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In Need Of Strong Leaders

June 18, 2008 @ 09:47

Yesterday I wrote about Barack Obama and his Father’s Day message to the black men of America.

Obama says its time for African American men to take responsibility for their sperm and reduce the number of fatherless kids in the country.

Failure in school and a life of crime are directly connected to absentee fathers, and Obama showed a lot of guts by tackling the issue now, when he will depend on a large black vote to become President.

Obama called for responsibility, accountability and community leadership, and its interesting that on heels of what he said, the Toronto school board has announced that they want to reduce the black student dropout rate from 40 to fifteen percent within five years.

The aim is to make all intermediate and high schools across the city more sensitive to the demographic roadblocks often facing students of differing backgrounds, and that’s good, but this is better.

TDSB has finally recognized the need for mentors in this process, and that’s the key.

Until the black community comes up with some positive, involved and progressive thinking role models or community leaders, nothing will be accomplished.

It’s alright for a bunch of white guys to sit around and tell the black community what they should do, but it doesn’t go far, and in the end, and nothing changes.

Single parent families is the root cause of the shocking dropout rate of black kids in our schools and until black community leaders come out and address the problem by admitting the problem and create solutions to fix the problem, it won’t matter what the school board does.

There is a sense of accomplishment and status within the Caribbean community connected to fathering several children by different women and until that changes, it won’t matter what the school board does or what teachers do, kids will continue to struggle before they even leave the house in the morning.

Roughly half of the black kids in Toronto schools don't have a father living at home.

But again, I can say it, and so can a bunch of other white guys, but it won’t have any impact until it comes from strong black leaders.

For some reason, nobody wants to take on the responsibility.

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42 Responses to "In Need Of Strong Leaders"

Rick C in Oakville
June 18, 2008 / 22:49

Until social services (welfare) cuts off these baby mommas and forces the fathers to pony up some cash to help look after their children, there will be no accountability, and your stuck with the status quo. Too many social engineers trying to do the right thing with Afro centric schools, and remember when some deep thinkers in the USA thought they should maybe teach Ebonics, I remember Bill Cosby almost losing his cool on this one, it would have set black society to the Jim Crow era.

Obama is a good start for a role model for young black males, but unfortunately the black community has a habit of turning on their own, and calling them sell outs, uncle Tom etc. when they have achieved success in what is deemed the white man's world.

When really the success is what every nationality/race wants, a safe place to raise their kids, food on your table, a good living to afford a few luxuries etc.

mike (Buffalo Boy)
June 20, 2008 / 00:06

The problem is, most of these "dads" have no $ to pony up. He is talking about the dirt and poor of society. What really needs to happen, is the poor need to get help, a lot of that help has been taken away by our 'Christian" president who is supposed to be Mr. Compassionate, instead, he is all about the wealthy and coorporate greed of this country.

June 22, 2008 / 16:07

Cutting off mothers and children from needed financial support does not encourage absentee fathers to step up, it only deprives families of essentials. Why punish the innocent children any further?

People may or may not need financial help but community involvement and active positive role models will go farther than any school board's resolve.

Warren Ciaccia
August 16, 2010 / 11:02

Obama is largely powerless to stop it though; if he had said he opposed it, many in NYC, especially in Manhattan (the opposition is primarily in the outer boroughs) would have seen it as an unwanted intrusion into local issues.

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