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O Canada

June 29, 2007 @ 07:00

This will be my only posting today and it will be my last until Tuesday.

I'm up north and I'm about to head to Apsley where I'll play my first nine holes of the season at Marvel Rapids.

It's a marvelous little golf course that's very narrow and challenging, but it's a course I've grown to love because I'm so familiar with it. I know every hole like the back of my hand and I often lie in bed at night and replay every one of them in my mind.

After golf, I plan to put a little tender loving care into my boat. I just had the lower unit replaced and while it was in the shop, it got pretty dirty. It's time to give it a good vacuuming, shampoo the carpets, clean the fiberglass and then go crazy with the Armoral.

It's all a set-up to a nice long weekend with family and friends as we celebrate Canada's 140th birthday.

I've just put a new Canadian flag on the end of my dock and it's one of my favourite parts of being at the lake. Just watching the flag flutter in the breeze and appreciating what it means.

We live in the greatest country on earth.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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Bettman Screws Canada Again

June 28, 2007 @ 08:41

If there was any doubt that a conspiracy existed within the NHL to keep teams out of Canada, it's been totally eliminated now.

How else do you explain the latest happenings in the Nashville Predators saga.

Predators owner Craig Leipold has told Jim Balsillie that he is no longer interested in doing business. Instead of accepting $238 million dollars from Balsillie, Leipold has apparently agreed to terms with California businessman William DelBiaggio who wants to move the team to Kansas City.

Selling price - 190 million dollars and the deal could be announced as early as today.

Do the math and it doesn't add up, and that leads to only one conclusion. Somewhere along the line the 48 million dollar difference has been made up by somebody.

It all makes sense now. There's no way Leipold would accept 48 million dollars less than Balsillie was offering. But if the league promised to make it up, with a little help from say the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres, then Leipold could have been convinced to dump the Balsillie offer.

It's obvious this thing was going to court, so rather than spend millions upon millions fighting Balsillie in court, and testing and exposing the NHL's territorial policies, the league probably decided to spend its money elsewhere.

Give it to Leipold in exchange for him doing business with an American rather than some guy who wants to move the franchise to Canada.

The league avoids the courts, the Leafs and Sabres kick in some dough to protect their territory and Gary Bettman gets his franchise in Kansas City.

Goddamn Kansas City, a franchise destined for failure before it even plays its first game.

All Canadians should be mighty pissed off today.

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The Way It Is

June 28, 2007 @ 08:41

I didn't see Paris Hilton on Larry King last night. I really didn't care to hear what she had to say about being in prison for 23 days.

It's a sad commentary on today's media when someone such as this, with no apparent talent other than fellatio can garner a prime time spot on a major news network because of a motor vehicle charge.

But hey, it happens because we allow it to happen. If there was no interest, there would be no Paris Hilton - CNN and the rest of the news networks are in business to make money and the best way to do that is to give the people what they want.

And apparently they want Paris Hilton. Yikes.

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Freddie P. And Billy C. On CH-TV

June 27, 2007 @ 08:22

This afternoon on CH Live at 5:30 with Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly, I've been invited to come on and talk about the following story.

Memphis - A Tennessee mother fed up with her daughter's misbehavior took an unusual tack in for latest punishment. She made her daughter stand on a busy street corner with an attention-getting sign. Thirteen-year-old Tashara Wilkins held a sign saying that she didn't obey her parents, was a liar and a thief. The sign also said that she had a bad attitude. Her mother said all other attempts failed.

The other panelist will be CFRB's Bill Carroll, and apparently we have differing views on the subject.

Live at 5:30.

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Jimmy Lang Loves Elvis

June 27, 2007 @ 08:20

Yesterday afternoon while sitting with Neighbour John trying to get past the taste of a Lakeport Light, we heard my buddy Jim Lang of Sportsnet do a segment on the Fan.

He was talking about the CFL, but that's not what grabbed my interest. It was his intro.

Mike Toth also of Sportsnet is filling in for Bob McCown this week and he introduced Lang as one of the world's greatest Elvis fans, and it brought back a lot of memories from our days at MOJO.

Jim did sports on the Humble and Fred Show and on more than one occasion I recall engaging him in an Elvis/Beatles debate.

Jim loves Elvis and doesn't care much for the Beatles. I love the Beatles but have never gotten the Elvis thing.

Jim would tell me how great Elvis was and how he influenced the Beatles and how he was a ground breaker and a trend setter. I would counter than I have never been able to take Elvis seriously. His movies, his songs and all that hip action were nothing more to me than some live action cartoon character.

I don't own any Elvis music, in fact I've never bothered to steal any Elvis music. There's not one Elvis song on my ipod. To me, Elvis was more an attraction than he was a talent.

- and he turned into a big bloated bastard who died on the toilet while pushing too hard on a turd.

This summer I'm doing a little through the Southern States which will make me through Atlanta, Nashville and then Memphis. Whenever I tell anyone I'm going to Memphis, the first thing they mention is Graceland, assuming I'll be going there, and they're probably right, I will go.

But not with the same interest and emotion that I had when I walked past the Dakota in New York City. Or the same feeling I had when visiting Strawberry Fields.

When I visit Graceland it will be more like visiting a fun house on the Midway, or some historical site that I don't really care about. I'll go because its there.

And I'll go for Jimmy. Jimmy Lang.

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The Price Is Right

June 27, 2007 @ 08:19

To me it's a natural. Freelance actor and voice man Dan Duran should be Bob Barker's replacement on the Price is Right.

