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The Trailer - Week Fourteen - August 3 - 6

August 7, 2007 @ 10:55

The greatest thing about the trailer is what it means for kids.

As a kid my summers were spent near a lake, I more or less raised my kids on the very same lake, and now that they're grown, it's nice to see a new generation of kids enjoy this wonderful place.

The picture you see is my daughter Melanie on the right, and her best friend Kate who've spent their summers together since they were nine years old. Now they're in their mid-20s and happily remain trailer trash. Saturday night they paid a visit to the Tiki Bar.

Exposing your kids to the "north country" is very important because opens up a whole new world they simply can't appreciate while stuck in the city.

Yesterday for example a little fella named Ashton experienced his first "tube" ride and he's barely two years old. Granted, his mother was with him, but it's the first step in what will probably lead to skiing or wake boarding in the very near future.

The kids swim and fish and catch frogs and enjoy campfires and walking through the woods. It's endless.

Yes it's enjoyable to watch their faces moment to moment as new experiences a presented to them constantly.

And what's especially enjoying is watching a kids face when they arrive for the first time, or they're old enough to actually appreciate and take in what they see around them.

Our friend Lori has a niece named Maddy and although she's been here before, now she's of an age where she notices everything around her and this past holiday weekend was so beautiful she got to experience it all.

Swimming, a ride in a boat, a ride on a ski-doo and lots of interaction with a pile of other kids. A jammed packed weekend that at times can actually be overwhelming for a kid who's just over a year old.

She enjoyed herself very much and we all enjoyed having her around for the weekend.

She's a great little kid… and a pretty good dancer.

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13 Responses to "The Trailer - Week Fourteen - August 3 - 6"

August 7, 2007 / 11:07

You are right Freddie
I grew up as a camper
but because of my life style I never found the time to introduce my kids to it
That changed this year my oldest is 14 and my youngest is 10
they absolutely loved it
I think we might even look at buying a trailer in the near future
The feeling of waking up and going out side and hearing the loons on the lake is amazing
And a drastic change from the sound of the loons in the city

August 7, 2007 / 14:32

Awe Fred, that was so sweet of you!! Well, Maddy thinks her 'uncle Fred' is silly and that 'auntie Doll' is beautiful, so I guess she thinks you guys are pretty sweet too!!!

It was great seeing you .. thanks again!

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