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Man With Large Wang Is 50

March 28, 2008 @ 17:16

Tomorrow night I plan to be at Dan Duran’s with several friends to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Dan’s wife Jackie is recovering from recent surgery, so we plan to buy dinner at a good Thai restaurant and take it over the Duran house to save sweet Jackie the work.

And apparently we’re going to be observing Earth Hour, that silly pile of shit that some over-reacting tree hugger came up with.

According to those in the know, if everyone was to turn off their lights in Southern Ontario at eight, the power surge when all the lights were turned back on at nine will waste more energy than was saved by turning them off.

Personally I have no time for this nonsense, but it’s not my house and if the Duran’s want to do it, then I have no problem eating by candlelight.

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31 Responses to "Man With Large Wang Is 50"

pigeon toed dave
March 29, 2008 / 09:02

Hi Fred--- Welcome Dan to the half century club that you and I have already entered. Also Vicky and I are hoping Jackie is on the road to recovery and doing well....Dave

Mike from Lowville
March 30, 2008 / 08:37

Happy big 5 OH Dan! How you doing big fella? Don't feel a day over 30.......EH! Get well soon Jackie.

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