Forget the repulsive Rosie O'Donnell and the leather skinned George Hamilton, CBS should look north for the next host and there would be none better than our boy Dan.

Dan is very Bob Barkeresque. He's got the look and he's definitely got the demeanor and he's still relatively young. He's not even 50 yet.

Over the years I've always been impressed with the way women are attracted to Dan Duran and that would play nicely in Hollywood.

Most of the whacked out contestants on "The Price" are females, and having a Bob Barker clone such as Dan take the reigns would be a natural and sensible transition.

I'm very excited about this, yet at the same time somewhat disappointed.

I remember when it was first announced that Bob Barker was stepping down I phoned Dan and told him to get his agent on it. Contact the people at CBS and let them know that there's a hidden gem in Canada.

Let them know that Bob Barker Jr. is wasting his time in Toronto looking for bit parts in crappy Canadian productions while banging his head on anything that hangs lower than 6' 10".

But I don't think Dan pursued it. I think Dan took the attitude that it was too much, too fast and too far away and that makes me way too pissed off.

I want Dan in Hollywood. I want Dan on "The Price is Right" - granted I might eventually have to write every word he utters and make sure his clothes match, but I'm willing to do that.

For friendship, and ten percent of his gross.

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Dramatic Chipmunk

June 27, 2007 @ 08:17

My good buddy Darren often e-mails goofy stuff to me and I appreciate it very much so.

He's a big fan of "The Onion" which often has stories like this.

But he also finds some pretty cool videos.

Yesterday I opened my inbox and I got this, it's called "Dramatic Chipmunk."

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I Enjoyed the Lunch

June 26, 2007 @ 09:14

Thanks again to the crew at 640 and Leafs Lunch.

I had the privilege of co-hosting with Jeff Marek again yesterday and it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Marek's a pro which makes anyone's job a little easier, and it didn't hurt that I was on the show following the NHL Entry Draft and the Leafs big trade.

There was a lot to talk about and thanks to producer Jeff Domet/Punch/Chicken Shwarma, we even had new Leaf Mark Bell on the show.

And thanks to technical producer James Edgar who always makes me feel welcome by reminding me of several ridiculous things I did and said during the MOJO days.

It's a bittersweet thing for me. I love doing the show, but when I leave the building a feel bummed out that I'm not really in the business any more.

Hopefully that will change in the coming months.

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Not Scott

June 26, 2007 @ 09:13

According to Steve Simmons in this morning's Toronto Sun, Scotty Bowman has turned down a three year, six million dollar offer to basically run the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The position would have been called "senior hockey advisor" but as it turns out, according to Simmons, Scotty turned it down because he didn't think he could work with MLSE President Richard Peddie.

From what we can gather, MLSE had no problem giving full reign of their basketball team to Bryan Colangelo, but when it comes to hockey, Peddie still thinks he has something to offer and that was too scary a prospect for Bowman - why finish your career in frustration and failure?

I find the whole situation rather sad. First of all, because Bowman found the situation so bizarre he turned down two million a year, and secondly because the Leafs feel they have to turn to a man in his 70's to run their hockey organization.

There is no arguing that Scotty Bowman is a great hockey man, and may even go down as the greatest in NHL history, but come on, he's in his 75th year for cryin' out loud.

If the Leafs need anything, they need the hockey version of Colangelo. A bright young executive who's totally in tune with today's game.

I pains me to insult Scotty Bowman this way but I honestly don't think he's the answer at this point - the Leafs need a Brian Burke or a David Poile or a Bob Gainey running the show.

But expecting the Leafs to do the right thing is a little too much to ask I guess. To me it's odd they would ask Bowman and then frightening that he would turn it down.

Of course this will open the door for the next mistake and they're staring right at it in John Muckler. Apparently he's next on the list and being unemployed probably makes him willing to do anything.

But again, he's 73 and his time has passed. He's not what the Leafs need at this point.

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June 26, 2007 @ 09:12

Next to the word coffee, I bet the most uttered word within the Tim Horton's closest to my house is "goldmine."

It's at Mayfield and Hurontario or Hwy 10 in the far reaches of Brampton. It borders Caledon and catches traffic southbound from Orangeville. It's the also the beneficiary of at least four or five new housing developments in the area and Mayfield is the quickest east/west route to Heart Lake Rd which takes you south to the 410.

A lot of the people who bought the new houses still work in the city I presume.

Anyway, every time I go into my local Tim Horton's it's packed and without fail at least one person can always be heard saying to another, "this place must be a goldmine."

And no doubt it is. It doesn't matter if you go there at seven in the morning or seven at night, there's always cars lined up at the drive through and people lined up at the counter, and there's always a reference to "goldmine."

I was there the last two mornings and to join the line inside you actually had to stand in the area leading to the washrooms. Needless to say this prompted the odd comment from your average Brampton Bob but once the toilet humour was out of the way it got back to the same thing.

People attempting to make small talk, look up and down the line and say, "this place must be a goldmine." or "talk about a goldmine" or "is this a goldmine or what?"

This morning I had it said to me twice and it got me to thinking. Has a Tim Horton's ever gone out of business? Has one ever failed? Is it possible to fail, and if one has failed, would that person be considered the biggest loser in the history of losers?

And then that leads to another thought I'm sure I share with thousands of others.

Maybe I should look into gettin' one of these here "goldmines."

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