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Last Night On The Showgram

January 31, 2008 @ 09:08

I caught an hour of the Jim Richards Show on CFRB last night and it was good as gold.

Jimberly did a salute to cereal, and like so many of his topics is struck a cord with his audience. It struck a cord with me.

There are few things more glorious in a young kid’s life than a box of cereal.

I remember going shopping with my mom as a kid and wildly anticipating the cereal aisle. She’d turn the cart up the aisle and my eyes would immediately lock on all the sugary shit that was bad for you.

I was koo koo for Cocoa Puffs but I rarely got them. My mom couldn’t get her head around giving me something chocolate in the morning, and small boxes of Cocoa Puffs cost the same as big boxes of most other stuff.

There was another brand of candy in a box that pretended to be cereal called Lucky Charms but I never really wanted it. Marshmallow bits in milk never really did it for me.

Other cereals that would catch your attention were those brands that came with a prize in the box.

In later years the prizes tended to be flat and they’d put them between the box and the liner, but when I was a little kid they used to put stuff right in with the cereal and after we’d get home it would be mere moments before I’d have the box top off and my arm buried elbow deep searching for some little plastic thing.

Here’s how old I am. The compromise that I’d often reach with my mother would be Alpha-Bits even though they were probably as sugary and shitty as Cocoa Puffs.

But I remember as a kid Alpha-Bits would often have cut-outs as part of the box. Cut outs that worked well with your dinky toys. You’d follow the instructions with a pair of scissors and make a bend here and make a bend there and presto, you’d have a goddamn gas station.

It was fabulous, but can you imagine passing something like that off on a kid today. They’d laugh in your face.

Anyway some time over the years I lost my taste for cereal in the morning, and it shifted to night time.

More often than not we choose Honey Nut Cheerios when we guy cereal now-a-days but there’s absolutely no appeal for me to eat this stuff in the morning. I don’t like sweet in the morning. I prefer a bologna sandwich in the morning.

But at night, just before bed, when I’ve got a bit of a hunger pang, I love a bowl of cereal.

It’s not a good habit and I don’t do it often, but when I do I really enjoy it.

Much like I enjoyed Jimberly’s show last night.

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Nice One Jeffy

January 31, 2008 @ 09:07

It’s been quite the ride for old teammate Jeff Marek over the past few months.

Late yesterday he was named to the staff of CFRB as their hockey insider. He’ll frequently be heard on ‘RB offering his insight into the Leafs and everything else in the NHL.

This morning he spent an hour with Bill Carroll and it was nice to hear the fine young fella back on terrestrial radio. He's left quite a hole since leaving in September.

Marek remains on staff with Hockey Night in Canada, and he continues his Hockey Night in Canada show on Sirius satellite radio.

The CFRB gig is much deserved cream.

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Only The Beginning

January 31, 2008 @ 09:06

Toronto will be front and centre during Super Bowl festivities tomorrow.

During his state of the game address NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will unveil official plans for the Buffalo Bills to play eight games in Toronto over the next five years.

One regular season game a year and three exhibition games sprinkled over the five years.

The average ticket price will be $250 dollars, which comes to me as a pleasant surprise. Knowing Toronto’s thirst for things American, and Toronto’s extreme passion for the NFL, I expected the average price to be way beyond that.

I don’t know what the extremes will be, but it won’t matter anyway because getting a ticket will be next to impossible.

Before the go on sale to the general public, tickets will first be offered to Bills season ticket holders, then Argos season ticket holders and then Tiger-Cat season ticket holders.

Add to that the tickets that will be held back for corporate reasons and there will be too many left over by the time the casual fan shows an interest.

If anything the people who are going to cash-in big time for the regular season will be scalpers.

Skydome (I hate the name Rogers Centre) only seats 60 thousand for NFL football and season ticket holders alone between Buffalo, Toronto and Hamilton will cover that.

