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Mr. Prime Minister

April 30, 2007 @ 09:17

It was a significant day in Canadian history yesterday. In the Montreal riding of Papineau a future Prime Minister got his political start.

Justin Trudeau was elected on the first ballot to represent the Liberals in the next federal election. In Papineau he'll battle the Bloc Quebecois, but that will be just a small battle along the way in his ascension to the party leadership.

It may take ten years for Trudeau to get there, but you can bet your ass he'll one day be the Prime Minister of this country. I have no doubt about it.

He's young, he's good looking, he's got a marquee name and by the time he's ready to rule, we'll probably have had enough of the Conservatives. It will be his turn. That's the way it works in Canada.

And I'm not about to take more shots at the guy at this point. I was never a big fan of his father's but who knows, Justin might be the right guy at the right time for this country.

Only time will tell.

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Whose Dough Is It Anyway

April 30, 2007 @ 09:16

Today is tax deadline day and this day always reminds of how bizarre our system is.

This is one of those years when I actually got a refund. So did my wife and my son, but my daughter had to pay 13 bucks.

Like everyone else, when my tax guy told me I was getting a refund I got that feeling of exhilaration like I had won a raffle or some modest jackpot and that's why our system is so stupid.

This isn't found money or extra money or any other kind of a windfall. It was my money that the government had control of up until about two weeks ago. I just got back what was mine in the first place.

Lucky for me I'm not in a situation where that money was make or break for me, but there are lots of people who could really use the money the government holds on to for most of the year.

My son is a great example. He was lucky enough to get a great summer job last year that paid him over 20 dollars an hour. But it was only for a couple of months so the final total wasn't that excessive when you consider what it costs to go to school.

Problem is, because he made such a large hourly wage he was taxed to the hilt, so from the beginning of September to the middle of April the government held on to a couple of thousand dollars he could have put to great use during the school year.

He got back every penny he paid in tax, but he had to go several months without it while the government used it.

Needless to say the money has come in handy because it was like a forced savings plan, but that's not the point.

The point is, the savings plan paid no interest and making deposits wasn't an option.

Certainly there's got to be a better way.

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Bad Planning

April 30, 2007 @ 09:15

On Friday I had a posting about the new stadium down at Exhibition Place, called BMO Field.

Like most of you, it bothers me that public money is used for stadiums but while watching Toronto FC's game against Kansas City I had an idea - the Argonauts should play there.

Not a bad seat in the house with 20 thousand right on top of the field. It would be great for the Argos, like the Montreal Alouettes they could create demand and make it the hottest ticket in town.

And who knows, maybe this could lead to the addition of an upper deck on the east side and Toronto could have its 30 thousand seat outdoor football stadium.

But there's a problem with all this excitement. BMO Field is not big enough for a CFL field. Not even close.

A CFL field has to be at least 150 yards long including the end zones, and BMO Field is just over 100 yards long and that's with the nets pushed right back against the stands.

You might remember the original plan was for a soccer/football stadium to be built at York University, and that stadium would have had end zone seats on rollers which would have allowed for a CFL field.

No such provision was made at BMO Field because the Argonauts backed out of the association and signed a deal with Ted Rogers at the dome.

Too bad.

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Answer The Question

April 29, 2007 @ 10:49

I'm terribly disappointed in OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino. I was always a big fan of the former Metro top cop but now I'm wondering what motivated him to hop into bed with the premier.

Fantino spoke to the Radio and Television News Directors Association yesterday and said the onus is on the federal government to address the issues surrounding native land claims to prevent further occupations.

That's true, but Fantino, like the premier, still hasn't explained why natives in Ontario are allowed to go unpunished while breaking the law in the province.

Dealing with land claims in this country is going to be a long hard battle that will probably never be resolved, but that doesn't give anyone the right to break the law as a method of getting their point across.

Land claims are a federal issue, but occupying a housing complex, or pulling a bus across rail road tracks is a provincial issue.

Hey listen, I feel bad for Fantino. I'm sure if it was up to him he'd love to unleash his boys and tell them to clean up the mess in Calendonia and come down hard on the next group to interrupt the transportation system, but for some reason he hasn't.

And I'm sure that reason is the premier who's afraid of confrontation and what it could mean to this fall's provincial election.

Income tax is a federal issue in Canada, but if I didn't like a personal decision by Revenue Canada, who do you think would kick my ass if I blocked highway in Ontario as a protest?

Fantino knows the deal, but right now he's acting and speaking on behalf of the premier.

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Gore On Tour

April 28, 2007 @ 09:11

I received this e-mail last night, but the person did not identiify himself.

"I went to Al Gore's presentation of Global Warming tonight with my wife at the University of Buffalo's Alumni Arena. Let me tell you, it was even more compelling in person.
He has added up to date data and figures that support it even more.
The other tid bit that most people fail to realize when it comes to this issue is that there was a study done recently in a peer reviewed (meaning scientific literature reviewed by scientific experts) research done on 928 peer reviewed journal articles on Global Warming.
Of those, NONE disputed global warming. They then went through over 1000 articles from newpapers across North America - 53% presented doubt.
The point is, there is absolutely NO doubt amongst the scientific community as to the cause and what is going on with global warming. The only ones putting doubt into peoples minds is the mass media.
When it comes to science, I know who I trust. I trust the scienctists doing the work. If we don't listen to what the scientists are saying then we might as well not bother listening to doctors when we go in for physicals or when we're sick because what the hell do they know.
They are scientists.
Just another side of what everyone is calling the Global Warming debate. The experts aren't debating, non experts are. The ones who should be implementing programs to do something about it (our politicians) need to listen to the scientists.
Global warming will not cost any more to the economies, but what's the cost if the experts are right?"


