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Team Choke

March 31, 2007 @ 09:32

I was listening to Leafs Lunch on am 640 yesterday and Jeff and Bill had Bruce Garrioch as a guest. He's a writer with the Ottawa Sun and often appears on the Hockey Night in Canada hot stove.

Garrioch started his segment by telling Leafs Lunch that Ottawa's All-sports radio station had a call-in segment yesterday morning and Senator fans were urging their over-rated, piece of crap, choke artist hockey team to throw their game against Montreal last night.

The reasoning was simple, Senators fans hate the Leafs and they want them to miss the playoffs. And to tell you the truth I'm not surprised.

On the surface you'd assume suck ass Senator fans would want this out of spite alone because you wouldn't figure the Leafs would pose much of a threat to anybody in the playoffs, but it goes beyond that.

Ottawa fans may be stupid, but they aren't dumb. They know what a spineless, gutless hockey team they have, and the last thing they need is another match-up with the underdog Maple Leafs in the playoffs.

It probably wouldn't happen in the first round, but Ottawa fans know that Toronto has a tradition of over-achieving in the playoffs and they don't want to take any chances of having the Leafs upset somebody, and then tangle with their gang of gag artists.

I don't have to go over the history because any hockey fan is well aware of the Senators miserable history when it comes to the playoffs - and it was deliciously highlighted last year when Daniel Alfredsson, with the Senators playoff life on the line, stood there and allowed Buffalo's Jason Pominville to skate around him for the series winning shorthanded goal.

No doubt the Senators are a distasteful team to begin with having developed players like Hossa the eye picker and Havlat the kicker - but their fans are even worse.

Senator fans are collectively sickening. Like that weasel you can't stand at work, the type that would give a tourist the wrong directions just for the fun of it, the type who would swear at your wife if she was wearing a Leaf sweater. Arsholes basically, big goofy arsholes!

To tell you the truth, I get to this point of this essay and I don't know why I even bothered. Ottawa fans will never change, and neither will their hockey team.

Now enjoy this video. Appreciate how Alfie takes a feeble swipe at Pominville while he swoops around him.

Given the situation, Alfie "the captain" should have done anything he could to stop the Sabre, including holding, hooking, high sticking or tripping - after all, the Senators were on a power-play, taking a penality wouldn't have hurt.

I guess Alfie wasn't thinking.

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53 Responses to "Team Choke"

March 31, 2007 / 10:52

Thanks Freddie for putting up that video! what a series that was...and proved once and for all that Ottawa and their fearless leader Danny really are just a bunch of wanna be stanley cup champions. Not too mention their goaltending is probably still just as suspect this year as it was last year.
Buffalo Boy

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