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The Trailer - Week Twenty-Two - September 28-30

October 1, 2007 @ 09:20

What a great weekend at the tin shack. I took a slow drive up on Friday and stopped off in Peterborough for lunch. A place called Girdy's on Hunter Street.

It's neat little place with good tasting food and good looking waitresses. I had their curried chicken wings and a Heineken and it was quite enjoyable, although they glaze the curry on the wings and I'd rather they be dusted.

On Friday night we had a gathering at my friend Dan Durans trailer for a nice dinner and then several different cocktails. The night ended with a couple of women drinking tequila off my breasts.

Saturday was another fine day that afforded me the opportunity to get my boat out of the water. It's always a sad time when the little skiff comes out of the water because it's another thing that marks the end of the season.

Just prior to taking my boat out of the water however, my friend Dan Bonchek got me to inspect a pile of shit that was on his dock. He wondered whether it was from the mink that had been living in my boat.

It wasn't. The pile of shit was much bigger and it looked like it had pine nuts all through it.

We determined it either had to be something bigger than a mink but we could't figure out what it might be. Dan was terrified it might be human shit and someone was leaving a message.

But another guy from up the lake put his mind at ease when he confirmed it was beaver shit. Beavers had been doing a lot of damage around the lake and one just happend to take a shit break on Danny B's dock.

Saturday night me and my buddy Darren cooked steaks over the open fire and sat by the campfire till midnight. We all took it easy and nothing transpired like the night before.

Sunday it was a mid morning nine holes at Marvel Rapids in Apsley and then I headed for home where my wife made some delectable meatball sandwiches.

mmmmm. Meatballs.

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22 Responses to "The Trailer - Week Twenty-Two - September 28-30"

Jason |
October 1, 2007 / 13:29

Hmm. Beaver shit. Now that's a damn mess. Pun intended.

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