Nobody is saying such, but this is just the beginning of the Bills eventual shift to Toronto full time. Once Toronto gets a taste of it, and it becomes clear to the NFL that Toronto sports fans are willing to pay anything for almost anything, plans will be made to either modify the Dome, or start building a new stadium.

Which would be great, as long as taxpayers are left out of it.

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Stayin' Put

January 31, 2008 @ 09:05

For anyone who’s listened to me over the years or read some of my stuff on this website over the past several years, it will come as no surprise that I’m not a huge Mats Sundin fan.

He’s a wonderful person with a wealth of talent but I just don’t think he deserves to be grouped with the NHL’s elite. He’s close, but I don’t think Sundin has ever displayed the necessary passion to be elevated to super star status.

Mats Sundin has been a fine Maple Leaf, but as I look back over the years, he never reached the status of a Doug Gilmour, Wendel Clark, Darryl Sitter or Gary Roberts because he never seemed to play the game as hard as these guys.

And that’s why I’m not surprised at Sundin’s insistence that he doesn’t want to leave Toronto at the trade-deadline. I don’t think he cares about hockey enough.

Let me explain.

Sundin may be throwing up a smoke screen by saying he doesn’t want to leave and that would be understandable. As I pointed out in an earlier posting, maybe deep down inside he can’t wait to get out of here and play with a real hockey team with a real shot at winning the Stanley Cup but he doesn't want to come out and say it because it wouldn't look good.

However more and more I'm inclined to think that he really doesn’t care that much, he’d prefer to stay in familiar surroundings, not be bothered with a late season upheaval and decide his next move this summer.

Winning a Stanley Cup might be a huge deal for most other players, but maybe it's not for Sundin, and that’s precisely why I’ve never been completely sold on the guy.

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Today With Craig And Matt

January 30, 2008 @ 14:03

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Back To The Dark Ages

January 30, 2008 @ 09:22

CFRB provided live coverage of last nights Toronto District School Board meeting and I was stuck to the radio for most it.

Who says minorities don't have power in our society. A small minority of delusional racists got their way last night which means Toronto will have Africentric programs this fall, and an Africentric school in the fall of 2009.

It didn’t take long for last nights meeting to take a compelling twist when the mother of Jordan Manners stepped to the microphone and to speak out against Africentric schools.

Jordan Manners was gunned down at C.W Jefferys Collegiate last May and in some regard helped resuscitate the Africentric school issue.

But Jordan’s mother said no. Loreen Small, was awkward and eloquent at the same time as she pleaded with the TDSB to forget about “segregating” students and instead look for ways to bring kids to together under one roof in a productive and safe environment.

It was refreshing and it was sensible and it came from a source that you might expect to feel exactly the opposite.

Unfortunately things changed a few minutes later when Donna Harrow stepped the microphone and tried to work up the crowd by claiming Africentric schools are facing scrutiny that other specialty schools are not.

To express this point she took on a condescending tone as she talked about “little blond haired and blue eyed” kids who are grouped in other alternative programs without any one raising an objection.

Of course it was ridiculous because the programs she spoke of are wide open to children of all races and that leads to another point. Some argue that Africentric schools do not represent segregation because they too will be open to children of any colour. It seemed to be a recurring theme last night.

Dream on.

Africentric schools are being promoted by black people for black people to learn about black people and to pretend they will be attended by white children is to promote a fantasy.

As Loreen Small said, Africentric schools will do nothing but take black kids out of the mainstream and prevent them from preparing for the realities of the world facing them.

But that fell on the deaf ears of the delusional racist minority. People like Angela Wilson who used her time at the microphone to lash out and accuse the school board of locking shut the minds of young black people and activist Murphy Brown who used her time to connect the school board to black crime and she ended her speech with an accusing shot at "Toronto's finest."

But they did their job. They took the focus off the root problem and main reason why black kids are failing within the system – parenting.

Once again this issue was widely ignored last night; instead speaker after speaker kept laying blame at the feet of the TDSB like it’s the school boards responsibility to raise their children.

