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Last Night On The Showgram

January 31, 2008 @ 09:08

I caught an hour of the Jim Richards Show on CFRB last night and it was good as gold.

Jimberly did a salute to cereal, and like so many of his topics is struck a cord with his audience. It struck a cord with me.

There are few things more glorious in a young kid’s life than a box of cereal.

I remember going shopping with my mom as a kid and wildly anticipating the cereal aisle. She’d turn the cart up the aisle and my eyes would immediately lock on all the sugary shit that was bad for you.

I was koo koo for Cocoa Puffs but I rarely got them. My mom couldn’t get her head around giving me something chocolate in the morning, and small boxes of Cocoa Puffs cost the same as big boxes of most other stuff.

There was another brand of candy in a box that pretended to be cereal called Lucky Charms but I never really wanted it. Marshmallow bits in milk never really did it for me.

Other cereals that would catch your attention were those brands that came with a prize in the box.

In later years the prizes tended to be flat and they’d put them between the box and the liner, but when I was a little kid they used to put stuff right in with the cereal and after we’d get home it would be mere moments before I’d have the box top off and my arm buried elbow deep searching for some little plastic thing.

Here’s how old I am. The compromise that I’d often reach with my mother would be Alpha-Bits even though they were probably as sugary and shitty as Cocoa Puffs.

But I remember as a kid Alpha-Bits would often have cut-outs as part of the box. Cut outs that worked well with your dinky toys. You’d follow the instructions with a pair of scissors and make a bend here and make a bend there and presto, you’d have a goddamn gas station.

It was fabulous, but can you imagine passing something like that off on a kid today. They’d laugh in your face.

Anyway some time over the years I lost my taste for cereal in the morning, and it shifted to night time.

More often than not we choose Honey Nut Cheerios when we guy cereal now-a-days but there’s absolutely no appeal for me to eat this stuff in the morning. I don’t like sweet in the morning. I prefer a bologna sandwich in the morning.

But at night, just before bed, when I’ve got a bit of a hunger pang, I love a bowl of cereal.

It’s not a good habit and I don’t do it often, but when I do I really enjoy it.

Much like I enjoyed Jimberly’s show last night.

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58 Responses to "Last Night On The Showgram"

January 31, 2008 / 10:00

I loved captain crunch and sugar crisp (late 60s). My choice would always change based on the toy. I would push for a cereal that I may not have liked as much, as long as the toy was what I wanted. Digging into it, arm deep was a given. I did not like the marshmallow brands as well, but did go with them on occasion based on the toy.... even lucky charms ..check this out...

January 31, 2008 / 12:01

I don't know how Lucky Charms lasted I hated them then. My kids have gotten then recently & they taste even more like plastic! Freddie do you remember ever getting a 45 record on the box? How did they ever record something on cardboard & make it play???????????
PS I love listening to Jim Richards too when I get the chance, he calms my brain down after that Moore knob! (Truthfully when he sticks to entertainment or movies he is good)

January 31, 2008 / 12:13

I remember the large bag of Puffed Wheat, it came with a large plastic figure, usually an army man or an Indian chief...imagine the uproar today trying to give away a plastic Indian Chief

January 31, 2008 / 12:46

I remember cutting out a 45 that they had embedded into the paper on the back of one of our morning cereals. I think it was a Bobby Sherman cut. Wow, that was quality recording!

January 31, 2008 / 13:36

I loved Captn Crunch peanut butter flavoured cereal...

I stopped eating cereal in the morning when I started to drink coffee. The hot / cold conflict first thing was too much.

General M.S. Mills
January 31, 2008 / 16:00

Could you imagine a Lucky Charms kite today?

The commercial would have warnings about the sharp edges and the asphyxiation dangers from thread.

And at least one "Caitlin" or "Dakota" would get hurt and the recall would be the lead item on Global News at Six.

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