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Global Swarming

April 28, 2007 @ 09:10

On the subject of global warming, the above e-mail displays some of the hysteria that's taking place recently and that's why I call it Global Swarming.

From my perspective there are two distinct issues. There's global warming, and there's Kyoto. Actually, I'll define it even more. There's global warming, global warming hysteria, and Kyoto.

Just because you're against Kyoto doesn't mean you deny global warming because they are two separate issues. It reminds me of the gay marriage issue, anyone who was against same sex marriage was considered anti-gay or homophobic and it just wasn't fair.

Just because someone preferred to keep the traditional definition of marriage didn't mean they were against homosexuality. Problem is, it gave those in favour of same-sex marriage a powerful tool in their argument.

Same with global warming, I don't deny global warming exists to some degree, I just don't think Kyoto is the way to attack it, and I definitely don't think we've got the problem that a lot of people claim we do. But it seems you're not allow to take this position and if you do, you're anti-earth.

Let's not forget the global warming issue was kick-started by a movie - An Inconvenient Truth - a compelling movie but a movie just the same.

Al Gore got the world revved up about global warming with a movie that many people, (of all the nerve) have questioned the accuracy. It's believed Al Gore may have massaged a few facts to make a more interesting movie and the result is what is going on right now.


Much the way people got freaked out by birds after the movie "The Birds", or how people were afraid to go in the water after "Jaws". I'm sure there are more contemporary examples but I can't think of them right now.

Wait a minute. Yes I can. A guy named Argie mentioned it yesterday in a posting called "Sensible". He compared the global warming to Y2K. Remember how we were all led down the garden path with that pile of bullshit? The need for some minor adjustments turned into the prediction of Armageddon at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, 2000.

There's no doubt global warming is an issue. Given what we've done, and are doing to the planet it's got to be an issue. But to what extent and for what reasons?

Is it so horrible to stop down and ask a few questions and throw your support behind more moderate views?

Those who've drunk the Kool-Aid and blindly follow the movie makers and highly paid lecturers like David Suzuki like to label skeptics as "deniers", and they like to accuse big business of clouding the issue for monetary reasons.

Well if any of those people don't think there's some big dough being made off the hysteria right now, I feel sorry for them.

Meanwhile, I realize there are a lot people out there who look down their nose at the Toronto Sun and consider it not worthy of reference material, but I really think you should take the time to read today's editorial.

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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Goohead - Jerk Chicken

April 28, 2007 @ 09:10

"I just read your posting from last week about eating Jerk Chicken and Curry. I remember you had a Mr. Goohead about Jerk Chicken that was very funny. Can you post it?" - Rick

Here ya go Rick.

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Our Leader

April 27, 2007 @ 09:30

I'll preface this piece the way I have so many other over the months - I am not partisan. I'm really not.

It just so happens that I'm so disgusted with the recent history of two levels of Liberal government that I've gravitated to the Conservatives, but believe me, if the Conservatives piss me off I'll admit it.

But I've got to say, so far I've been impressed with the Conservatives and the prevailing reason is Stephen Harper.

When he first became leader of the Conservatives I immediately sided with the guy because I couldn't stand the way he was being demonized for no apparent reason.

Since becoming our Prime Minister he's done nothing but display great leadership and sensible government.

He really is a great politician and that was displayed again yesterday in the House of Commons when the opposition tried to catch the Prime Minister and his defense minister in a contradiction over how Taliban prisoners are treated.

This is the type of bullshit we have to put up with in Canada. Over the past week the opposition parties have spent more time worrying about how Taliban prisoners are treated, than they've spent worrying about Canadian soldiers in general since the war began.

Harper once again stole the day when he finally lost his patience and spoke on behalf of all Canadians with this.

"The fact of the matter is this: The real problem is the willingness of the leader of the Liberal party and his colleagues to believe, to repeat and to exaggerate any charge against the Canadian military as they fight these fanatics and killers who are called the Taliban. It is a disgrace."

You are correct Mr. Prime Minister.

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April 27, 2007 @ 09:29

It bothers me the way the Conservatives have got sucked into this global warming hysteria, yet at the same time I like the way they're handling it.

The easy thing for them to do would be to accept Kyoto as is, and then do the Liberal thing by going back on their word once they get a majority.

Instead, they're taking the high road and addressing the hysteria by developing a rational, sensible, made in Canada green policy which was unveiled yesterday.

Of course the fanatics are yelling and screaming and claiming it's not enough, but as far as I'm concerned, at this point it's probably too much.

I think most environmental decisions being made today aren't being made with a clear mind. They're knee jerk reactions to the pressure being applied by countless interest groups and their suspect agendas.

No doubt there is a problem - but at this point it's being dangerously exaggerated.

It reminds me of when Howard Stern first came into the Toronto radio market in 1997.

The Humble and Fred Show got its nuts kicked in the early going and key decisions were made before letting the dust settle and having a calm look at the landscape.

And those decisions actually set us back further.

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Money Suckers

April 27, 2007 @ 09:28

Apparently the city of Toronto will approach the province about having a Casino built in the city.

David Miller and his band of whack jobs at City Hall don't know how to manage a city and it's budget so they want to take the easy route and suck money out of vulnerable Canadians.

A downtown Casino could generate hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and now that Millers whining and cryin' to the provincial and federal governments has fallen on deaf ears, he'd like to take money from seniors, poor people and others who can't control themselves.

Personally, I hate Casinos. I think they're horrible places that prey on the feeble minded, and given what we've learned from recent history, we should be closing them down rather than opening them up.

But the thirst for cash by government is an uncontrollable thing and the city of Toronto will probably become the next city in Canada to offer counseling for the thousands of poor suckers who've had their lives ruined within the walls of a Casino.

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