Call me crazy but I think it’s safe to say, in most cases schools fail because parents have failed before their kids leave the house in the morning.

But nobody wants to talk about that. It’s too uncomfortable. It takes too much work to change that. It’s easier to blame someone else and dream up ways to pass the buck.

Like Africentic schools, which are wrong, and semantics aside, represent segregation and they should not be allowed to exist.

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Say Something Stephen

January 30, 2008 @ 09:20

I realize we can't expect our politicians to be all things to all people and solve every problem that our society encounters, but if there's anything we should expect it's to have our Prime Minister step forward when our citizens are dying abroad.

It's reached the point now where Canadian deaths in Mexico should be addressed by Stephen Harper.

It might be different if there were clear cut reasons and explanations why Canadian tourists continue to die in this backward country, but there isn't.

I realize politicians have to be diplomatic and not step on the toes of authorities in other lands, but this is out of hand.

Too many Canadians have died around suspicious circumstances and its time for the leader of our country to step forward and speak on our behalf. He should demand answers.

But so far we've heard nothing from the PM and even our foreign affairs department has been next to useless through the last four deaths which have happened within the last two years.

Personally I'm not thrilled that diplomacy with Mexico ranks above the well being of Canadian citizens traveling to a corrupt country.

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Scruff Connors Interview

January 29, 2008 @ 09:32

Scruff Connors came to Toronto in 1980 as morning man at Q-107 and stayed there until 1985.

After stops in Philadelphia, St. Catherines and Edmonton, he returned to Q-107 in 1993 for just over a year.

His career then took him to Winnipeg until 1995 when he began a forced sabbatical that lasted the better part of six years.

In 2001 Scruff became an original cast member of MOJO Radio where he stayed until the summer of 2005.

Since then, it's been a tough time for Scruff Connors. He's battled various health issues and undergone several operations.

This interview isn't so much about the history of Scruff Connors the disc jockey, it's more about the future of a popular radio guy who pissed in the eye of the grim reaper.

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Only In Canada

January 29, 2008 @ 09:30

It there’s anything more obscure than the Gemini Awards in Canada, it’s got to be the Genie Awards.

These Canadian awards shows are held for no apparent reason because they are widely ignored by Canadians. They’re nothing more than a self-stroke for the industry in Canada.

Let me ask you, when was the last time you watched the Gemini Awards or the Genie Awards? Do you even know which one his which and which one represents what?

Probably not.

Well let me tell you. The Gemini Awards are for outstanding achievement in Canadian television and the Genies are for outstanding achievement in Canadian film.

The problem for the Canadian awards shows, unlike American shows, is that most of the nominees are obscure. The Canadian awards shows are a big deal within that community, but are of no interest or consequence to the general public because when you watch an awards show it’s nice to have at least heard of the nominees.

And that’s why you can only shake your head following the nominees for the 2008 Genie Awards announced yesterday.

Not among the nominees is a film that has a Canadian director, two Canadian stars and it was filmed in Vancouver. A film that ironically has been nominated for four Academy Awards

Juno is not eligible for the Genie Awards simply because you didn’t have to pay for it.

It was totally financed by Fox Searchlight an American company and that’s no good in the Genie world because they require that at least a portion of a film's funding come from Canadian sources, including government grants and other things that end up in the lap of the tax payer.

So imagine what will unfold in the next couple of months. Juno could end up winning an Oscar for best picture, but it’s not even eligible for a freakin’ Genie.

It's too funny.

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Tomorrow - The Scruff Connors Interview

January 28, 2008 @ 15:00

Yes, the Scruff Connors Interview.

Since leaving radio after a short stint at MOJO, Scruff Connors has had quite the battle on his hands and tomorrow you'll get all the details.

Over the past several months I've had several people e-mail and ask about Scruff and the rumours about his health.

Scruff will spend a few minutes with and if I don't say so myself, you won't want to miss it.

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