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March 17, 2008 @ 09:27

My sweet mother-in-law phoned me on Saturday and she was quite excited to tell me something.

“Freddie! Have you got a copy of the Star today?!”
“Yes Joan, why?”
“There’s a good article in the “Idea’s” section that everyone should read!”
“What’s it about?”
“It’s called Multiculturalism’s nemesis and it’s very interesting!”
“OK, I’ll check it out.”
“You should!”

Let me explain, my mother-in-law is a very intelligent women, and whenever we get together she likes to discuss the state of the world with me.

I should also explain that she was born a “coloured” South African who now considers herself nothing but Canadian having lived here for 30 years.

She has no time for hyphenated Canadians, segregation, black centric schools or anything else that divides people.

And she especially has no time for people who come to Canada and use it for a few years before trotting back to their homeland.

Living under apartheid will do that to you.

As for my take on the article, I think Phillip's perception of what's going on in Canada is a little naiive, because the British warning signals are all around us and until people wake up and stop worrying about being so goddamn politically correct, we’re heading for the same trouble.

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216 Responses to "Multiculturalism"

Brenda's Boyfriend from Cambridge
March 17, 2008 / 15:44

...sleepwalking towards segregation...

March 18, 2008 / 08:04

I think Joan and i would get along....As I dont have tolerance for anything but for all races to accept and get on with things......there is more of an underlining to why "blacks" have more of a drop out rate then other races other then learning about their culture and it being taught to them by a "black" person. This country needs to stand up and say enough......why do we not have the balls because we are the "polite" society? I dont believe that, I have met enough rude people for my life time thankyou. I also look at if people looked more at the country side they would see that the drop out rate for "blacks", espically in my area, is non existent as it is mostly "white" people who live where I am. So in my part of this province there is a huge drop out rate for young white canadians. So does that mean we should have an all "white" school taught by "white" teachers and only about "white" culture?
I dont get or understand the logic of segeration in the first place. I dont understand how one person thinks they are worth more to this world then anyone else. I understand that some might contribute something more to society and that is fine. buttttt..... I am guilty at times thinking I am better then the couple of the street sitting their butts on welfare while I work my ass off and they still have more then I because the government gives them for then I make but would I consider them less then a human They still have flesh and blood just like I do, no matter then there social economics. Same as people who are in jail....Yes I have made better decisions however they are human just like me so why would I think less....Maybe think of morals and things like that but......
I dont see enough people standing around wanting more equality and stopping the bullshit of people crying religion or people crying race. It is what it is ....
I dont think we are sleepwalking towards segregation I think we are walking towards it with open arms and embracing least that is what the politicians are doing....

March 18, 2008 / 15:54

Is you Monther-in-Law more intelligent than you MOM?

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