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Our Leader

April 27, 2007 @ 09:30

I'll preface this piece the way I have so many other over the months - I am not partisan. I'm really not.

It just so happens that I'm so disgusted with the recent history of two levels of Liberal government that I've gravitated to the Conservatives, but believe me, if the Conservatives piss me off I'll admit it.

But I've got to say, so far I've been impressed with the Conservatives and the prevailing reason is Stephen Harper.

When he first became leader of the Conservatives I immediately sided with the guy because I couldn't stand the way he was being demonized for no apparent reason.

Since becoming our Prime Minister he's done nothing but display great leadership and sensible government.

He really is a great politician and that was displayed again yesterday in the House of Commons when the opposition tried to catch the Prime Minister and his defense minister in a contradiction over how Taliban prisoners are treated.

This is the type of bullshit we have to put up with in Canada. Over the past week the opposition parties have spent more time worrying about how Taliban prisoners are treated, than they've spent worrying about Canadian soldiers in general since the war began.

Harper once again stole the day when he finally lost his patience and spoke on behalf of all Canadians with this.

"The fact of the matter is this: The real problem is the willingness of the leader of the Liberal party and his colleagues to believe, to repeat and to exaggerate any charge against the Canadian military as they fight these fanatics and killers who are called the Taliban. It is a disgrace."

You are correct Mr. Prime Minister.

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5 Responses to "Our Leader"

April 27, 2007 / 12:42

Freddie, you hit the nail right on the head.

If we just could get rid of all these fucking do-gooders and political correct assholes in this country we would be a hell of a lot better of. Period.

April 27, 2007 / 14:14

I'm in total agreement with you Freddie. But our "friends" over at the Toronto Star disagree. Their take on this will put you in a rage...

April 27, 2007 / 14:47

Hey Freddie
Sorry mate, I can't disagree more. Maybe because I'm on the left coast, with Federal politics ignoring us so much that I feel so jaded towards them.
I'm afraid Mr. Harper will say anything you Ontario folks want to hear so he can get that majority. Please, before you label me BOB, I am and have been a huge Heir Campbell supporter out here, which is not a popular choice among the do-gooders.

But Mr. Harper? On top of the inactivity from Parliment since he has been in power, the recanting on his "open" government, and his inability to let his Minister's speak for themselves or finally the entire David Emerson /Kingsway riding episode we have endured out here.... I have to go back to when he won the minority vote. Go to the old footage of his acceptance speech. Freddie, he stood there on the stage BY HIMSELF, this is something I have never seen before. Never have I not seen the people that have helped him with the campaign not share the moment with the leader. What does this say about the man? I'll leave that to you to decide.
I wouldn't leave without expressing who I do look up to. He was probably the last Federal independant this country will see for a long, long time. His name was Chuck Cadman, and he was our MP in Surrey North. In 1992 his son was stabbed to death in a random street attack. Chuck joined politics in hopes of changing the Youth Offenders Act. He began by joining the Canadian Alliance, and won his seat. In 2004 he was ousted by his own party with some back door politics, so began my hate on for the CA, now the Conservatives. Chuck ran as an independant and we voted him in with ease. While stricken with cancer and his days alive, clearly numbered he held the balance of power in the 2005 budget. Did he use that power to force his own agenda? No Fred, he came back to Surrey and asked his constituents what they wanted. Wow.....a regular Joe 6 pack, and when he had the chance to screw the government, he didn't. Now that is a leader to look up to.

April 28, 2007 / 09:43

You've been suckered in Freddie. He may be slicker than Dion, but underneath it all they are all the same. He wants a majority government and will say whatever he has to, to achieve his goal.

I thought you were smarter than that Fred. And you say you are non-partisan?? Bullshit! You are more partison than anyone I have read. You always distort what Harper and his clan say to support your views. Sucker!!

April 30, 2007 / 22:22

What are you smoking? Must be some wicked weed but I think I'll pass coz I don't want to think that Harper is a good leader when I damn well know he's not!

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