool rub me the wrong way, often to the point where I simply can't listen. Sorry, but that's the way I feel.

Hey, what the shit, if he can review movies, why can't I review him.

Anyway, last Friday I endured his act because he was talking about the latest Batman movie, "The Dark Knight". Alexander loved it, and ranked it right up there with the best movies he's ever seen. He was so blown away with the movie, for a few minutes he actually forgot about how blown away he is with himself.

Yesterday, I saw the "Dark Knight" in Peterborough and I loved it.

I'm not going to do a movie review, because I'd probably lose you a couple of lines into it, but let me say this, it was everything that Chris Alexander said it was.

Dark and frightening with a twisty plot. Alexander calls it the best American film of 2008.

I don't know about it being the best film of '08 because I haven't seen enough to make that determination, all I do know is that I enjoyed the two and a half hours thoroughly, and I'm the type of guy who usually starts to squirm after 120 minutes.

You've probably already heard this, but know that Heath Ledger was absolutely amazing in this film.

Check it out, ya bastards.

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Today With McArthur And Face

July 21, 2008 @ 11:55

Mats Sundin and Paul McCartney.

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