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Tim Horton's Enters The 21st Century

August 12, 2007 @ 09:30

I don't have this on the strictest of authourity, but it looks like "Interac" is coming to Tim Horton's.

I went to my local Timmy's this morning and the two people in front of me tried to use their interac cards and were abruptly don't they weren't accepted.

This has always bewildered me. Given today's almost cashless society, it seems odd that Tim Horton's wouldn't offer this service up until now.

I've asked several times why they don't accept interac but I've never received a concrete answer. It's run the gamut from the administration is a needless expense, to having people swipe cards and push buttons would hold up the already sizable lines on a day to day basis, to not wanting to bother because most receipts are below three dollars and who the hell doesn't have three dollars in their pocket.

Today when I once again asked the lovely young attendant why "Tim Horton's" doesn't accept interact she didn't give me a reason, she gave me a reply.

"We're going to accept them very soon." she said.
"Why haven't they accepted them up until now." was my retort.
"I don't know." she offered.

But I was satisfied. I'm glad Horton's is finally going to accept interac and I look forward to the day they do.

More and more I find myself with less and less cash in my wallet. There's really no need for it. Between using my credit cards to pile up "aeroplan" miles, and using my interact card for most other things, I rarely find the need for cash.

I realize that using interac for small transaction's isn't the smartest thing to do because of service charges at the bank, but when you get into buying lunch at Horton's, or buying several coffees for a group, it sure will come in handy.

And it's about time.

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165 Responses to "Tim Horton's Enters The 21st Century"

Chris Wilson
August 12, 2007 / 10:07

Not sure about Interac, but Tim Hortons is adding MasterCard PayPass, and/or Mastercard Quick Payment Service (QPS).

You may have noticed that some retailers eg. Loblaws, no longer require a signature for a MasterCard purchase under a certain amount. This is MasterCard QPS.

Mike from Lowville
August 12, 2007 / 12:36

They finally figured out they can turn a trick on this. Some fast food joints charge 15 to 30 cents or some sort of minimum, for the convenient use of Interact. Hornies will probably do the same. Just another reason for me not to frequent the place.(side bar) If some place has this policy. I have ordered, disappeared to the restroom to wash up. Came back, order waiting, notice the surcharge and promptly told them, no dice and leave them holding the bag, so to speak. By the way, will not use the money machines that charge you a fee and then your bank charges you on top of that. Call me cheap;O)

August 12, 2007 / 19:54

Tim Hortons will never accept Interac (as it currntly works) for two main reasons. The first is that transaction costs are significantly higher for debit than for credit cards and second, most importantly, is that Interac is slow. Speed of Service is incredibly important at stores and Interac is way too slow, even if customers remember which account to use and their pin.

Mike: There is no additional charge for using your MasterCard!

August 12, 2007 / 21:32

Timmys here in Alberta have had interac for about 8 months now.

and even if you buy just a coffee there is no surcharge.

forgot my cash the other day and just put a large on my bank card.

August 12, 2007 / 22:54


Way wrong youg fella, be sure of the facts before you comment.

August 12, 2007 / 22:57

Yes, the west is best. We have had this for a while here in the NWT.

Jason Barr
August 13, 2007 / 09:13

It can't take any longer than those turds in front of you in the drive-thru that order entire meals for their families.


August 13, 2007 / 09:18

Our local Timmies does take Interact, here in the Beach, and has for a few months now.

On the debit versus credit card argument it's just math. M/C and Visa charge a percentage of the sale (likely around 1.8 - 2 % for Timmies) and debit is a flat charge (likely 5 - 7 cents per transaction for Timmies).

On a $3 order a 2% Visa transaction would cost them around 6 cents and debit is likely about the same.

Jason Meltzer Patterson
August 13, 2007 / 10:23

It's transaction costs.

Bless Timmies, but if they really want to enter the 21st century they need to move to recyclable cups. Please already. And sleeves instead of doble cups. It's horrendous really.

August 13, 2007 / 11:28

First you complain they don't accept a debit card, then the day will come when they do, and you'll complain why does it take so long to get a coffee. Either way, you won't be happy.

Mike from Lowville
August 13, 2007 / 11:53

"It can't take any longer than those turds in front of you in the drive-thru that order entire meals for their families."

That's funny Jason and so true.
As for the speed thing with Interact, it's instantaneous at the Beer store and No Frill's. MasterCard will not scan half the time and they end up punching in the #'s manually. Sometimes it takes 4 times longer.
The other Jason, recycled cups? They have them already. I've seen plastic ones. Even stainless steel ones. You take them home and wash them yourself. Think, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse.

August 13, 2007 / 13:56


It's pretty useless to post a blanket statement about someone being "way wrong" about their facts and not follow it up with anything.
How about an explanation of how he was wrong? How about some facts of your own? How about a counter-argument?

August 13, 2007 / 20:40

You're just living too far east. BC Tim Hortons all seem to take the cards.

Jason Meltzer Patterson
August 13, 2007 / 21:22

I'd like to see the paper cups be recyclable ones as well. Going forward. In winter people love to double cup and it's a waste.

Jason Meltzer Patterson
August 13, 2007 / 21:24

I made it sound like coffee is not hot in the summer.. well the point is, it would be a good idea. I don't mean to single them out, but many of the smaller shops do it, so it's something they should beyond consider. It should get done going forward.

November 10, 2008 / 01:07

Do you know that canadian are numbers one users of debit card in the world? and today's society is cashless. the most popular methods for payments are debit and visa. TimHortons does not use these two methods. Also, you cannot dectate yr customrs what method of payments they have to use.sure, they will be paying higher prices by losing millions of customers and sales. Good Luck

i don't kno
July 2, 2009 / 16:53

Tim hortons sucks .I am so hungry I went to get something to eat and they refused me because I was paying with debit .Now whaT WILL I DO

Credit Cards Canada
January 3, 2010 / 18:05


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