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Shane Doan - A Great Canadian

May 2, 2007 @ 09:18

I've got to admit, I'm a little pissed off at Stephen Harper and his government this morning. I never dreamed they would allow themselves to get sucked into something as petty as the Shane Doan issue.

To this point the Conservatives have conducted a sensible and reasonable government, so having them support a Bloc Quebecois motion to have Hockey Canada appear before a House of Commons Official Languages Committee to explain why Shane Doan is the captain of Team Canada is bitterly disappointing.

To their credit, the Conservatives resisted at first saying Doan's appointment to captain wasn't a government decision, but after Gilles Duceppe, Stephane Dion and Jack Layton beat the living shit out of the issue, the Conservatives relented and went along with this pathetic waste of time.

With a federal election on the horizon, and so many valuable votes up for grabs in Quebec, they weren't about to take any chances and that's sad.

This story is so maddening it makes you want to scream. First of all, Shane Doan still denies he made an anti-French remark towards referee Michel Cormier almost two years ago.

He denies it, and the NHL has cleared him of the accusations, but for some reason it's still an issue in Canadian government. A Canadian government that is bent and twisted out of shape by the Bloc Quebecois that doesn't spend one minute of one day in parliament doing anything for the betterment of Canada.

Talk about hypocrisy. Since when did Gilles Duceppe care about anything Canadian? Why does he care who the captain of Team Canada is? He and his ilk hate the country.

And what's with Jack Layton? I really think this man this man is losing his mind as fast as his party is losing support.

Layton came out yesterday and said having Doan as captain, "casts a shadow on the whole team." This is the same guy who's insulted our soldiers a few times over the past couple of years.

Meanwhile Doan sacrificed a few weeks of family time at the end of a long NHL season to captain a weak Canadian team in some god forsaken corner of Russia.

Have these assholes got nothing better to do with their time and our tax dollars? They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Only in Canada.

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131 Responses to "Shane Doan - A Great Canadian"

May 2, 2007 / 09:42

Fred, I agree completely. The biggest disappointment about this issue is that the Conservatives joined in on this lunacy. Obviously they've put aside logic for the sake of pandering to that deadbeat province - Quebec.

The fact that this was started by a party leader who wants to separate from Canada is puzzling. Why the hell does he care who the captain is of Canada's entry in a meaningless hockey tournament?

If Doan is removed as captain, he should get on the next plane and go back home to his family. In fact, the whole team should join him on that plane. This of course would escalate the issue and hopefully all Canadians would then realize how insane the people that run this country really are.

May 2, 2007 / 09:54

WHAT the Fuck is going on in this country why do we bend over and continually take one from these special interest groups and religions
Jack Layton is the biggest asshole of the bunch
If I am Shane Doan I sue the Asshole off this entire government for there actions
Hockey Canada should refuse to take part until ordered by the courts.
I heard Mike Stafford put it the Best last night
He said “we are the best country in world at eating our own we are cannibals “
We should be ashamed of how we are treating this man this is a guy who is representing our Country (Not Jack Layton or Gilles the Frog Duceppe ) and we already know that the Dion will go what ever direction the water is flowing so we can't blame him and Harper was bullied into
If he was of an ethnic race we would not be having this conversation because it would not be politically correct I say FU Quebec and Jacky Boy why don't you go live east of Ontario in that arrogant place they call Quebec

May 2, 2007 / 10:06

I read about this is the Post this morning and it made me furious. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE - even Jack Layton - has used a racial slur at one point in their lives. Doan was cleared by the NHL - what more do they need?

It just goes to show you how desperate people get when they're in last place in the race, and running out of steam fast.

Sweet Pam
May 2, 2007 / 10:57

Let's not forget that Jacky Boy is a Quebeccer himself. This is just classic politically correct Canadian behaviour. I agree with the earlier post - Doan has sufficient grounds to file a slander lawsuit against Jacky Boy, Ducrap and Stephanie.

May 2, 2007 / 15:41

Politics has no place in sports.

May 2, 2007 / 20:06

Christian politics is a sport

Mike Marsden
May 2, 2007 / 21:30

What I wish is that Doan actually went in front of a parliamentary committee and called them all a bunch of Pepsi drinkin', Export A smokin' black-toothed quitters, then stood-up, flipped them the bird and left 'em all slack-jawed and dumb-founded. After all, what the fuck could they do to him?

May 4, 2007 / 13:09

Shane Doan IS a RACIST idiot. It may as well be considering some of his other out-of-the-world beliefs, like his Cow-lips of a sister.. But not nearly as idiotic as the media that defends this pussy. You think players don't say crap on the ice like this during games? Most of them, like Sean Avery, another racist buffoon, learn this stuff from CBC enforced bigotry. The fact that the NHL, a notoriously corrupt league (See Pocklington, Regis, Spano, McNall etc), clears him is worthless. These guys are the keystone cops! The NHL is so incompetent it is enough to make one cringe. They couldn,t, wouldn't and won't find fault with the old boys club. Look how badly they went to protect Gretzky's reputation, and let that jailbird Bertuzzi out after a 'tough' 19 game suspension for causing a man to have his neck broken.

The real truth is that francophones, upset with a league that supports official bigotry in its sports coverage, are trying to play a political game to get revenge. It is unfortunate that they have made themselves look so poor at doing it, unlike the brash lies "Steve" gave lower income provinces before the last provincial budget to pay Quebec AND ONTARIO (The minister Flaherty was from ONT). French Canadians have always got this BS, as have natives and Eurpeans. Unlike in the NBA, where they go to great ends to make a foreign born player accepted, the NHL is a lot like MLB in its denial of culture in the game. Finally, it is getting some of it back in what it has sowed. Can you imagine any league, honestly as massively xenophobic as the NHL? Not on your life. A one-time racist slur has an impact. And it is not just a one-time thing if one takes into account the racism (like the good bit of it at games across the country) by widening the experience.

May 4, 2007 / 13:39

I'm a French Canadian and i think Doan IS a racist. Racism is well alive in the organisation called Hockey Canada. I would like to understand why there's not a single francophone on our national team? French Canadians account for more than 25% of the population of Canada. How are we supposed to feel welcomed and at home in Canada after such a flagrant discrimination? No wonder why Québec wishes to have it's own hockey team and separate from Canada...

May 4, 2007 / 14:45

David: The reason why there are no French- Cdn players on the team is that they all said no. 12 players were asked to play on this year's team and all elected to stay home. There's patriotism for ya!! That's OK though as the only decent players that come from that crappy province are goalies.

May 4, 2007 / 16:19

Anonymous, you stated that there are no decent players from my crappy province...

Are you serious? You must be kidding right? (or may be you're just a fan of that pathetic Don Cherry?) You just prove my point! Racism against French Canadians is flagrant when it comes to hockey in Canada! Let us have our own team so we can defeat yours anytime! Team Canada is not a national team anymore, it's English Canadian. Period.

Mike Marsden
May 4, 2007 / 17:03

David and Truth:

You're right - there's bigotry in the NHL, and the NFL MLB and all other sports, against week-knee suck-asses like the two of you!
Grow a spine - you've obviously never played sports, know nothing about them and are both obviously from quebec (lower case for lower-class).
You're right - we don't like you because you don't support us in English Canada, and because you support stupid programs like the language police.
So what if he called a ref a dumb frog - he probably made a stupid call and was french...suck it up...

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