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Tribute To Dickie

May 2, 2008 @ 10:00

Al Falkner is a long time friend of mine. We grew up in Scarborough and went through a lot of things together, including the tragic death of his father in a car accident way back in 1977 when we were only 21 years old.

Yesterday he sent me this e-mail.

Thanks Al.


"Hope you and your family are doing well, especially your mom.

My memories of your dad have him standing in front of a bbq, flipping burgers at the lake with his Wexford jacket on when we were maybe 13 years old. Something my Dad never did. Brenda doesn't let me BBQ either. Everything comes out Cajun style. Blackened.

I remember having a beer in your backyard when the pool first went in. Your dad came home and sat with all of us and had a drink. Another thing I never got to do with my dad.

At your wedding a bunch of us were heading back to my house to continue the party. I tried to buy a bottle of rum off him and he gave it to me and refused to take any money for it.

I think of him often. Every time we drive through Stayner and I see the beautiful flower barrels along the main street, I can picture him tending to them. I believe you told me those were his project when they lived up there."

Hope to see you soon,
Al and Brenda

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38 Responses to "Tribute To Dickie"

The Grayz
May 2, 2008 / 13:14

Freddie the response from your buddie Al Fulkner is eerie to me. Why, in 1972 my buddie and with a couple of women ended up on Copin Ave. to visit a girl friend of one of the women, she grew up on your street. we'll call her Joy. She told us her friend Nancy lived there and we stopped to visit. Now remember where we came from ,almost farm country, guys that came around in a noisy '66 Mustang [when side pipes were in] were mostly met by the Dad and maybe the odd shotgun.At your parents house we were accepted as we were ,probably had a few on the way. We were welcomed to sit around the pool ,offered more to drink and even something to eat.Junie and Dickie were great host then and we always looked forward to hooking up with over the years. Dickie drove to Collingwood to watch one of our guys play hockey in 1993.
P.S. The friend of "Joy's" was real Chic.[and yes I listened to CHIC]

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