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You Can't Win

October 31, 2007 @ 10:02

What am I missing? It's like I lived a dream through the early 90's right into the new millennium.

Stephen Harper's minority government cuts the GST by one percent yesterday and hypocrisy reigns supreme. What' gives?

Am I wrong or was Brian Mulroney not vilified for introducing the GST back in 1991?

Am I wrong or were the Chretien Liberals not elected in 1993 on the premise that they would eliminate the GST?

Am I wrong or was Sheila Copps not forced to resign over the issue back in 1996 only to be re-elected?

Am I wrong or has the GST not become a Conservative legacy that has dogged them since it first became law?

How is it that now that the Conservatives have moved towards reducing it to lessen the tax burden for all Canadians, they're criticized?

Granted, it's coming from all the usual suspects, the NDP, the Liberals and the Toronto Star which printed this today.

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, who argues along with most economists that GST cuts fail to produce long-term economic benefits, said trimming the consumption tax was a "big mistake."

I guess this is why I enjoy politics so much, even though it leaves you banging your head against the wall quite often, it's still intriguing.

Holy freakin' cow people, the Liberals won an election 14 years ago on the promise they would abolish the whole goddamn thing, and now Stephane Dion claims it's a big mistake to shave another point off it.

It's another reason I've turned into a Conservative in my adult years. Between the childish NDP, the lyin' Liberals and the disgustingly liberal media in this country, I want to play for the underdog.

The underdog that's trying to bring some sense back to government.

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Quickly Forgotten

October 31, 2007 @ 10:01

Here's something else that's intriguing, Americans ignorance of Canada.

If often happens when you travel south and mention to people that you're from Canada, the reaction is often hilarious.

Like last winter when I was in Florida and told people from Minnesota that I was from Toronto. They were amazed I had traveled so far.

Meanwhile, I was roughly 400 miles closer to home than they were.

This past weekend in Ann Arbor I spoke with two different people from Michigan and they too were mystified at the distance I had traveled.

Meanwhile, the border is only forty miles away and Brampton is only three and a half hours away. And you can bet your ass the same people would have thought nothing of someone traveling from Chicago and it's basically the same distance away as Toronto.

Anyway, I digress. The reason I make this posting today is because the Raptor's regular season starts tonight, and although they won the Atlantic Division this year, they are getting no respect from anyone this year.

Most American publications pick them to barely make the playoffs, and ESPN which shows a couple of NBA game a week apparently doesn't know they exist.

There's a promo that's currently running on ESPN. It features ESPN basketball analyst Stephen A. Smith. He rambles on about all the teams in the east, all but the Raptors.

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Boo and Eek

October 31, 2007 @ 10:00

Halloween is one of those bitter sweet days for me. I look forward to modestly decorating the front of the house and having the neighbourhood kids come by.

At the same time it's one of those days that make me heavy hearted when I think of how time flies by.

It's been ten years since my son Danny last went out for Halloween and 13 years since Melanie last went out.

It was fun watching the kids get ready for the big night and taking them out in those early years. It was also a tad stressful when they got old enough to go out on their own.

There was really nothing to worry about, but by the mid 90's the new style of hysterical parenting was taking hold and you were supposed to worry about nothing or you weren't considered a good parent.

Today I'll carve the pumpkin on my own and string some orange lights across the porch, and thanks to my wife who spends a lot of time at "Winner's", there will be a new touch this year.

Signs that say "boo" and "eek".

Can you believe it? My sweet darlin' actually bought signs that say words that should only be spoken.

Run up behind somebody and yell "boo" and that's scary. The person you scare might respond with a genuine "eek"

But what the hell good are signs that say "boo" and "eek."

I asked this question of my wife who quickly responded that the signs only cost three dollars each so just hang them and don't worry about it.

Sorry, call me a prick but I really don't think "boo" and "eek" are worth six bucks.

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Hebsey Loves Caesar

October 31, 2007 @ 10:00

Yesterday when I paid my visit to CHCH television to appear on Live at 5:30, Mark Hebscher was excited to tell me he had tried grilled Caesar salad.

Hebscher is a frequent visitor to and he used a recipe that I posted back in the summer.

Just in case you didn't see it, here it is in two parts. My buddy Bruce Mallory is the chef.

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Freddie P. On TV

October 30, 2007 @ 10:02

I'm heading for Hamilton this afternoon where I'll appear on CHCH live at 5:30 with Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly.

The issue is minor hockey and Halloween. There's are packs of parents around the GTA who are upset once again because their kids hockey league has scheduled games on Halloween night.

The parents know the deal when they sign their kids up, and the kids in question are pushing 13 years old, but year after year after year it becomes an issue and a news item.

I'll debate the issue with Marianne Meed Ward who ran for the Liberals in the last election but lost. Yea, she's one of my favourite things. A losing Liberal.

Marianne is also a writer for the Toronto Sun.

CHCH Live at 5:30.

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This Week On The Watters Show

October 30, 2007 @ 10:01

On Thursday and Friday I'll be returning to the am 640 studios to host The Bill Watters Show between 4pm and 7pm.

Needless to say there will be lots to talk about. The Leafs don't play again until Friday night in Jersey so the fodder will be last nights 7-1 loss to Washington.

That was quite the display at the ACC wasn't it? I'm sure we'll be drifting back to that old pile of bullshit about the Leafs having trouble winning at home.

