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April 27, 2007 @ 09:29

It bothers me the way the Conservatives have got sucked into this global warming hysteria, yet at the same time I like the way they're handling it.

The easy thing for them to do would be to accept Kyoto as is, and then do the Liberal thing by going back on their word once they get a majority.

Instead, they're taking the high road and addressing the hysteria by developing a rational, sensible, made in Canada green policy which was unveiled yesterday.

Of course the fanatics are yelling and screaming and claiming it's not enough, but as far as I'm concerned, at this point it's probably too much.

I think most environmental decisions being made today aren't being made with a clear mind. They're knee jerk reactions to the pressure being applied by countless interest groups and their suspect agendas.

No doubt there is a problem - but at this point it's being dangerously exaggerated.

It reminds me of when Howard Stern first came into the Toronto radio market in 1997.

The Humble and Fred Show got its nuts kicked in the early going and key decisions were made before letting the dust settle and having a calm look at the landscape.

And those decisions actually set us back further.

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306 Responses to "Sensible"

April 27, 2007 / 09:46

this globalwarming issue is really scaring

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have fun :p

April 27, 2007 / 13:37

Well, when it comes to the issue of global warming and the future of our well-being (and economic survival) I'll take the word of a former sports announcer over the combined research of the ENTIRE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY any day. Thanks Fred.

By the way, isn't the oil and gas sector a "special interest"? I'd suspect that multi-billion dollar profits are pretty "interesting."

Freddie P
April 27, 2007 / 13:50

Wow Doug, I'm flattered.

April 27, 2007 / 14:06


Global warming is a major concern for the world just as Y2K and the oil shortage in the 1970's were. No one outside of Canada knows who David Suzuki is and most don't care what he and his followers have to say. I must now sign off and get in my Hummer and simply idle in traffic.

April 27, 2007 / 14:19

Nice metaphor Freddie and I'm in total agreement. Let's let the Liberals huff and puff about this until they blow their own house down...

Mike (Buffalo Boy)
April 27, 2007 / 15:48

What is the alternative to the issue of Global warming then? continuing to pollute the shit out of the planet and hope we really are not destroying it? What does it take to see that we are polluting it beyond what it can handle. Its the only rock we have to live on. Last I checked mars isnt up for the challenge of supporting us so if we ruin this one, there is no where else to go.

April 27, 2007 / 15:55

Darn right, Buffalo Boy. As for Baird, now who's coming off sounding like Chicken Little? He's not too swift, is he?

April 27, 2007 / 17:26

The pleasure is all mine. Love the old "Gooheads" though!

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