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Oh Yea, Tell Us Another One

May 2, 2007 @ 09:15

Spinning the radio dial this morning I notice that gas prices are near the top of the news lineup, but I've got to admit, the oil companies have beaten me.

It sounds wimpy, but what's the use. They've got us from every angle and there's no line of defense and I'm tired of talking about it.

The latest excuse we hear for rising prices is an inventory problem in the States.

It's exhausting. There's always an excuse, there's always a reason and government refuses to get involved.

The clincher for me was the bullshit we got from the natural gas industry as the winter came to a close.

Consumers in Canada had been so conservation conscious, and had done such a good job of turning back their thermostats and buying more efficient appliances that consumption had dropped dramatically.

So dramatically in fact that they'd have to raise the price to make up for lost revenue.

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47 Responses to "Oh Yea, Tell Us Another One"

May 2, 2007 / 11:14

Couldn't let this one slide. Inventory problems, Nigerian abductions, refinery issues etc etc. Wish I could use any excuse that pops into my head to tell the Canadian Taxman that "Sorry, my banking reserves are a little low this year so you will Not be receiving my Taxes Owed until further notice". Claims that we must pay for Gas based on World Pricing is B.S. Check out this link on World Gas Prices, and note Venezuela...12cents per U.S. gallon!! Oh, I forgot, they are a major producer...Gee, do we not produce MORE than enough Oil and Gas in Canada for our own consumption?? The answer is YES-It's the Cdn. Gov't gasoline taxes that are killing us!

Mike (Buffalo Boy)
May 2, 2007 / 21:57

You know Im surprised more people havent mentioned it here in the states. Last year when they were $3 a gallon everyone was up in arms, this year hardly a peep. The inventories are down because they have to make the switch from "winter" to "summer" blends. Bullshit. IF inventories start going down that much then start blending them in fucking october for the following spring, be prepared for fuck sake. Every other retailer is ready for the up coming season. look at Malls, they have Christmas shit up in August now. Why should gasoline suppliers be any different.

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