We're not talking about children here; we're talking about grown men who are professional hockey players and I don't think any fan has the patience to waste time wondering what's up with their psyche.

We can talk about how well the Leafs played in Pittsburgh and New York, and then wonder why they were so horrible last night, and then attempt to analyze the reasons and solutions, but what's the freakin' use?

The answer is simple, they're just a bad hockey team and more and more I'm wondering how well they're coached.

I feel bad for all those suckers who paid huge dollars to watch debacle last night. Not so much the jokers in the platinums who can either afford it or suck off the corporate tit, I'm more concerned for the poor bugger who scrapes up some extra dough and stretches himself to the limit so he can take his kid to a game.

Those are the people who deserve an apology.

And how about this story? Another example of how MLSE treats the people who helped them return 22% percent on their investment last year.

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Disturbing Weekend

October 29, 2007 @ 10:08

As I mentioned on Friday I spent the weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan and it was awful.

I was totally appalled at the behaviour of the young female students. Talk about not having any self respect.

It just so happened that Friday night past was designated at Halloween party night in Ann Arbor so the streets were filled with hundreds of young and healthy women walking the streets in their so called Halloween costumes but I choose to call them something else.

To my mind it wasn't Halloween in Ann Arbor. The young female students from the University of Michigan turned it into nothing more than an outdoor brothel, a disgusting display of trashy clothing and lots of skin.

Who wants to drive up the street only to see someone in fishnet stockings that stop mid-thigh only to be met by the bottom of firm butt cheeks barely hidden by something that tried to pass as a skirt?

Why should anyone be exposed to cleavage created by a low cut bustier that's obviously causing damage to the mammary glands.

How demeaning to the city of Ann Arbor and its tourists to have the streets filled with young women using Halloween as an excuse to promote their sexuality and human forms.

Me and the fellas were so appalled we did several sweeps of the student residence area just to make sure we had enough proof that society was caving in around us.

Believe me, it is. What we saw on the streets was so disturbing we thought we should go into a couple of loud and popular bars to escape such filth, but unfortunately you couldn't escape it there either.

Why should I have to eat a dozen parmesan garlic wings while watching a Marilyn Monroe clone flit around the bar displaying what was obviously a perfect body under that white mini-dress.

At the same time I felt sorry for the girl because she appeared to be very clumsy. She kept dropping things and bending over to pick them up.

I'll tell you, I didn't like it. I didn't like any of it and that's exactly what I told my wife.

I want to say I'll definitely never go back, but that wouldn't be fair to Ann Arbor or the decent young women of this University town.

I'll probably give it one more chance next Halloween just in case this year was an anomaly.

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No Brainer

October 29, 2007 @ 10:07

I love this story about the lottery retailers and their opposition to proposed new rules by the Ontario Lottery Corporation.

Back in August the OLG set September 17th as the cut off date for retailers to buy lottery tickets at their own stores. The OLG wanted to address the problem of retailers winning a disproportionate amount of money compared to the average customer.

The retailers screamed bloody murder so the OLG backed off the September 17th date but claim the idea is still on the table, and so it should be.

But the retailers claim they're being painted as the bad guys in this situation and they're concerned about their reputations.

What a pile of bullshit.

If anything, the retailer's reaction only raises suspicion. Why are they so concerned about buying tickets at their own kiosks? Why is it so important to maintain that right given the blow to public confidence that took place over the past year?

If anything you'd think the retailers would "want" this rule in place to absolve them of any suspicion. By not allowing retailers to buy at that own stores the issue would go away immediately. It makes nothing but sense.

Such strong opposition from the retailers only serves to make me smell a rat.

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Stop Screwin'

October 29, 2007 @ 10:06

Here's another fascinating story. It's out of Peel region where I live and it deals with "affordable housing" and the attitude of some that it's a right and not a privilege.

It's amazing how someone 31 years old can have three kids and have her husband take off and then claim it's the responsibility of the government to look after her family.

Yes I know, there are some legitimate cases out there. People have had the world gang up on them and there's no way out, but in this day and age of education and birth control, you'd think a lot of people would be equipped to avoid these situations.

But really, how does this work? How does somebody father three kids and take off leaving the responsibility of raising those kids to the taxpayer?

According to provincial statistics these situations are exploding. Sixty-one percent of all requests for affordable housing in Ontario are by single mothers and it's growing.

Where does it end? As long as the government is there with handouts, including cheap or free housing, where is the incentive for people to start being accountable for their own lives and the lives of people they bring into the world? At one point to we put the onus of sperm sprayers to start taking responsibility for their carelessness?

Not everybody is on the take, but there are enough to create the situation we're in today.

The province could probably handle legitimate cases, but those who choose it as a lifestyle are wrecking it for all.

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Other Stuff

October 29, 2007 @ 10:05

Here's a great story about former U.S. President Gerald Ford and what he thought about Bill Clinton.
It's nothing for Clinton to be proud of, but given how screwed up the U.S.A is today, I'm sure most Americans would love to have the horn-dog back.

And here's a story about a guy I've never been big on and I thought a lot less of after Princess Diana's death.
I wonder if the inquiry into her death is causing Prince Philip's heart to flutter just a little too much.
Call me whacked, but I buy into the conspiracy theory and I think this guy had a lot to do with it.

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