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Looking For Talk

January 22, 2008 @ 09:17

With all due respect to those involved, for my taste talk radio in Toronto between two and four in the afternoon is vacant, absolutely vacant – both news and sports.

Given the size of the market, it’s sad really, but that’s Toronto for ya.

Once Mike Stafford signs off at two I’ve been forced to depend on my computer to get some stimulation through talk radio.

I often find myself on WABC in New York where I catch the final hour of Rush Limbaugh and the first hour of Sean Hannity.

WABC is also the new home of Don Imus.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a not fan of these guys as people or their politics, but I am fans of the way they do radio and how they can draw-in an audience. If you’re not really into politics you’d probably hate these two hours but if you give it time and consider what Limbaugh and Hannity are all about it, you’d probably enjoy it.

They’re both extreme American conservatives and they continuously say things that piss me off and make me want to pick up the phone and drill them a new asshole. But that’s the beauty of it.

I rarely listen to these guys without fantasizing that I’d like to spend just five minutes with each one of them, just to tell them what I think of them. What major league jerk offs they are – and I’m a Canadian conservative.

Yesterday, for the 90 minutes I listened to Hannity he continued his campaign to make sure neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama is elected.

It’s a relentless onslaught of questionable accusations and news clips arranged to make both Democrats sound like idiots. It's demeaning, but it’s very entertaining.

It could never happen in Canada of course because the equal time weasels would come screaming out of the woodwork, and that’s too bad, because if you take it for what it’s worth, and take on the responsibility of looking into the issues and angles yourself, it’s time well spent.

It takes me up to four o’clock where I flip the dial to CFRB or the Fan.

I like John Moore for all the same reasons I like Limbaugh and Hannity, the difference being, Moore leans to the left so needless to say he says a lot of things that piss me off – but that’s good - he’s doing his job.

And if I’m not with the John Moore Show I’m on 590 and Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown, simply the best sports talk radio show in North America.

Wouldn't it be cool if Toronto had an FM-talker that was willing to push the envelope?

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59 Responses to "Looking For Talk"

Jason |
January 22, 2008 / 09:53

Oshawa does..

January 22, 2008 / 10:04

Sounds like an ideal job for you, Freddie. Go for it!

January 22, 2008 / 10:24

Fred: I know exactly what you mean. I tend to agree with John Oakley 99% and thus never feel compelled to call him. If I listen to John Moore, who I rarely agree with, I find so often I want to call him up just to inform him that he’s completely wrong.

I agree with Pam you should be that guy.

January 22, 2008 / 10:33

Funny, I also agree with Oakley nearly all the time, but I agree with John Moore nearly all the time too. It’s not about being 'right' or 'left', it's about common sense, and rational thought. People that label Moore as being too liberal aren't listening very closely.

January 22, 2008 / 11:16

I tried listening to Moore after Stafford got moved...I think it lasted for about a me Moore comes across as condescending, arrogant and somewhat obnoxiuos...I much prefer the everyman style employed by the likes of Oakley and Stafford.

January 22, 2008 / 12:33

As much as I like Moore, I enjoy Stafford and agree that he never should have been moved in favour of the hoary old windbag that took over his time slot.
It’s bad enough that we’re subjected to his Leafs schtick every morning on Oakley, but I guess there are enough suckers out there that actually give a frig what happens down at the MLSE vault...

January 22, 2008 / 18:02


What about Larry Fedoruk on CKTB? OK, it's not in Toronto but there is very little Niagara-centric content.

My humble opinion, one of the best, freshest voices out there.


mike (Buffalo Boy)
January 22, 2008 / 19:05

Freddie, Check out 1520 AM they are a democratic talk radio show but not as one sided as Limbaugh...

January 23, 2008 / 06:32 open an interesting can of worms here.....Toronto radio in general is absolutely awful!!!

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