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Thursday With Derringer

February 29, 2008 @ 08:49

I'm happy to report another breakthrough for

Next Thursday I'll be the guest of John Derringer on the Q-107 morning show.

John has been a fan and regular reader of for the past several months and has sent me a few thoughtful notes complimenting its content.

Now he'd like me to visit the best morning show in Toronto and shoot the shit about this, that and whatever else I've been writing about on the website. I'll be in-studio which makes it even better because I just love being in a radio station.

It's a huge compliment and a fabulous gesture by a guy with a massive audience.

Please be listening next Thursday morning at 8:40.

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Honourary Director

February 29, 2008 @ 08:48

Speaking of John Derringer he was one of many people that I gathered with last night on the 68th floor of the Bank of Montreal.

It was the inaugural director’s dinner for the Pat Marsden Foundation.

After meeting Pat’s wife TA a year ago, she asked me if I’d like to become an honourary director and I readily agreed because although I didn’t know Pat very well, I admired the man and the Foundation is a great cause.

The Pat Marsden Foundation provides financial help to needy kids who want to join clubs and sports groups.

The Foundation is still in the formative stages and revamped website will soon provide information on events including a golf tournament this fall, and information on how to donate.

As TA said to me, Pat didn’t have a lot growing up so this is the perfect way to keep his memory alive; there are a lot of notable people who agree.

Don Landry of the Fan hosted the evening and the besides Derringer, the guest speakers included Russ Jackson, Bob O’Billovich, Leif Petterson and good old Billy Watters.

Gord Stellick was there, Steve Simmons was there, and so was Pat's oldest son Mike who was a big fan of CFNY and the Edge.

Just before dinner, TA played a video for the group. It was a tribute to her late husband that she wrote with obvious love and emotion. Here it is.

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Mr. Bingo

February 29, 2008 @ 08:48

I got a call from Bingo Bob today and my pseudo son is doing quite well these days, loving his gorgeous wife Laura and his brand new job.

Yes, Bobby has been named program director of Proud-FM

Not bad for a nice young fella who wondered into the Edge studios about ten years ago looking for work.

Bob delivered the goods as an intern, then a technical producer, then a morning show producer and then an assistant program director.

And now he's the big cheese at a young and growing radio station.

I couldn't be happier for Bobby. He deserves every goddamn thing he gets.

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We Need More

February 29, 2008 @ 08:47

I’ve received several e-mails wanting to know by opinion on the Chuck Cadman story.

He’s the BC Independent MP who passed away in the summer of 2005 from skin cancer.

There’s a story swirling around that the Conservatives offered him a million dollar life insurance policy to vote against a teetering Liberal minority before he died.

I’m going to take some time before I comment on this one. Get more of the facts, like how does a dying man get a life insurance policy?

As I listen to the Stafford Show right now, there’s an insurance guy explaining how that’s pretty much impossible.

Was there a bribe of another sort? Maybe, but we’ve got to wait and find out.

Meanwhile, enjoy the writings and rantings of Liberals who are blowing huge wads of groin glue over this one while forgetting about adscam, bribing Belinda Stronach with a cabinet position and that little 1993 bribe of eliminating the GST.

But maybe, just maybe the Liberals have jumped the gun on this one and maybe they should have done their homework first, like I plan to do.

And believe me, if there's something to this, then then Harper should have his ass nailed to the wall, very much unlike that crook Jean Chretien.

Meanwhile, if you want to jump right into this thing, you might want to visit Toronto Mike who not surprisingly uses the CBC as a source.

The CBC, now there’s a source of balanced reporting.

Mike is a man torn between the NDP and Liberals, but I still love him.

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Today With Some Fellas

February 29, 2008 @ 08:47

Later today I’ll be heading out to Milton where I’ve been asked to be a guest on a podcast called "Leafs Central at Lunch."

This epitomizes everything I love about the internet.

A few avid Leaf fans got together and invested a few bucks in equipment and turned a rec room into a studio.

Now they broadcast to the world.

They’ve recorded several episodes of the show and I’m flattered that they asked me to be part of their show this week. This podcasting stuff will eventually take radio out of the hands of fools and I'm loving it.

We'll record the episode tonight, and it will be available sometime tomorrow.

It should be a good time and the fellas sent me a note yesterday asking me what beer I’d like to drink while we’re talking about hockey in a basement.

Jesus H. Christ. It doesn’t get any more Canadian than that.

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Oakley And Stafford Win Big In BBM

February 29, 2008 @ 08:46

Yesterday when I went to visit my parents my mom showed me something she had received in the mail. Two BBM ballots.

BBM stands for Bureau of Broadcast Measurement, and it’s the archaic way that radio ratings are determined in Canada.

Even though many a career has been destroyed through this peculiar system of determining who’s listening to radio, it survives through convenience, money and influence.

Paper diaries are sent out to thousands of homes across the country asking people to fill out their listening habits during a given week. You’re asked to keep track of what you are listening to in quarter hours segments for the seven days.

Only a small percentage are returned.

I could spend another six thousand words explaining why this system in flawed and how it favours certain formats over others, but I'll condense my thoughts.

When I started in radio we played vinyl records, now they play music digitally. When I started in radio, we used reel to reel tape but now things are recorded digitally. When I started in radio editing was done with a razor blade, but now it too is done on computers.

When I started in radio BBM ratings were done through mail out ballots......... oh well.

Yesterday when I arrived at my folks my mother seemed rather confused by the whole process and that’s not surprising because the diaries are confusing for most people.

Most people don’t have time to fill them out and the toonie they send you as a gesture really doesn’t make up for the bother.

Anyway I explained to my mother what to do and she quickly declared who were going to be the beneficiaries of the ballots.

“I going to write down Mike Stafford” she said. “And I’m going to write down my Johnny.”

“My Johnny” to my mother means John Oakley. She gets up every morning at 5:30 and sits in her chair with a head set on listening to her Johnny.

To be honest it bugs me a bit because I’d much prefer she be listening to her Freddie, but thanks to an unfortunate turn of events, that’s no possible right now.

There was a ballot addressed to my mother and another to my father, but what happened next is probably the biggest problem with BBM ballots. There was no way my dad was going to sit down and fill out his diary, so my mother filled out his as well.

John Oakley and Mike Stafford got credit for a listener who really isn’t a listener.

My dad loves Mike personally, but to be honest he’s not much of a radio listener at all so Mike and John got credit where credit wasn’t due and it also explains why CHFI and CHUM-FM are always at the top of the ratings.

They’re female stations and a lot of females fill out ballots that belong to their mates.

But that’s the deal and it continues to be the deal and nobody seems to want to change the deal even though the deal sucks.

After my 80 year old mother finished filling out both ballots I asked her if she was sure she didn’t want include any other stations.

“No” she said. “640 is the only station I listen to. It’s all I’ve listened to since you and Howard were there.”

“You didn’t listen to us on the MIX?" I asked.

“No, I couldn’t stand that bloody station” she said. “You guys sounded like you were muzzled and the music was awful."

“What about other talk stations. Don’t you ever listen to CFRB?”

“No way” said Junie. “That’s for old people.”

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Viral Growth

February 29, 2008 @ 08:45

This facebook posting by Tim Artuchov was brough to my attention recently and displays how a website grows.

"Some of you should remember The Humble and Fred Show very well. If not let me give you a brief summary.
While most people were stuck listening to crappy morning radio in the late 1980's and through to 2001, there was The Humble and Fred Show on CFNY 102.1. It was not only hilarious and had great hosts, but a supporting cast that made you enjoy radio.
Fred Patterson, who now guests on various TV and radio shows is also a blogger who sometimes pisses me off with his conservative rants, but also entertains and sometimes surprises me with his posts.

Here is a recent one that I really appreciated. You can check out his website at"

Thanks Tim. I put a log of work into this site. I figure if you're going to do it, you might as well put some effort into it.

Rather than fill it with useless crap off the internet or nothing but a steady stream of boring shit about myself.

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February 28, 2008 @ 10:47

I just heard Mike Stafford mention on am 640 but his reference was not entirely correct.

While talking about Caledonia Mike said that I had tried to contact my local Liberal MPP Linda Jeffrey to discuss the issue three or four times over the past few months.

No Mike, more like ten times – with absolutely no reponse.

Coincidently Mike just happened to mention this on a morning where I had placed yet another call to Jeffrey’s office where I finally got to talk to someone.

Mike Chaddock is Linda’s filter and his job is to make sure calls are safe enough for Jeffrey to answer.

The conversation didn’t go too well. It became somewhat heated as I got the usual runaround and claim that no messages from Fred Patterson had been received by the office.

I raised several issues with Mr. Chaddock including the two postings below, but I didn’t get far. In the end, he promised to pass my concerns and phone number to my MPP, and she would hopefully return my call.

I won’t hold my breath.

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The Ongoing History Of A Crime

February 28, 2008 @ 10:23

Meanwhile, today marks the second anniversary of the unlawful occupation of the housing site in Caledonia, and still no substantial action from the Premier.

Yesterday he passed the buck again, claiming the Prime Minister is responsible for the domestic terrorism taking place in Caledonia, but that’s simply not true.

Upholding the law in the province is the responsibility of the OPP and that falls under the province.

Yes, land claims are a federal issue and there is no excuse for the foot dragging that’s taken place over the past half century, but the issue at hand is blatant lawlessness in Caledonia that is going unchecked.

A land dispute is no excuse for breaking the law.

It’s been established that there are two sets of rules in Ontario, one for aboriginals and another for the rest of us.

Theft, physical assault and trespassing are common place in Caledonia but the OPP through the directive of Commissioner of Julian Fantino, which I’m sure filters down from the Premier, stand by and watch it happen.

Apparently natives will hold a pot luck dinner at the housing site today as some kind of a celebration and there’s an ill-advised protest planned for Fantino’s neighborhood on Sunday.

Gary Mchale, who’s emerged as the leading activist against what’s happening in Caledonia will take a mob to Fantino’s house on Sunday for a peaceful protest.

It’s wrong.

Fantino’s personal life should be left out of it and McHale stands to do nothing more than tarnish anything he might have accomplished to this point.

I guess McHale feels it’s important to give Fantino a little taste of what occupation of personal space is all about but it won’t go over too well.

In Ontario only aboriginals are allowed to that.

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Today With Matt And Craig

February 27, 2008 @ 09:54

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